The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3533 Chapter 3533: if time can be reversed (asking for a monthly pass)

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After being warned by Elder Zhuge with his eyes, hei xinjiu had no choice but to pretend to be hit by a golden pie, but her heart was filled with misery.

“Mm,”tower master Luochen said lightly, and then followed the Jimo sect master into Chaotian sect.

The maid who had helped Tower Master Luochen open the curtain of the carriage glanced at Yun chujiu indifferently, and the rest of the maids also glanced at Yun Chujiu a few times before following her.

Hei Xinjiu saw the disdain in the eyes of the maids and cursed in her heart. Damn it, do you think this job of serving people is a good thing? ! If I wasn’t threatened, I wouldn’t do it even if you gave me money!

Elder Zhuge didn’t follow the Jimo sect master into the mountain gate. Instead, he said to Hei xinjiu, “Follow me!”

Hei Xinjiu knew what elder Zhuge wanted to say even if she had to use her toes. However, she had no choice but to follow elder Zhuge.

This fellow’s heart was filled with regret!

If she could turn back time, she would have jumped into the sea. If she could turn back time, she would have found all sorts of reasons not to welcome Tower Master Luochen. If she could turn back time.., she would have stood at the back and not moved forward..

Elder Zhuge did not bring Hei Xinjiu to the Spirit Beast Garden because he was afraid that Tower Master Luochen would look for her in a while. He only found a relatively remote place and opened the isolation array. Then, he said in a cold voice,

“Lin Chuchu, right? Since you accidentally entered our Chaotian sect and were chosen by Tower Master Luochen, then you should dutifully accompany Tower Master Luochen to visit the Chaotian sect these few days.

“You must know that you are extremely lucky to be chosen by Tower Master Luochen. Don’t be stingy with your blessings. “Also, if anything happens to you, since your life was given by our Chaotian sect, we can take it back at any time. Do you understand?”please visit panda(-)

Yun chujiu sneered in her heart. was she trying to repay a debt of gratitude? Moreover, what kind of debt was that? If she had crawled out of the turtle shell at that time, she might have already been killed and robbed of her treasure!

Although this fellow thought so in his heart, he said obediently on the surface, “Chuchu understands. Chuchu will do her best to serve Tower Master Luochen.”

As he said this, a hint of shyness appeared on his face.

Seeing this, elder Zhuge immediately felt much more at ease with her. It was also true that all the girls wanted to be chosen by Tower Master Luochen. This Lin Chuchu would definitely not be foolish enough to give up this good opportunity.

Elder Zhuge Thought for a moment and said, “It would be best if Tower Master Luochen took you in. Even if Tower Master Luochen doesn’t take you in, as long as you serve Tower Master Luochen well, I can promise you that after Tower Master Luochen leaves, you can enter Chaotian sect and become an outer disciple.”

“Really? Then I’m really grateful to you! I want to become a disciple of Chaotian sect even in my dreams! I will definitely do my best to serve Tower Master Luochen well.”Hei Xinjiu said in surprise, but her mouth twitched in her heart. Pui! I Don’t care about your Chaotian Pepper!

Elder Zhuge nodded in satisfaction, but when he remembered that Hei Xinjiu knew nothing about Chaotian sect, he couldn’t help but feel worried.

Just as he was worried, his identity jade plate trembled. It turned out that the Jimo sect master was urging him to bring Hei xinjiu over quickly.

p、A,nd A-n、o、ve,1 Elder Zhuge had no choice but to tell the Jimo sect master the whole story with a sad face.

The Jimo sect leader’s tone was obviously a little confused: “This, bring it here first.”

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