The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3531 Chapter 3531 Tower Master Luochen

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Yun chujiu followed elder Zhuge to the outside of the mountain gate. At this moment, the mountain gate was already filled with people. Hei xinjiu estimated roughly that there were at least ten thousand people.

This fellow was even more astonished in his heart. It seemed that Chaotian sect was indeed a big sect!

This fellow had already learned from Xue Wuji that she was now in the northern continent of towering sky continent. Although he was shocked, he was still somewhat mentally prepared.

These disciples stood according to their ranks. Elder Zhuge’s status in Chaotian sect was not low, so he naturally had to walk to the front row. Hei Xinjiu, this fellow, wanted to slip away for a while, thus, she shamelessly followed behind elder Zhuge to the front row.

pAn,D a-n0ve1,c-o-m The people of Chaotian sect didn’t know Yun Chujiu’s identity, but senior brother Wang and the others did. However, they were afraid of embarrassing themselves, so they didn’t say anything. Thus, no one objected to Yun chujiu squeezing to the front row.

Elder Zhuge arrived at the front row. He was busy chatting with the sect master and the Peak Masters, so he forgot about the little tail behind him. A certain Jiu stood at the side of the second row with a peace of mind, she was prepared to leave after that SH * t distinguished guest entered the sect.

Hei Xinjiu pricked up her ears to listen to the conversation of elder Zhuge and the others. She was confused. What nine-storied pavilion, What Pavilion Master, What Supreme Chaos!

Some of the female disciples behind her were also so excited that they could not extricate themselves. All they said was that they were going to meet the pavilion master. They were simply too lucky. Some even said that the pavilion master would not be here to select a concubine. Blah, blah, blah.

Hei Xinjiu curled her lips. She spoke as if the pavilion master was so amazing. There was no man in the world who could compare to her gigolo. What bullsh * t pavilion master was not even worthy of carrying shoes for her gigolo!

Just as Hei Xinjiu was complaining, a carriage flew over from the sky in the distance.

Hei Xinjiu clicked her tongue in wonder. The horses pulling the carriage all had huge wings on their backs. Moreover, their entire bodies were pure white without a single strand of mixed fur. They looked quite impressive.

This fellow thought bitterly in his heart. F * ck, I still have the bird team! Thinking of this, this fellow rubbed his nose guiltily. Oh No, he had forgotten about big hairy and the rest!please visit panda(-)

Forget it, I’ll find a place for them to nest when I have the chance! However, he did not know if big hair and the others were so hungry that they had not fed them for half a month.

The fellow hurriedly took some demon beast carcasses from the great void mystic realm and threw them into the spirit beast bag. He comforted them a few more words before looking at the carriage that was slowly descending.

There was a flying spiritual device at the back of the carriage. Many guards and maids came down from it. One of the maids walked to the front of the carriage and lifted the curtain with her hand.

Hei Xinjiu was stretching her neck to look at the people inside when she heard the people of Chaotian sect say in unison, “Greetings, Tower Master Luochen!”

Hei Xinjiu was frightened by the loud greeting. However, this guy was afraid that something bad would happen to him, so he quickly lowered his head and bowed as well.

“No need for formalities!”A faint voice said.

The Jimo sect master of Chaotian sect said politely, “It’s a great honor to have the pavilion master here. Please come in, Pavilion Master.”

“Sorry to disturb you!”Tower Master Luochen said indifferently.

Hei Xinjiu felt that the voice of the pavilion master sounded familiar. She raised her head and opened her mouth in surprise.

A man stood in front of the carriage. His long hair was loosely tied together with a white headband. His beauty was shocking, and his deep and melancholic eyes made people want to immerse themselves in it.

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