The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3530 Chapter 3530 the honored guest had arrived

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They had originally thought that they had been lucky this time. If they had found a divine beast, they might have been promoted to inner sect disciples.

Even if it was a divine beast, it would at least reward them with many sect contribution points. But now, it had turned into a living person. A little girl had come out of it. It was simply like seeing a ghost!

Seeing that senior brother Wang and the others were silent, Yun Chujiu looked at the old man at the side. After bowing, she said with a sincere face,

“Elder Zhuge, I can’t thank you enough for your kindness. I, Lin Chuchu, will never forget your kindness for saving my life. I will definitely repay you heavily in the future! Well, since there’s nothing else, I’ll Take My Leave Now!”

Hei Xinjiu was about to run away as she spoke. What a joke! If she didn’t leave now, would she be punished by others? !

Just as elder Zhuge was about to say something, the sound of an ancient bell rang out. Elder Zhuge’s expression changed immediately. Not only him, but the rest of the people also changed their expressions.

Hei Xinjiu did not care whether the people’s expressions changed or not. She was about to run away when she heard elder Zhuge shout, “Stop! You can leave, but not now. We will send you out of Chaotian sect after we welcome our distinguished guests.”

Hei Xinjiu was so frightened by elder Zhuge’s shout that she shivered. She cursed in her heart, PAH! What Bullsh * t Chaotian sect? ! Why wasn’t it called Chaotian Pepper? !

Although this fellow cursed in her heart, he nodded obediently on the surface. “Yes, I’ve found out.”

Elder Zhuge was obviously not thinking about her. He said perfunctorily, “The distinguished guest will be here soon. Everyone, hurry up and welcome him outside the mountain gate.”

Elder Zhuge Glanced at Hei Xinjiu again. “You follow him too!”

Hei Xinjiu felt as if a dog was bickering in her heart. She was not this so-called chaotian pepper. Ah, a disciple of Chaotian sect. Why would she go out?please visit panda(-)

However, this guy rolled his eyes. When they were outside the mountain gate, she could take the opportunity to slip away. It would be good to follow him out.

Therefore, this guy nodded obediently and followed elder Zhuge out.

Actually, it was mainly because Hei Xinjiu’s spiritual power was too low. Therefore, whether it was elder Zhuge or senior brother Wang, they didn’t take her seriously and didn’t think that she would dare to cause any trouble.

pAn,D a-n0ve1,c-o-m Of course, senior brother Wang and the others looked at her with unkind eyes. It was only because of elder Zhuge and Hei Xinjiu’s flattery that they didn’t flare up.

Hei Xinjiu had saved her life for the time being, so she was in the mood to look around.

At a glance, this fellow secretly clicked his tongue in his heart. Gosh, this Chaotian sect might not have a good name, but its grandeur was quite something.

Although she only saw the scenery from the Spirit Beast Garden to the mountain gate, one could tell from a glimpse that this Chaotian sect wasn’t simple at all!

Hei xinjiu also noticed that many people had rushed to the mountain gate at the same time, as if they were reincarnated! Hei Xinjiu cursed in her heart. What kind of important figure was it that made these people so attentive?

However, this important figure had come at a bad time. If he hadn’t come, perhaps elder Zhuge would have let her go. Just because of this, she didn’t have a good impression of the important figure that she was about to meet.

Some of the people who rushed to the mountain gate were distracted and looked at Yun Chujiu. After all, the people of Chaotian sect had changed into the sect’s attire to welcome the distinguished guests. She was the only one who was dressed differently from the others, moreover, her spiritual power was so low that it made people’s hair stand on end. Where did this little girl come from?

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