The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3529 Chapter 3529 your whole family is a turtle

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The two disciples guarding the Spirit Beast Garden frowned. Apparently, they didn’t quite believe senior brother Wang’s words. They looked at each other. One of them tried it, but actually didn’t manage to put the eight shells of Wang into the storage ring or the spirit beast bag.

Senior brother Wang and the others couldn’t help but feel relieved when they saw the surprised expressions on their faces. They even said that this thing wasn’t qualified to enter the Spirit Beast Garden?

Now you see it, right? You should be scared to death!

The attitude of the two disciples immediately changed. One of them said, “Wait a moment, I’ll go and report to Elder Zhuge.”

After that disciple said that, he ran away as fast as a wisp of smoke.

Hei xinjiu, who was inside the bastard’s shell, felt as if her heart was bickering with a dog. Once that elder Zhuge came, he would definitely think of a way to get rid of this bastard’s shell. At that time, she would have nowhere to hide. Wouldn’t she be dead?

This fellow hurriedly sent a voice transmission talisman to di beiming, asking him how long it would take for him to arrive.

“As short as three days, as long as five days. Think of a way to save your life first.”Di Beiming’s reply was still very short.

When Hei Xinjiu heard his reply, she was so angry that she gritted her teeth. Indeed, after being sealed with seven emotions and six desires, she had become an ingrate. Think of a way by herself? What solution could she think of? Could she really turn herself into a big bastard?

Just as Hei Xinjiu was gnashing her teeth in anger, she heard hurried footsteps. Then, she heard an old man’s voice, “Are you talking about this savage dragon-blood turtle?”

Hei Xinjiu cursed in her heart. You are the F * cking turtle. Your whole family is a turtle, a nest of big bastards!

“Elder Zhuge, we found this savage dragon-blood turtle in the firmament sea. At first, we thought it was an empty shell, but we couldn’t put it into the storage ring or the spirit beast bag. Do you think it’s an immortal or divine beast?”Senior brother Wang asked in an excited tone.please visit panda(-)

Elder Zhuge looked at the big bastard’s shell carefully, then, he smiled. “This is just an empty shell of the savage dragon-blood turtle. As for the fact that it can’t be put into the Spirit Beast Bag, I guess there must be a person hiding inside. What’s the matter? Why aren’t you coming out at this time?”

Hei Xinjiu originally knew that she wouldn’t be able to fool him for long. Now that she heard that the other party had already said so much, she had no choice but to let the little bastard open the turtle shell and come out from inside.

pA(nD)A no ve1 Of course, before he came out, he had already adjusted the hidden spirit ring to the first level of the spiritualization realm and had taken a disguise pill.

Everyone thought elder Zhuge’s words were unbelievable. How could there be someone inside? !

However, when they saw Hei Xinjiu come out, they were all stunned.

Senior brother Wang and the others, in particular, had an indescribable expression on their faces.

They were disappointed that the bastard was not a divine beast, and they were shocked that none of them had discovered that a little girl was hiding inside.

Of course, some of them were angry out of embarrassment. They looked at Hei Xinjiu with hostility.

It was all because of this little girl that they had become the laughingstock of the entire sect. How outrageous!

Hei Xinjiu’s face was filled with gratitude, she bowed to senior brother Wang and the others. “Thank you for saving my life, heroes! “If it weren’t for the heroes, I would have died in the vault of Heaven Sea! “You are indeed worthy to be the disciples of a famous sect. You are quite chivalrous. I am truly grateful to you!”

Senior brother Wang and the others’expressions were like mutts. How were they supposed to answer? Could they ask her why she was a human and not a big bastard?

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