The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3526 Chapter 3526 -- Hei Xinjiu, who was regarded as a godly beast

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Everyone gathered around and said, “It seems that the demonic beast is still alive. It’s just hiding in the turtle shell. But why isn’t there any spiritual energy fluctuation?”

Someone said uncertainly, “When it came out of the sea, there seemed to be a weak spiritual energy fluctuation. But I thought it was from other fish or small sea beasts in the sea. I didn’t expect that it was still alive.”

“I’m really curious about what kind of sea beast it is. Quickly think of a way to get its head out.”


Along with the chattering, some people began to use swords and knives to look for cracks on the turtle shell, trying to open it.

However, after searching for a long time, they still couldn’t find any cracks. Someone suggested, “Senior brother Wang, your spiritual power is the highest. You might as well smash the turtle shell with a spiritual weapon! That way, the thing inside will have no place to hide.”

Senior brother Wang frowned. “If we smash its shell, it might not be able to survive.”. He had never seen such a sea beast before. It was better to bring it back and let the sect deal with it! “If the species is very rare, we can raise it in the Spirit Beast Garden.”

Obviously, the rest of the people followed senior brother Wang’s lead, therefore, someone echoed, “That’s good too. Otherwise, if this thing is really rare, it would be a pity if it was killed by us! Senior brother Wang, in order to prevent this thing from escaping, you can put it into the Spirit Beast Bag!”

The Spirit Beast Pouch in towering sky continent was the same as Yun Chujiu’s spirit beast pouch. It could take in spirit beasts that did not recognize its owner. Therefore, senior brother Wang nodded and prepared to put the bastard’s shell into his spirit beast pouch.

pAn,Da-n0v e1,c,m However, after trying several times, he could not put it in.

Everyone was stunned!

What, what was going on?

At first, everyone thought that there was something wrong with senior brother Wang’s spirit beast pouch. However, after the others tried a few times, they found that they could not put it in, and immediately exploded!please visit panda(-)

“Oh my God! What’s going on? This turtle shell can not be put into the storage ring or the spiritual beast bag. What the Hell Is This?”

“Yeah, it’s really weird! I’ve never heard of such a thing!”

Everyone was more and more interested in the Big Eight shell. They kept knocking and testing it. Hei xinjiu, who was inside, wanted to bang her head against the wall because of the noise!

At this moment.., someone exclaimed, “I know! This thing might be an immortal beast or a divine beast! “Although our spirit beast bag can hold a spirit beast that doesn’t recognize its owner, if it’s an immortal beast or a divine beast, there’s no way to keep it if it doesn’t recognize its owner.”

The rest of the people were stunned at first. Then, they looked at the Big Eight shell with burning eyes and said excitedly, “It makes sense! What you said makes sense! This thing has a turtle shell. Could it be… could it be a divine beast, Black Tortoise?”

After hearing this person’s words, everyone became even more excited. If it really was a divine beast, they had made a great contribution this time, and they would definitely receive a lot of rewards when they returned to the sect.

“Senior brother Wang, in order to prevent this divine beast from escaping, you’d better quickly use the restraining talisman and the beast binding rope to control it. Then, we’ll take turns to watch it. No matter what, we can’t let this big treasure escape.”

“Right. Even if we don’t sleep, we have to watch it. This will affect our future!”


As expected, senior brother Wang took out a few confinement talismans from his storage ring and stuck them on the big king’s eight shell. Then, he tied the big king’s eight shell tightly with the beast-binding rope.

Hei xinjiu, who was inside the big king’s eight shell, wanted to cry but had no tears. How could she suddenly become a beast? Damn it, I don’t want to live anymore!

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