The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3524 Chapter 3524 could be used to refine pills or weapons

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Although Hei Xinjiu relied on da hua to escape for some distance, the spiritual power in her body was depleting rapidly, and she could no longer enlarge da Hua.

At this moment, the bloodthirsty swordtail shark chased after her and opened its bloody mouth to bite the big ship.

Hei Xinjiu quickly put big hair into the spirit beast bag, then jumped into the sea and spilled a bucket of black ink.

Taking advantage of the cover of the ink, hei xinjiu dived to the bottom of the sea. After calling out little bastard, she hid in the turtle shell, and let little bastard hide the turtle shell in the sand at the bottom of the sea.

Hei Xinjiu took off the hidden spirit ring and put Little Bastard into the Spirit Beast Bag. Then, she held her breath, hoping that the bloodthirsty swordtail shark had bad eyesight and would not find her.

This bastard thought that even if the bloodthirsty swordtail shark found the big bastard’s shell, it would not necessarily think that she was hiding inside. It would only think that it was an empty shell.

Moreover, she deliberately made the little bastard shrink the shell so that it did not look like the shell of a high-level sea turtle, so it should not attract the attention of the bloodthirsty swordtail shark.

Perhaps Hei Xinjiu’s praying had played a role. This bastard waited for a long time, but there was no unusual movement. He could not help but feel happy. He had finally escaped a disaster!

Just as the bastard was feeling happy, he felt the turtle shell begin to shake. Obviously, something was digging out the turtle shell. The Bastard’s heart sank. It seemed that he still could not escape!

The bastard gritted his teeth. If it was really not possible, when the bloodthirsty swordtail shark opened its mouth to bite the turtle shell, she would let the little bastard put the turtle shell into its stomach.

HMPH, when that time came, she wouldn’t be able to kill it!

Thinking of this, Hei Xinjiu suddenly felt confident. She let the little bastard out and let it open a tiny crack in the bastard’s shell.

When Hei Xinjiu saw the situation outside, she couldn’t help but be stunned!please visit panda(-)

It wasn’t the bloodthirsty swordtail shark at all, it was actually two people! ! People! ! !

How could there be people in the depths of the firmament sea? What were they here for?

Most importantly, they were obviously going to get rid of her and the big bastard. If they found out that she was hiding in the big bastard’s shell, would they kill her and steal the treasure?

Hei Xinjiu’s heart was in a mess. Moreover, she couldn’t see through the spiritual power of the two people outside, which meant that their spiritual power was definitely higher than hers.

p-A- n-d-A-n-0-v-e-1、(c)om After weighing the pros and cons, she decided to take a look first. No matter what, it would be good if she could “Take”these people’s boat back to land.

Moreover, these people actually scared the bloodthirsty swordtail shark away. They must be extraordinary. There shouldn’t be any danger along the way. They would definitely be able to reach land successfully.

Thinking of this, Hei Xinjiu had the little bastard close the crack in the turtle shell. Then, she crossed her legs and went into the turtle shell, looking like she was in love with anyone.

The little bastard stared at Hei Xinjiu with his small eyes, thinking that the beautiful owner was really big-hearted!

After a while, Yun Chujiu felt the bastard’s shell shake violently, and she heard the sound of heavy objects colliding. She guessed that it must have been carried to the deck.

Someone spoke from outside, “Senior brother Wang, although we let the bloodthirsty swordtail shark escape, we found this thing at the bottom of the sea.

“Although it looks like an ordinary shell, after careful inspection, we found that it should be a good thing. It can be used to refine pills or weapons.”

The little bastard inside the turtle shell was so angry that he rolled his eyes. Damn it, he actually wanted to use his mother’s turtle shell to refine pills or weapons. How Shameless!

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