The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3523 Chapter 3523, eating a crock of meat

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Big hairy saw Hei Xinjiu’s gloomy face and tried to reduce his presence, afraid that she would vent her anger on him.

Unfortunately, he still couldn’t avoid it!

“Big Hairy, did you know that this place is forbidden to fly but didn’t tell me? You Evil Heart, you are trying to trick me!”Hei xinjiu pointed at long hairy and cursed.

Long hairy was almost wronged to death!

It said aggrievedly, “Little Fairy, no, your majesty, we have never flown this far before. How would we know that this place is forbidden to fly! Moreover, if we had been here before, would we still be alive now? We would have been eaten by other sea beasts long ago.”

At this point, big hairy looked at Hei Xinjiu with full of expectation, “Your Majesty, Tell Me the truth. What is your spiritual power level exactly?”

Yun chujiu glared at it, “Didn’t you see it? It’s only at the first level of the spiritual transformation realm! You Unlucky Bird, get lost!”

p AndD nOve1.cO,m Big Hairy’s heart was suddenly covered with a layer of shadow. It was over! He thought that this little girl deliberately hid her strength, but it turned out that she was worse than him!

She was dead!

If he had known earlier, he would have lived on the ruins of the cliff, at least for a few more days.

Hei Xinjiu held her chin in frustration and gritted her teeth. F * ck, there will always be a way. Let’s… eat some roasted meat first!

Long hair looked at a certain jiu who was eating her fill and felt that her future was bleak. This little girl had obviously broken all the rules. was she trying to be a glutton?

Hei Xinjiu ate a few skewers and felt a little better. Looking at long hair who was drooping his head, she curled her lips and said, “Silly Bird, you haven’t eaten roasted meat before, right? Come here, this king will reward you with a piece of meat!”

Long hair was about to cry!

What kind of roasted meat was there to eat at this time!please visit panda(-)

However, he did not dare to disobey. He could only go to Yun Chujiu’s side and pick up a piece of roasted meat that Yun Chujiu had given him.

After a moment, long hair’s face was filled with tears. Damn, this roasted meat was really delicious! Even if he were to die now, he would not have lived in vain!

Thus, the man and the bird began to eat the roasted meat on the deck. Just as they were enjoying their meal, a huge wave came and the sea water surged onto the deck. The Bonfire was instantly extinguished.

The Man and the bird were instantly enraged!

Both of them looked in the direction of the wave. When they saw the huge monster in the distance, they immediately threw their anger to the clouds. Oh My God, they were most likely going to die!

“Big, Big King, it’s a level 61 bloodthirsty swordtail shark. What, what should we do?”Long hair stammered.

Hei Xinjiu said in a bad mood, “What else can we do? Run!”

Hei Xinjiu drove the boat at the fastest speed, but it was useless. The bloodthirsty swordtail shark was huge. After rolling in the sea for a few times, Hei Xinjiu’s boat was in danger of capsizing.

Hei Xinjiu had no choice but to release da Hua.

Da Hua was about the same size as the bloodthirsty swordtail shark. Seeing the two fighting, Hei Xinjiu quickly ran away.

A moment later, da Hua dissipated under the attack of the bloodthirsty swordtail shark, and Hei Xinjiu had no choice but to release the pigs again. Then, da Hua dissipated again, and Hei Xinjiu continued to release the pigs..

The quail on the deck’s long hair widened his eyes in surprise. So this black-hearted little girl could release so many pigs?

Then why did she only release them three times before? was she doing it on purpose?

Big Hair did not have any intention of blaming Hei Xinjiu. Instead, he hoped that Hei Xinjiu would hide as much of her strength as possible. Otherwise, if she died, they would not be able to live!

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