The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3521 Chapter 3521: Do You Want Revenge

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Hei Xinjiu did not urge those giant-winged birds. Anyway, she was sure that these stupid birds had no way out.

Even if the desert gap was still there, the desert climate was not suitable for them. They could not survive in the desert for a long time, so they could only agree to her conditions.

Sure enough, those demonic birds discussed for a while and finally agreed to Hei Xinjiu’s conditions with their heads drooping.

Hei xinjiu happily collected the large flock of giant-winged birds and looked at the sawtooth sea pigs that were still gnawing on the cliff.

Blinking his eyes, he asked with a smile, “Do you want to take revenge?”

The giant-winged birds naturally wanted to take revenge, but when they saw Hei Xinjiu’s thin body and her level-one spiritual essence, they were immediately discouraged!

Blue-tailed bird said disdainfully, “We can’t do anything to those sawtooth sea pigs. What can you do?”

Yun chujiu glanced at it and said, “No wonder you are called blue-tailed bird. Birds really live up to their names!”

Blue-tailed bird looked at its blue tail feathers suspiciously. It was called blue-tailed bird because its tail feathers were blue. Wasn’t this little girl talking nonsense?

Yun chujiu ignored it and summoned da Hua instead.

The demonic birds watched as a purple piglet fell toward the surface of the sea. They couldn’t help but look at Hei Xinjiu in disdain.

Although it was rare for this little girl to be able to use spiritual beasts, how could this thing deal with the sawtooth sea pigs below?

Stop joking!

It didn’t even have the right to stuff its teeth into the sea!

p-A- n-d-A-n-0-v-e-1、(c)om At this moment, they heard the little girl shout slyly, “10,000-year-old single pig! Kill these ugly monsters for me!”please visit panda(-)

As soon as Yun Chujiu finished her words, the demonic birds were stunned to find that the little pig was rapidly growing bigger. Its original purple color had turned black, and a pair of wings had grown on its back? Pigs could grow wings?

The jagged sea pigs in the sea were even more dumbfounded. They had already won. Just as they were about to retreat, they saw a huge monster fall from the sky. What the hell was that?

However, the sawtooth sea pigs did not take da Hua seriously. Although it looked weird, its master was only at the first level of the spirit transformation realm. How powerful could it be? !

However, they were soon miserable!

After da Hua fell into the sea, it sent one away with its claw and two away with its tail. Even its wings, which it did not normally use, sent two sawtooth sea pigs flying with a casual flap.

In an instant, it was as if dumplings were being placed on the surface of the sea. Plop, Plop, plop. The sawtooth sea pigs were sent flying one after another.

Those giant winged birds were all dumbfounded by what they saw!

A few of them were so shocked that they forgot to flap their wings and almost fell into the sea.

Wasn’t this too unbelievable? This little girl’s spiritual power was so weak. Why was her spiritual beast so abnormal?

Big hairy suddenly remembered what yun chujiu had said about concealing her spiritual power. Could it be that this little girl really had hidden her spiritual power, and her spiritual power was actually very, very high?

While the birds were stunned, they heard hei xinjiu say indifferently, “Hand over the baby birds and eggs to me. You guys go and take revenge yourself!”

The demonic birds immediately swooped down and pecked at the eyes and other weak parts of the sawtooth sea pigs.

For a moment, there was a storm of blood on the surface of the sea. Yun chujiu only used da Hua twice and did not attack again.

If the demonic birds found out that she could use da hua countless times, they would definitely blame her for not helping them to protect the cliff earlier. Not only was the human heart complicated, the demonic birds were the same.

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