The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3509 Chapter 3509 introduced another wolf

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When Prime Minister Sima thought of this, he asked with a heavy expression, “Your majesty, then, then what should we do?”

Yun chujiu laughed crisply, “What’s there to be afraid of? ! If it really doesn’t work, why don’t we just bring in another wolf? !”

Bring in another wolf?

Prime Minister Sima was confused. What did His Majesty mean by this?

Di beiming spat out three words calmly, “Jun Tian Kingdom.”

p-A- n-d-A-n-0-v-e-1、(c)om Prime Minister Sima was stunned for a moment before slapping his thigh, “AH, I understand! Your Majesty, you mean that after destroying the Three Kingdoms of the star Sun Kingdom, you will think of a way to point the spearhead of the Three Kingdoms of the Liu Tu kingdom at Jun Tian Kingdom?

With this, the Three Kingdoms of the Liu Tu kingdom can only temporarily continue to form an alliance with us. Your Majesty, you are really too smart!

“The young prince is indeed worthy of being the son of you and young master Di. He is truly incomparably smart. I am ashamed to be inferior to him!”

Di beiming:”…”

Prime minister sima trembled. Why was it so cold?

He glanced at di Beiming’s cold expression and could not help but feel his legs go soft. Did he say something wrong?

Prime Minister Sima instinctively took a few steps back and quickly came up with an idea, he began to change the topic, “Your Majesty, if we can really destroy the Juntian kingdom at that time, I’m afraid that the Three Kingdoms of the willow country are not as easy to fool as the Three Kingdoms of the Southern Dragon Country. How can you make them give up the throne of the Emperor of the Juntian Kingdom?”

Yun chujiu smiled mysteriously, “I have my own ways to make the former subjects of the Juntian Kingdom support me as their emperor. As for the Three Kingdoms of the willow country, if they are obedient, they will be treated the same as Emperor Nan Xuan and the others.

If they are not obedient, I will let my fiancé kill their emperor! Sigh, who asked me to have a powerful fiancé! I will anger them to death!”please visit panda(-)

When a certain someone who was emitting cold air heard the last two sentences of Yun chujiu, he felt an inexplicable sweetness in his heart. He even looked at prime minister sima more pleasing to the eye than before.

Although prime minister Sima was extremely curious about what Secret Weapon His Majesty had, he did not dare to ask further and found an excuse to escape.

Yun Chujiu felt that the allied forces of the three countries would not attack the city tonight, so she and di beiming went to the city lord’s residence in Boulder City to rest.

She had been traveling for days and had not had a good rest, so she went to bed early.

A certain someone could not fall asleep. On one hand, he was anxious that his frost poison had not been good. On the other hand, Yun Chujiu’s coquettish or cunning appearance kept flashing through his mind, making his heart itch.

However, when he thought about it, the frost poison had a tendency to worsen, so he could only deliberately avoid it.

He thought of the previous blue marble and felt that he had something to do with the Li Hate Palace looking for blue marble.

He did not think that a mere li hate palace had the ability to know his weakness. After all, even he had only just found out that blue marble would trigger his cold poison. Then who was the person behind the Li Hate Palace?

A trace of determination flashed through di Beiming’s eyes. It seemed that after his body recovered, he needed to remove another layer of seal. Otherwise, there would be no way to solve the mystery behind it, and there would be no way to take back what belonged to him.., and there would be no way to protect little jiu.

The next day, during breakfast, di beiming asked, “What do you want to do with those giant rocks?”

Hei xinjiu giggled. “Make puppets!”! “I only have five puppets made of thousand-year-old black iron. I’m going to turn those giant rocks into stone puppets, the very big kind. “With so many giant rocks, it’s enough for me to make a small team of puppets!”

Di beiming frowned, “You’re thinking too simply. Whether it’s refined iron or darksteel, they can all be refined into puppets. How are you going to refine these boulders into puppets? “Even if you turn them into puppets, their bodies won’t be able to function flexibly. What’s the use? “

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