The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3505 Chapter 3505: The Sour Taste

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The Allied forces of the Three Kingdoms were instantly in an uproar. That female emperor of Zephyr was really too despicable!

Was that called a surprise? It was clearly a shock!

She said that there would be another surprise? Oh God, the flood was already scary enough. What terrifying thing had she prepared this time?

Xing Zhenyuan and the others were also bewildered. Although the upstream and downstream had already sent people to investigate and there was nothing unusual, when they heard what Empress Jiu said, they couldn’t help but feel a little nervous.

“Humph! I heard that when the Zephyr female emperor fought with the Jingmu Kingdom, she once played the empty city trick. This time, she may be deliberately mystifying things, but in fact, nothing happened at all.

“If it were up to me, let’s rush over and ignore the nonsense. I want to cut that B * tch into a thousand pieces right now!”Jin Haokui thought of his blind eye and hated Empress Jiu to death.

Huo mingye disagreed and said, “That might not be the case. Maybe she is deliberately doing the opposite and making us think that she is using an empty city tactic. In fact, she has already set up an ambush to lure us into a trap.”

For a time, everyone agreed with Jin Haokui and Huo Mingye. Both sides had their own opinions, and the original head of Xing Zhenyuan was furious.

If not for the flood incident, the original head of the punishment town would have ordered to cross the river directly. However, he had lost 50,000 people in the first encounter, so he had to be careful. Otherwise, his prestige would be greatly reduced, perhaps the position of marshal would be taken away by Huo Mingye.

After weighing the pros and cons, the original head of the punishment town had to send a few hundred people to cross the river first to check it out. In this way, even if there was danger, the losses would not be too great.

The few hundred unlucky people who were chosen to cross the river first were so angry that they wanted to bang their heads against the wall. Why did they have to be the scapegoats! ! The female emperor of Fenghua across them was as cunning as a fox. She must have set up an ambush in the river. If they went into the river, they would definitely be in deep trouble!

However, it was difficult to disobey a military order, so they could only brace themselves and go into the river.

Because they were afraid of an ambush, the group of people were trembling with fear and walked very slowly.please visit panda(-)

They swam all the way to the center of the heaven-tracing river and nothing unusual happened. Only then did they feel a little more at ease. After a long time, they finally reached the other side.

pAn,Da-n0v e1,c,m They were afraid that there was an ambush in the grass by the shore, so they used their spiritual power to test it out. However, there was nothing unusual. Only then did they carefully climb to the other side.

They were pleasantly surprised to find that nothing had happened. Damn it, it was another empty city trap!

Seeing that those people had safely gone ashore, Jin Hao Kui curled his lips and said, “How was it? I told you it was an empty city trap, right? Hurry up and let the Army go over, or else that female emperor of Zephyr will run away again!”

Xing Zhenyuan nodded and immediately gave the order for everyone to cross the river.

Finally, all the soldiers of the three countries’allied army passed through the heaven-tracing river and reached the opposite bank.

Xing zhenyuan heaved a long sigh of relief in his heart. They had finally come over.

In order to speed up their progress, the three countries’allied army only made a simple adjustment and then quickly moved forward. They were prepared to pass through this no-fly zone and ride on flying spirit tools to catch up with the East Feng Kingdom’s army in front.

Not long after they walked out, they heard a miserable shriek coming from the front. Large swathes of land began to collapse, and there were poisonous blades stuck in the ground. Due to the no-fly zone and the large area of the collapse, there was simply no way to avoid it.

Although the soldiers had set up their spirit energy shields to protect themselves, they were unable to withstand the pressure, pushing, and trampling of the soldiers in order to protect themselves. For a time, cries of grief filled the field.

This was not all. Suddenly, many soldiers of the East Phoenix Kingdom appeared in front of them, throwing countless talismans, chili powder, and poison powder at them..

Only then did the allied forces of the three countries tragically discover that the wind direction today was blowing towards their side. For a moment, the sour and refreshing feeling was simply excruciating.

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