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Xing Zhenyuan was stunned when he heard General Feng’s words. Then, he questioned loudly, “What did you say? Say It Again!”

“Marshal, our people were ambushed in the lower reaches of the heaven-tracing river. They suffered heavy casualties!”General Feng repeated.

Xing Zhenyuan’s head buzzed. Yes, both sides of the lower reaches of the heaven-tracing river were steep cliffs, and most of them were submerged reefs. It was simply the best place to set up an ambush.

He recalled the Netherworld stone from before. The original intention of the East Phoenix Kingdom was not to use that stone to cause any harm to the allied forces of the three countries, but to force him to immediately give the order to cross the river, this way, he would not have the time to carefully examine the terrain and the surrounding situation.

The East Phoenix Kingdom must have built a dam upstream. When they saw the army enter the river, they blew up the dam. This could explain why there was a flood all of a sudden.

Moreover, the female emperor of Zephyr had calculated that once there was a flood, the remaining troops would not dare to cross the river by force. She could rest assured and deploy all her troops to the lower reaches of the heaven-tracing river to ambush them.

This was a chain of events. The female Emperor of Zephyr was indeed good at scheming!

Xing Zhenyuan had not put Yun chujiu in his eyes before, but this defeat immediately made him sober up a little.

Jin Haokui said in a flustered and exasperated manner, “Marshal, are we just going to suffer this loss? If it were up to me, after we gather our troops, we should immediately force our way across the river. We don’t want to cause any more trouble.”

Xing Zhenyuan looked at him unhappily. He was a little displeased with him. If it weren’t for his bad temper that shattered the netherworld stone, he wouldn’t have ordered them to cross the river immediately. It was really a waste of time!

Xing Zhenyuan was displeased, but because of the relationship between the two countries.., he could only suppress his displeasure and say, “Seventh prince, our soldiers have just been ambushed by the East Phoenix Country. They will need to rest for at least two days. If they are in a hurry to attack, they might fall into the trap of the female Emperor of Zephyr.”

Jin Haokui wanted to say something, but Huo mingye said, “Let’s do a headcount first. Then, we will send people to the upstream and downstream to check. If there are no abnormalities, we will cross the river again. It is safer this way.”please visit panda(-)

Xing Zhenyuan nodded, and then ordered his men to immediately do it.

The next morning, General Feng reported the casualty figures that he had calculated. The East Phoenix Country had actually relied on a flood to wipe out 50,000 allied troops.

pAn,D a-n0ve1,c-o-m Although Xing Zhenyuan was mentally prepared, when he heard the number 50,000, his head still buzzed. They hadn’t even fought head-on, yet they had already lost 50,000 men. If this was spread out, it would be a great humiliation!

The three-country alliance army rested for two days and sent people to check the upper and lower reaches of the heaven-tracing river carefully. After confirming that there was nothing unusual, they prepared to cross the river again.

Just as Xing Zhenyuan was about to give the order to cross the river, General Feng pointed to the other side of the river and said, “Marshal, there seems to be a person on the other side.”

As the heaven-tracing river was very wide, Xing Zhenyuan could only vaguely recognize that there should be a person standing on the other side.

Just as Xing Zhenyuan and the others were feeling suspicious, a clear voice came from the other side of the river:

“Hey! Wasn’t the flood that I sent you a few days ago a pleasant surprise? Hurry up and cross the river. There will be even more pleasant surprises waiting for you later!”

Xing Zhenyuan and the others immediately guessed the identity of the speaker. It was actually that damnable female emperor of Zephyr! That was because other than her, no other woman would call herself Emperor of Zephyr.

After that, the female emperor of Zephyr slipped into the bushes by the shore and disappeared.

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