The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3502 Chapter 3502, River Styx

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“Reporting to marshal, the river in front is the heaven-tracing river. Although it is forbidden to fly, there aren’t any high-level water beasts in this river.

pAn,Da n<0,>v,e1 Moreover, from the looks of it, it might be due to the lack of rain recently that the water level has dropped a little. The water surface is also very calm. It is completely possible to swim across.”General Feng reported.

Xing Zhenyuan and the others stood by the riverside and looked towards the other side of the river. They did not discover the East Phoenix Country’s army. On second thought, although the heaven-tracing river’s surface was very wide, it did not have any powerful water beasts. There was absolutely nothing to be afraid of!

Just as Xing Zhenyuan was about to give the order to cross the river, a general came over with an uneasy expression and reported, “Marshal, we found a huge rock in front. Please take a look.”

Xing Zhenyuan’s expression darkened slightly. What was there to see with a broken rock? !

However, he saw that the general’s expression was conflicted. He still brought his men to the place that the general had mentioned.

The soldiers surrounded the place from three layers to three layers. When they saw Xing Zhenyuan coming over, they quickly moved aside, revealing a large rock inside.

Xing Zhenyuan focused his gaze and saw that the natural patterns of the large rock had formed two words: Netherworld!

Xing Zhenyuan’s expression immediately became a little ugly. He naturally knew what Netherworld meant. This meant that if they wanted to cross the heaven-tracing river, they would be courting death?

“Where was this stone found?”Xing Zhenyuan asked gloomily.

A few soldiers trembled as they said, “Marshal, this big stone was originally here. We didn’t notice it at first, but we found a little bastard lying on top of this big stone.

“We wanted to catch it to make soup, but we didn’t expect that little bastard to climb so quickly and disappear into the river. Then we saw that the patterns on this stone were somewhat strange.”

The soldiers also whispered to each other. The patterns on this stone were obviously formed naturally. Could it be a warning from the heavens?

That Little Bastard could not have appeared on this huge stone for no reason. Perhaps it was to attract their attention. This was to warn them not to go any further.

The soldiers then recalled that they had not seen a single person from the East Phoenix Kingdom. Perhaps the East Phoenix Kingdom had already known that the heaven-tracing river could stop the Allied forces of the Three Kingdoms, so they had all retreated.

When Jin Hao Kui heard the soldiers’words, he could not help but snort coldly, “It’s just a piece of broken rock. How can it be so mysterious? It’s just a coincidence!”please visit panda(-)

As Jin Hao Kui spoke, he slapped his palm towards the huge rock. In his heart, he thought that if he were to smash this rock into powder, this rumor would naturally fall apart.


After a loud sound, the huge rock shattered into several pieces. However, what followed was a number of miserable screams.

“AH, it hurts so much! My hand!”

“AH, my eyes! My Eyes!”

“Help! My Face!”


It turned out that as the huge rock exploded, a lot of poisonous water actually sprayed out from it. That poisonous water had a very strong corrosive nature. Regardless of whether it was clothes or skin, as long as they were touched by it, they would be corroded away.

Many soldiers had their faces injured by the poisonous water. Jin Hao Kui was the closest to the huge rock, so he was also the most severely injured. Not only was his face disfigured, his left eye was forcefully blinded by the poison.

If it weren’t for the many high-grade elixirs on him, he probably wouldn’t have been able to keep his life.

Some of the soldiers whispered, “Oh my God! No wonder the Word ‘Netherworld’is written on the huge rock. So it’s actually Netherworld water inside. It’s too terrifying!”

“Could this heaven-tracing river also be poisonous water?”? My right eyelid had been twitching for the past few days, and I kept feeling uneasy. I heard that the female Emperor of Zephyr was a divine Phoenix emissary. Why would she run away for no reason? Maybe she intentionally lured us here to the heaven-tracing river.”

“Yeah, what you said makes sense. The heaven-tracing river seems peaceful. Maybe there really is some danger.”


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