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The third Prince of the winged fire nation, Huo Mingye, frowned and said, “Don’t underestimate your enemy too much. It is said that the female emperor of Zephyr Nation has a mysterious mind. For her to be able to become the female emperor of the East Phoenix Nation from a third-grade aristocratic family, she must have something extraordinary.”

“It’s just a rumor!”! What ability could a little girl have? ! Besides, even if she’s a little powerful, she can still stop the Allied forces of our three countries ? I think she might send a surrender letter very soon,”Jin Haokui retorted.

Huo Mingye thought about it and agreed. No matter how powerful the female Emperor of Zephyr was, she couldn’t fight against the Allied forces of the three countries alone, so he didn’t say anything more.

Everyone decided to wait another day. If the female Emperor of Zephyr still didn’t surrender, then they would start a war.

Early the next morning, a general rushed over to report, “Marshal, the East Phoenix Country’s base opposite is very quiet. There isn’t a single soldier. Should we go over and investigate?”

Xing zhenyuan asked in puzzlement, “You said that there isn’t a single person in the opposite base? Could it be that the East Phoenix country’s people have been scared away by us?”

Huo mingye frowned, “I feel that this might be a trap set up by the female Emperor of Zephyr nation. When she fought with the Jing Mu country previously, she used empty city traps and traps. Could it be that she has set up a trap in front of their main camp and is waiting for us to fall for it?”

Although Xing Zhenyuan felt that Huo Mingye’s words were a little alarmist, if they fell for the female Emperor’s trap in this first battle, it would definitely affect their morale. Thus, he said,

“What the third Prince said makes sense. Just in case, General Feng, tell the soldiers to be careful and not fall into an ambush.”

Thus, General Feng led the soldiers carefully and after some effort, they finally confirmed that there wasn’t a single person in the East Phoenix Kingdom’s camp. They had all retreated just like that!

After Xing Zhenyuan and the others received the report, they were all dumbfounded. They had actually all retreated? Wasn’t the war not yet started? The people of the East Phoenix Country had all retreated?please visit panda(-)

Jin Haokui laughed out loud and said, “How is it? I told you that the East Phoenix country couldn’t withstand a single blow. They would definitely flee when they heard the news. Who knows, that female emperor of Zephyr might surrender very soon.”

Huo mingye disagreed and said, “If they were to flee when the wind blows, wouldn’t that female emperor just send a letter of surrender? Would she need to bring her army along with her?”

Everyone thought that it made sense. What was this female emperor up to?

However, no matter what, they couldn’t waste their time like this. They still had to seize the opportunity to pursue and attack. Thus, the Allied forces of the three countries advanced towards the territory of the East Feng Kingdom.

p AndD nOve1.cO,m The Allied forces of the Three Kingdoms had walked for several hundred Li in a row. They had even passed by two empty cities, yet they still had not discovered the army of the East Phoenix Kingdom. Not to mention the army, they had not even seen a single one of the commoners, it was as if the people of the East Phoenix Kingdom had disappeared into thin air.

In order to prevent themselves from falling into Yun Chujiu’s empty city plan or trap, the Allied forces of the Three Kingdoms had to carefully scout every empty city or valley before they dared to continue forward. As a result, they had to stop and walk for several days.

Xing Zhenyuan and the others were very pleased with themselves at first. They thought that the people of the East Feng Kingdom had been scared out of their wits, so they had all escaped.

However, things had unexpectedly gone smoothly, causing these people to feel a little uneasy. They had a feeling that something wasn’t right. Could it be that they had fallen into the trap of the female Emperor of Zephyr?

However, thinking about it, even if there really was a conspiracy, the strength of the Three Kingdoms could still easily win. Hence, they continued to pursue.

On this day, the three countries were blocked by a big river.

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