The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3492 Chapter 3492: Prime Minister Sima’s Voice Transmission Talisman

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The children were very reluctant, but they could see that Yun chujiu could not change her mind. All of them were teary-eyed. Before this, they might have been a little perfunctory towards this king, but now, they really regarded this little girl as their king.

The little fatty asked with a face full of reluctance, “King, then when your brother’s illness is cured, will you still return to the Juntian Kingdom to look for us?”

Yun chujiu blinked her eyes, “That’s hard to say. If there’s a chance, I will definitely come to see you. You Won’t Forget Me, right?”

Hearing Yun Chujiu’s words, the children expressed their loyalty one by one. Among them, the little fatty said the most exaggerated, “Your Majesty, you are our birth parents. If I Forget You, Your Majesty, I will become a bastard in my next life!”

Hearing the children’s words, Yun Chujiu’s eyes flashed with a faint light. “Good! In that case, when your Majesty is in trouble in the future, you are not allowed to leave me in the Lurch!”

The naughty children naturally agreed. Hei Xinjiu thought for a moment and took out a piece of paper. “Come, all of you sign your names and leave a memento for me.”

Those naughty children did not know that the person in front of them was a little devil who ate people without spitting out their bones. They immediately signed their names without hesitation. Seeing that the naughty children signed their names without missing a single one, Hei Xinjiu put away the piece of paper with a smile, only then did she put away the piece of paper with a smile.

“After you board the Flying Spiritual Device, send a sound transmission talisman to your parents. I reckon that someone will come to pick you up very soon. The Green Mountains will not change, and the green waters will flow forever. We’ll meet again in the future!”Yun Chujiu said as she hugged her chubby little fists.

The devilish children left the cave while crying. They rode on the flying spiritual device that they had found from instructor Liu Jiaoxi’s storage ring and left.

Only then did Yun chujiu turn her head to look at di beiming. After adjusting his breathing just now, although his face still looked a little pale, it was already better than before.

“Prince Charming, it’s not good to stay here for long. Let’s leave too!”

Di beiming nodded, stood up, and the two little ones left the cave.please visit panda(-)

After getting on the flying spirit tool, Hei Xinjiu immediately changed the appearance of herself and di beiming and turned them into eight-year-old children.

pAn,Da-n0v e1,c,m In order to prevent Jun Tian nation from searching for the people in the Youlan Valley, they deliberately made a detour to Hao Tian Nation, which was the neighboring country of Jun Tian Nation. Although they might have to take more unnecessary roads, at least it was safer.

Although they encountered some twists and turns on the way, with Hei Xinjiu’s glib tongue and a belly full of evil tricks, the two of them finally arrived at the territory of East Phoenix Nation after half a month.

Hei Xinjiu was so excited that she almost cried!

At that time, she had only helped Emperor Nan Xuan to borrow the Dragon to kill people. Who would have thought that she would be struck by lightning and meet Ying Mo later on? Then, she tragically went to the capital of Star Sun Country, Starry Night City, and then to the Youlan Valley..

However, it was a good thing that she found ghost face orchid and refined the antidote for the rejuvenation pill. This could also be considered as opening up a new life-saving skill.

Just as Hei Xinjiu was sighing with emotion, she received a voice transmission talisman from Prime Minister Sima.

When Yun Chujiu heard the content of the voice transmission talisman, her face instantly darkened, and her eyes were filled with a fierce look.

“What’s wrong? What Happened?”Di beiming’s voice carried a bit of concern that she herself did not notice.

“Star Sun Kingdom sent a team of people to escort Leng Tianche and Yun Xi Yue to the border of the two countries. Yes, it’s the original crown prince and Princess Xi Yue.

“They said that since I’m occupying the magpie’s nest, the throne should be returned to Leng tianche. “If I don’t agree, the Sun Nation will uphold justice and help Leng Tianche take back the throne.”

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