The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3486 Chapter 3486 was finally eliminated

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Those brats were shocked by Hei Xinjiu’s valiant behavior. When they looked at Deng Qianyuan’s swollen pig-like face, they immediately surrendered without any moral integrity.

Hei Xinjiu nodded with satisfaction. Then, she brought her people to the other dormitories. Without much effort, she took all the children under her command.

Yun Chujiu was not afraid of Deng Qianyuan and Liao Yuanqi. After all, there were so many people watching them!

This fellow returned to the dormitory and lay on the bed, pondering. It was not a good idea to continue like this. The East Phoenix Country was without a leader. If she delayed for too long, her position as the female emperor might be taken away by others.

However, how could she be eliminated quickly?

It would be difficult to do so since she would lose points without causing trouble!

A certain honored guest lying beside her had been waiting for her to continue treating his illness. Who would have thought that after waiting for so long, he would discover that Hei Xinjiu was asleep..

A certain honored guest felt a little frustrated. The reason he gave himself was that the reason why he was so eager for the little rascal to treat his illness was so that he could recover his spiritual power as soon as possible. Yes, that was the reason.

It was possible that Hei Xinjiu and di beiming had finally achieved their goals in the following period of assessment. They were frequently deducted points, and then both of them were eliminated.

Hei Xinjiu was filled with joy. She thought that she would be able to leave the selection academy just like that. She did not expect to be told that, considering their safety, they would have to wait until the final ten people were selected before they would be sent back to the Jun Tiantian Kingdom.

Hei Xinjiu held her breath. If she had known this would happen, she would have continued to play with the devilish brat.

She waited and waited. After another ten days, ten people were finally selected. She did not expect that Deng Qianyuan and Liao Yuan would be among them. Little Fatty and the others were all eliminated.

Yun Chujiu felt that as the king, she should comfort little fatty and the others. However, before she could say anything.., little Fatty and the others happily said, “King, this is great! We have all been eliminated. This way, you can lead us to play together in the future!”please visit panda(-)

Hei Xinjiu:”…”

Did she lead these brats astray? In their eyes, playing with her was more important than entering the Li Hate Palace?

However, when this fellow thought about it, these brats were not that old to begin with. They did not have the utilitarianism of an adult, so they were not that sad after being eliminated.

Yun chujiu and these eliminated children were brought out of the selection academy and then boarded a flying spirit tool.

Yun chujiu looked at the old man on the flying spirit tool and was slightly surprised. It was actually instructor Liu Jiaoxi who had asked them to kill.

They were only escorting them back to the Jun Tiantian Kingdom. was there a need to send an instructor? Shouldn’t he stay behind to continue the assessment of the students who had been selected?

Instructor Liu Jiaoxi did not say much. He just told everyone not to play around and then left the cabin.

Although Yun Chujiu was a little surprised, she did not take it to heart. She brought her followers and sat in the cabin obediently.

Two days later, at night, while she was half asleep, Yun chujiu noticed that there seemed to be a smell in the cabin. Her heart was shocked. It was actually the soul-devouring powder!

p-n0ve1、com She could not help but frown. Could it be that instructor Liu Jiaoxi? What was he trying to do?

Di beiming had long woken up. He took out an antidote and swallowed it. Then, he exchanged a glance with Yun chujiu. The two of them lay back down as if nothing had happened.

The next morning, when the children woke up, they were shocked to find that their spiritual power was gone. Even though some of them found that it was caused by the spirit-devouring powder, they could not open their storage rings to take the antidote because they did not have any spiritual power.

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