The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3480 Chapter 3480 picking herbs

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The Little Fatty and the others were so frightened by Hei Xinjiu’s words that they almost sat on the ground!

Although they had been cultivating since they were young, they had only killed some demonic beasts at most. How could they have killed anyone? ! This little pervert wanted to kill Xuan Yuanzhuo right away. He had scared them to death, Alright? ! !

After a long while, the little fatty swallowed his saliva and said with a trembling voice, “It’s still… It’s better to choose the first method! However, how can we make everyone his enemy?

“It’s fine with Deng Qianyuan’s people. They are not enemies to begin with, but there are still dozens of people who are the ninth Prince’s followers. How can we make them the ninth Prince’s enemies?”

Yun chujiu narrowed her eyes. “Can’t we just make them my subordinates? ! When the time comes, let them beat up Xuan Yuanzhuo, and Xuan Yuanzhuo will naturally hate them.”

The Little Fatty and the others looked at Yun Chujiu in a daze. Wasn’t this little pervert a little too arrogant? She actually wanted to make those dozens of people her subordinates? How could she do that?

Yun chujiu did not answer their questions. Instead, she waved her claws. “This king is sleepy. Go To Sleep!”

Although the Little Fatty and the others were terrified and confused, they did not dare to ask any more questions. They could only return to their beds to rest.

The next morning, after the old man, instructor Jing Jiaoxi, arrived, he threw a large basket of medicinal herbs to each group and asked them to pick out the same medicinal herbs that had been given to them the day before.

When the children saw the large basket of medicinal herbs that all looked extremely similar, they were instantly dumbfounded!

pAn,Da n<0,>v,e1 If there was sufficient time, they could carefully compare the medicinal herbs one by one with the samples in their hands. However, they only had half a minute’s time. It was simply more difficult than ascending to the heavens to pick out all of them.

Especially the Little Fatty and the others, who were holding the herbs whose leaves had been plucked, it was even harder to tell which one was the herb they were looking for.

Hei xinjiu blinked her eyes. Of course, she didn’t care if the points would be deducted, but seeing the expressions of the little fatty and the others who were about to cry, her conscience that had disappeared for a long time finally showed up.please visit panda(-)

She scratched the wicker basket a few times, then took out a few herbs and threw them into the empty wicker basket at the side. She said carelessly, “Hurry up and pick, what are you waiting for? ! Look at me, I picked so many in such a short time!”

The Little Fatty and the others were about to cry!

Are you picking? ! It was purely a random grab, how could this work? !

Although the few of them wanted to put the random grab Yun Chujiu made back into the wicker basket, they thought about the little pervert’s whip and gave up on that idea.

The few miserable children tried their best to rummage through the wicker basket, hoping to find a few more correct herbs.

Fifteen minutes passed in the blink of an eye. The children looked at the wicker baskets of the other groups at the same time. When they saw that there were dozens of herbs in the fourth group’s wicker basket, they could not help but twitch their lips. They must have picked them randomly, it was impossible to have so many correct herbs.

When Little Fatty and the others saw that the herbs they picked were more than twice the number of other groups, they immediately looked at Hei Xinjiu with resentment. They were really unlucky!

How could they be in the same dormitory as such a little pervert? !

It was fine if they were bullied, but not only did they completely offend ninth prince, they would probably lose points again this time!

Instructor Deng walked to the wicker basket of each group and inspected it, then brought the wicker basket of the fourth group to the front.

The faces of Little Fatty and the others instantly turned pale. It was over. They were definitely going to be severely criticized. They were going to lose points!

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