The World That Tao Rules - Chapter 7204 native race

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Chapter 7204 Native Race

Jiang Yun has also seen a lot of bad people, but like this man, because he committed the clan rules and was punished by the clan, he harbors hatred and does not hesitate to invite outsiders to destroy his entire clan, which is really rare. !

After learning about the man's general life, Jiang Yun was not interested in learning about his other memories.

Anyway, Jiang Yun already knew the function of that command.

In Jiang Yun's mind, since the so-called one palm dares to claim to cover the sky with one palm and is powerful, then I am afraid that it should also have the ability to send other people out of this space.

As long as you take the palm order, go to the person with a palm, and let them send you away from here, that's all.

Jiang Yun's consciousness withdrew from the man's soul, gave the man a cold look, raised his hand, and prepared to end his life.

Such a person should not continue to live in this world!

Naturally, the man could see that Jiang Yun was going to kill him, and said in a loud voice, "My Black Soul Clan has a big secret, it's about this Chaos Realm and the detached powerhouse, you just need to unseal my seal to find out. "

The Chaos Domain is the name given to this space by the creatures living here.

Although the name is simple, it is worthy of the name.

The creatures in this space come from different time and space, and it is indeed an extremely chaotic area.

However, when he heard the man's words, Jiang Yun's palm did not stop at all.

Whether it is the Black Soul Race or the Chaos Domain, no matter what secrets they have, Jiang Yun is not interested in knowing them.

After killing this man, Jiang Yun only needed to find the Ten Blood Lanterns, and then he could take the palm order and leave this chaotic realm.

In the future, if he can become a detached powerhouse, he may come here again.

But he wasn't sure if he would have a future.

Because, he also doesn't want to know any secrets about this place at all.

However, at this moment, the voice of the evil Daozi suddenly sounded in Jiang Yun's ear: "Brother, be merciful, don't kill him first!"

Jiang Yun didn't listen to Xie Daozi's words, his raised palm hung in the air, and he turned to look at Xie Daozi who appeared beside him and said, "Brother, are you tempted?"

In order to show his sincerity to Xie Daozi, Jiang Yun did not restrict Xie Daozi's actions, so Xie Daozi was always hiding aside and clearly heard the conversation between Jiang Yun and the man.

For other things, Xie Daozi is also not interested, but as long as it is news related to the detached powerhouse, he would rather believe it and not miss it at all.

Therefore, when the man mentioned that the secret of the Black Soul Race was related to the detached powerhouse, he was naturally moved, and only then did he show up to stop Jiang Yun from killing the man.

Seeing Xie Daozi, the man couldn't help but startled slightly, obviously he didn't expect that there would be a strong man here.

But the name between Xie Daozi and Jiang Yun, especially the opening of Xie Daozi, let him know his life, and he should be able to save it for the time being.

A wry smile appeared on Xie Daozi's face, and he rubbed his hands together and said, "Brother, you also know that becoming a detached powerhouse is my only goal now, so I'll raise your hand and leave him alive for the time being!"

"Don't worry, after knowing the secret about the detached powerhouse, I will kill him with my own hands."

Jiang Yun let out a sigh in his heart.

To become a detached powerhouse is not only the goal of the evil Daozi, it has become his obsession!

Although helpless, Jiang Yun retracted his palm and said, "Brother's words are serious, this person will trouble his brother to deal with it."

"This person is ruthless and ruthless..." Halfway through the sentence, Jiang Yun changed his words abruptly: "He is good at seizing homes, and brother should be more careful, don't fall for him."

This man is indeed extremely sinful, but Xie Daozi is the pinnacle of the origin of the Dao of Evil.

Compared to the evil, I am afraid this man is still inferior to the evil Daozi.

Let Xie Daozi get along with this man, it is this man who should really be careful.

"Thank you brother for reminding me!" Xie Daozi clenched his fists at Jiang Yun and said solemnly, "I will be careful."

Jiang Yun waved his hand and left his Taoist realm.

As Jiang Yun left, the man immediately smiled at Xie Daozi and said, "Friend Daoist..."

Just shouting two words, Xie Daozi has already stretched out a finger, directly piercing the man's eyebrows, interrupting his words.

The man watched countless unfamiliar dao patterns pouring into his soul. Although he didn't feel any pain, it made him shudder involuntarily.

Raising his head, Xie Daozi was smiling, looking at him with bright eyes and said, "I like to find the answer to my question by myself."

"So, you don't have to say anything, let me find it slowly."

Jiang Yun naturally didn't care how Xie Daozi would deal with the man, his figure appeared in the crack of the world, and he summoned Beiming.

After giving Bei Ming an order to continue moving in the direction of the Ten Blood Lanterns, he sat down cross-legged, took out the token again, and checked it carefully.

In the token, there is only one power, and there is no abnormality.

After looking at the palm pattern engraved on the token for a while, Jiang Yun said, "Dao Rang, have you heard of the palm command and the palm?"

"A palm command? A palm?" Dao Rang repeated these two words with a hint of doubt in his voice.

Apparently, it was either not heard or lost the associated memory.

Jiang Yun didn't hide it either, and told Dao Rang the memories he saw in the man's soul.

After listening to Dao Rang, he suddenly became excited and said: "One palm, I remembered, one palm, they seem to have something to do with my home."

"Your home?" Jiang Yun frowned and said: "You asked me to **** this command, shouldn't the real purpose be to go home by yourself?"

"No no no!" Dao Rang said hurriedly: "The commander will definitely let you go home, I'm talking about a palm."

"They seem, as if they belonged to my house... the gatekeeper?"

Jiang Yun's face suddenly turned black!

The palm of the overlord in the Chaos Realm is actually just the gatekeeper of the Dao Rang family!

Could it be that this earthy home is like a royal palace among mortals, aloof and aloof?

Jiang Yun thinks this is unlikely.

Dao Rang has personally said that in this chaotic domain, it is afraid of people, and it does not dare to contact other creatures at all.

If Dao Rang and other origins really had such a high status and could have a palm as a gatekeeper, then there is no need to fear Beiming and anyone!

Jiang Yun regained his composure and said, "Anyway, after I find the Ten Blood Lanterns, I will definitely look for a palm, and then I'll know what's going on."

Dao Rang didn't speak anymore and fell into contemplation.

Jiang Yun put away the command, and was willing to let the soul clone come out, but he was worried that he would be too arbitrary, so he decided to wait until the evil Daozi came out.

After Jiang Yun waited for two days, Xie Daozi finally appeared in front of Jiang Yun, with a faint glow of excitement on his face.

Jiang Yun said with a smile: "It looks like my brother has gained something?"

Xie Daozi sat beside Jiang Yun, grinned and said, "That's also your achievement, brother. It's indeed a little gain, but it's not a lot."

"As for that kid, brother can rest assured, I have sent him away."

"Whether he is a black soul or a white soul, he has no soul now."

Jiang Yun was not surprised that Xie Daozi killed the man.

Xie Daozi continued: "There are two seals in that kid's soul, one is strong and the other is weak, brother should already know."

"I unlocked the weaker seal in that kid's soul."

"The seal was left by the elders of their clan, and the seal was about everything about their clan."

"And their Black Soul Race, the reason why they were jointly encircled and suppressed by other races back then was actually because their race was the native race of this Chaos Domain."

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