The World Civilization Million Lords - Chapter 5007 ,choose

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At this time, O'Neal's behavior is not vicious.

As soon as the machine gun fired, the ordinary armor plates had to be smashed into a sieve in an instant. Even if the ordinary people and those militiamen were just scratched a little, it was enough to tear their bodies to shreds on the spot!

For a while, in this shelter, the machine gun of the spider tank spit out ferocious fire snakes. Wherever the firepower passed, countless corpses were flying in pieces, as if it was a **** on earth.

For the time being, the people of Calumbell who have lived peacefully for decades, how can they bear such a situation?

The shocking picture and the fear of death stimulated them wildly, causing the sanctuary to fall into a more thorough riot.

Countless Calumbell people fled frantically towards the other exits of the shelter.

During the period, a tragic stampede occurred without any accident, so that many people hiding in the shelter did not die under the gunfire of the spider tank, but died of the ruthless stampede of the surrounding compatriots.

But not many people care about this issue anymore.

One by one, at this time, they just want to escape from the terrifying firepower of the spider tank.

With Ye Qingxuan, Li Ke, and the others, the safety exit was connected to a central pipe of the sewer. Compared with other pipes, this central pipe was much wider and could basically be regarded as a small road.

At that time, Luo Jin recommended them to go this route, which is precisely because of this.

Other safe exits will soon lead to the ground. In the current situation, moving on the ground, there is no need to say how high the risk is.

In comparison, on this side, they can still pass through the sewers and move a certain distance.

As for the distribution of sewers here, Luo Jin obviously had it in his mind for a long time.

So after entering this sewer, Luo Jin had already told Li Ke how to go.

The conditions at the time did not allow him to draw maps, so Li Ke and the others could only memorize them.

If nothing else, this road can smoothly move them to a remote alley that Luo Jin said.

Under this premise, Li Ke has signaled Xu Ji to control the submarine and move to the exit position to meet them.

Because it is in the sewer, some sounds can be transmitted extraordinarily far.

In the process of their rapid movement, Ye Qingxuan and Li Ke clearly heard violent movements from the rear.

Screams, footsteps, and... the sound of hot weapons firing!

Combined with the information that Xu Ji gave them before, Ye Qingxuan and Li Ke could basically guess what happened, and then their faces sank obviously.

To be honest, this is actually one of the various situations that Ye Qingxuan had anticipated in advance.

To a certain extent, she should also carry the blame.

But she did not expect the people of Calum Bell to understand her and forgive her.

She knew she was not qualified to ask for this for the people who were being strafeed.

Ye Qingxuan never thought she was a noble person, and words like 'great' had nothing to do with it. She never liked to hold herself up.

She is a businessman, or rather a businessman.

The underlying logic of business people's work has always been to give priority to interests, and to do anything at the same time, or to gain something, while you gain something, you often have to lose something. This is a certain law contained in this world.

There is no free lunch in this world, and no pie will fall from the sky. This is also one of the themes that Ye Qingxuan believes in.

Her action this time is to restore stability to the entire known universe.

After it is known that the universe has returned to stability, as the current ruler of the Ye's Chamber of Commerce, she will naturally be able to gain huge benefits from it.

To be honest, the existence of the Ye's Chamber of Commerce is equivalent to being one of the biggest powers in the known universe.

The turmoil that is known to erupt in the universe later is equivalent to shaking their rule.

And restoring the known universe to stability is actually restoring their control over the known universe.

So, this matter itself is in her interest.

Originally, it should also be in the interests of Karen Bell. After all, war is not a good thing for such a small neutral country.

Not to mention that Karen Bell was supported by their Ye's Chamber of Commerce in peacetime, and they have developed very comfortably these years.

But now the troops of the United States of Yosai jumped over the wall in a hurry and did such a thing, it is hard to say, and this is undoubtedly a situation that Ye Qingxuan does not want to see.

However, if she was asked to choose again, she would probably make the same choice.

She is not a saint, nor is she an omnipotent god. In this turmoil that has completely plunged the entire known universe into riots, the only thing she can do is to give up the small and protect the big!

Minimize the cost to ensure maximum benefit.

To put it bluntly, what is a planet worth compared to the tranquility of the entire known universe? It's just a drop in the ocean!

Under this premise, if she insisted on holding on to the 'grain' of Karen Bell, she would only make the entire known universe pay a greater price.

Although this matter is not fair to the people of Karen Bell who are the parties involved, when a whole known universe and Karen Bell are put together, there is no need to say which one is more important!

It was Ye Qingxuan's limit to leave Karen Bell with room to retreat and preserve it as much as possible.

He exhaled a long breath, and in a short period of time, Ye Qingxuan quickly packed up her mood and put her physical strength and energy into the things in front of her.

To be honest, her current state is not very good.

After all, she was hiding in a shelter with countless refugees. Under the condition that she didn't want to make herself stand out and ensured that she could effectively integrate into the refugee group, Ye Qingxuan's treatment these days was naturally exactly the same as that of countless refugees.

In terms of food So far, there have been no problems.

However, due to Karen Bell's side, I don't know how long this situation will last, so in order to use the limited food and stick to more time, the distribution of food has been changed to one meal a day.

And each meal only has one pack of compressed biscuits or one bread, plus a bottle of water.

After coming out, although I got some food from Li Ke and the others.

But how can the weakness accumulated over a long period of time be quickly recovered by taking a few bites?

At this moment, she can still follow Li Ke and the others all the way, even if she paid attention to exercise in the past, she still has some achievements in martial arts.

But even so, after this journey, Ye Qingxuan at this time was undoubtedly tired and a little empty.

And at this moment, in the sound of Li Ke's "be careful" reminder, the sewer channel not far ahead was blasted open, and a spider tank climbed in through the gap!

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