The World Civilization Million Lords - Chapter 5006 ,meet

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At this point, Luo Jin no longer concealed Ye Qingxuan's whereabouts.

The specific location is not far from the sanctuary where Luo Jin is located.

After all, in case something really happened, as a 'leader'-level member of the Ye's Chamber of Commerce in Calumbell, Luo Jin would definitely want to ensure Ye Qingxuan's safety.

Li Ke and others who understood the situation were about to leave, but found that Luo Jin had no intention of leaving with them.

You know, with the frantic attacks of the Yosei Armed Fleet, this place is no longer safe. The risks that you need to take to stay here are not small at all.

With such thoughts in mind, Li Ke turned to look at Luo Jin.

When their eyes met, Luo Jin shook his head lightly at him.

Without any extra words, Li Ke already understood what Luo Jin meant.

In Calum Bell, Luo Jin is the central core of their entire intelligence network of Ye's Chamber of Commerce.

If Luo Jin follows them, or exposes his identity in the process, it will be a huge blow to the intelligence network that Ye's Chamber of Commerce has been operating in Calumbell for many years, so Luo Jin does it himself. Make a decision to stay here.

When it was hot, Luo Jin definitely didn't plan to stay here all the time.

After Li Ke and the others leave here safely, he will find opportunities by himself to find a way to survive.

Don't underestimate his ability to survive as the leader of the intelligence network.

After all, to engage in intelligence work on the territory of other forces, neither the ability to hide nor the ability to survive should be left behind.

"Devouring the Starry Sky: Sign In to God"

After saying goodbye to Luo Jin, according to the other party's words, Li Ke and others quickly found Ye Qingxuan who was hidden among the refugees.

Ye Qingxuan was obviously disguising herself.

Not only in the makeup, but also in the clothes, she also dressed herself up as a middle-aged woman, huddled there, every move, and even the glances that swept from time to time. People can't see any flaws.

If Luo Jin hadn't reminded them in advance and told Li Ke and others about some of Ye Qingxuan's characteristics at this time, they would probably not have recognized the person at all at this time.

But Li Ke and the others didn't make any disguise, or they didn't need it.

They, who had only returned to the known universe before, went directly to the territory of the mechanical civilization. One by one, they had not made any public appearances. To a certain extent, they were all raw faces, and there was no need to disguise at all. .

This made Ye Qingxuan recognize them almost at a glance.

But even so, Ye Qingxuan's expression and eyes did not reveal much surprise.

She was in control.

After all, the sanctuary is a mixed bag, afraid of being noticed by anyone.

And years of tacit understanding, they basically don't need any words to understand each other's meaning.

After a simple eye contact, both of them began to move slowly in one direction.

Unexpectedly, at this moment, along with a loud noise, the entire shelter shook violently after being hit.

This tremor is almost comparable to an earthquake of magnitude 5 or 6! This is still in the case of the structure and materials of the shelter, which are aimed at preventing various impact bombings!

For a while, the refugees in the capital were also screaming and chaotic in this shelter.

"Damn, there must have been an attack nearby, maybe it fell directly on top of our heads."

Feeling this shock, Li Ke couldn't help but utter a curse while he hurriedly stabilized his body.

After all, this situation is not a good thing for them.

However, Li Ke's actions did not include the lake for a moment.

Taking advantage of the chaos, he quickly completed the rendezvous with Ye Qingxuan.

During this process, Li Ke of course did not forget to get in touch with Xu Ji who was staying on the submarine through the communication device fixed in the ear canal.

Needless to say, in this kind of operation, rather than insisting on following them, Xu Ji still stayed on the stealth ship. When necessary, it was more practical to provide them with proper logistical support.

In other words, they need such a teammate who can stay behind and provide them with logistical support.

Today, the energy magnetic field is very chaotic inside the Kalumbel planet. Fortunately, they are all using the communication equipment of the mechanical family.

Compared with the equipment of other technology countries, the communication equipment of the mechanical family is undoubtedly the most powerful. Although it has been affected to some extent, after several attempts, Li Ke has successfully established communication with Xu Ji.

"My God! I finally got in touch. What's going on with you? Are you all okay?"

The connection of the communication made Xu Ji, who remained in the spacecraft, greatly relieved.

During the communication process, although it is full of white noise, it is still basically audible.

"We're all fine. We have successfully reunited with the eldest lady. Compared to this, what's the situation outside?"

"It was the attack of those unidentified armed warships that landed in District G of the capital!"

Hearing this, Li Ke's face suddenly sank.

Guys, zone G? Isn't that where they are now?

Thanks to them arriving early, they have to take their eldest lady out of this area quickly!

As a result, before Li Keduo thought about it, Xu Ji's obviously anxious voice sounded again...

"No, those unknown armed warships began to forcibly land and let the troops down!"

As soon as these words came out, Li Ke's heart twitched slightly.

He didn't even have time to ask any further questions. In a short while, Li Ke took Ye Qingxuan and quickly moved to a safe exit of the shelter.

Such safety exits are generally guarded by militiamen, but the militiamen are only militiamen after all. In addition, due to the chaos caused by the previous earthquake, the militiamen are now busy maintaining order, allowing Li Ke and the others to successfully exploit the loophole.

Without saying a word, he took Ye Qingxuan and went out.

Not long after that, the main entrance of this shelter was forcibly blasted open with artillery fire.

With a loud roar, a huge spider tank climbed in from the blasted hole.

This type of spider tank, which can adapt to various complex terrains, was first designed and manufactured by the dwarves of the Dark Iron and later became a best-selling military weapon in the universe.

At the same time, it has also attracted various technology countries in the universe to imitate.

But it doesn't matter whether this spider tank is a genuine product purchased from the Dark Iron Empire, or a copycat made by other technology countries.

At this moment, the only thing that can be determined is that this spider tank is a dimensionality reduction attack against the militia and civilians in the shelter!

It can be seen from the action of the other party that directly opened the door of the sanctuary, the other party obviously did not intend to ensure the safety of the civilians of Karen Bell.

O'Neill made it clear that he wanted Ye Qingxuan to die, but now they couldn't clearly pinpoint Ye Qingxuan's position, and they couldn't even determine who Ye Qingxuan was.

There is no other way, then only.... kill them all!

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