The Substitute Madam Amazes the World Once More - Chapter 347 - Huo Xuan Wakes Up

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Chapter 347 Huo Xuan Wakes Up

When Mo Zhu heard this, a firm glint flashed across her eyes. She replied in a low voice, “Let Xu Huan bring the two elders away first. He’s weaker than me. I can protect you by staying here!”

When Xu Huan heard this, he understood that Mo Zhu was right. He frowned as he looked at the Kang family and the Huo family, who were tangled together and it was impossible to tell them apart. He lowered his eyes and thought for a few seconds before replying, “Brother Huo, Little Bamboo is right. I should bring Uncle and Auntie away first. With her here to solve this matter with you, I can be rest assured!”

After a pause, he recalled that Huo Xuan’s body was very weak and he had just woken up from his unconscious state. He continued, “You have to pay more attention to your body. This poison looks very poisonous to me. After I send the two of you out of the Kang family, I’ll immediately instruct our people to pick you up.”

After saying this, Xu Huan didn’t delay any longer. He cleverly walked around the Kang family’s bodyguards and arrived beside Huo Tao and Chen Man in no time.

Seeing that Xu Huan was about to escape from the Kang family with the two of them, Kang Ting’s eyes were filled with anger as he roared, “Send more people to block the door. Before this matter is resolved, no one from the Huo family can leave today!”

When Huo Xuan heard this, a cold glint shot out of his eyes. He looked at the Kang family in front of him coldly, and his entire body instantly emitted a wave of pressure. “Master Kang, you’re wrong. It’s not that the Huo family can’t leave today, but I’m afraid your Kang family won’t be able to have a good


After saying this, he raised his right hand and made an abrupt gesture. He ordered in a low voice, “Inform the Dark Forces to take action. Don’t leave a single person from the Kang family alive!”

Just as he finished speaking, Mo Jiu, who had been hiding in the dark since just now, received the order. He calmly took out a whistle from his pocket, placed it by his mouth and blew a tune that others couldn’t understand.

Just as the whistle was blown, the grass outside the Kang residence instantly stirred. Immediately, dozens of mysterious people in black appeared outside the door.

This group of men in black exuded a murderous aura from head to toe. Not only were they covered in black from head to toe, but they also wore black helmets that were rarely seen on the market.

Following Huo Xuan’s orders, these people quickly rushed past the Kang family’s bodyguards. In a few minutes, the Kang family was wiped out by this group of men in black who had suddenly appeared without a sound.

Xu Huan, who was escaping to the entrance of the Kang family with Huo Tao and Chen Man, heaved a long sigh of relief as he protected the two elders and ran in the direction of the car.

The Dark Forces had arrived. Under their protection, Huo Xuan and Mo Zhu would definitely leave the Kang family safe and sound.

Xu Huan had received the news of the accident in the afternoon in too much of a hurry. As he hadn’t come with Huo Xuan, he didn’t know that he had instructed the secret troops to ambush at the Kang family’s old mansion. If he had known this news earlier, he wouldn’t have been so worried. After all, he knew very well how powerful the secret troops were!

At this moment, in the old mansion of the Kang family, under the massacre of the Dark Forces, the Kang family had already suffered quite a number of casualties. Kang Ting did not expect such a huge change to happen suddenly and he was instantly stunned on the spot.

Seeing that the Huo family’s strength had the upper hand, and considering the poison in Huo Xuan’s body, a dark glint flashed across Mo Zhu’s eyes. She raised her hand high and placed the man’s arm on her shoulder. After taking over half of Huo Xuan’s bodyweight, she said in a low voice, “Your poison hasn’t been completely cured. We can’t stay here for long. Let’s leave this place first.”

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