The Female Partner Refuses To Be Cannon Fodder - Chapter 2552 Yan Yanqi

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In his opinion, this screenwriter Yanshu is Yan Yan. Who asked Yan Yan to bring the script, and Yan Yan also signed the contract?

Yan Yan smiled bitterly, she thought she had this talent, but didn't she have it? In addition, Jiang Chan doesn't have a legal identity here, so everything has to be done by Yan Yan. It's not surprising that Director Li has this doubt about Yan Yan.

Seeing that Yan Yan was only smiling, Director Li didn't ask much. Whether it's true or not will always be known in the future.

The contract was signed, the script was given to Director Li, and Yan Yan didn't care anymore. She still had a few scenes to finish, and the next time was to concentrate on studying the script.

After she conveyed Jiang Chan's opinion to Director Li, Director Li's eyes lit up: "Your screenwriting teacher still understands the directing technique? This technique is incredible."

Yan Yan pursed her lips: "She is a very good person."

The news that Director Li has a new script on hand cannot be concealed at all. All the actors who are not participating in this drama are all staring at Director Li. With a smart mind, he befriends Yan Yan, intending to save the country.

Li Dao said with a stern face: "I know you want to take on the film, but you can't do it right now. At least you can prepare for the audition after finishing the film. Don't worry, I will definitely give you the chance to audition first."

When Director Li said this, everyone calmed down a lot. After all, Director Li has a good reputation in the circle. Yan Yan sat on the side comfortably. Anyway, the heroine must be hers. After all, this is a script tailored by Jiang Chan for her.

It is said that in order to play this role well, Jiang Chan also gave her a sketching course, and she has been learning sketching for nearly a year. Of course, just relying on this short-term assault will definitely not meet the requirements. After the scene is finished, she will have to study it further.

A week later, Yan Yan's first play in her life was finally finished. On the contrary, everyone did not have any reluctance, but all looked forward to Director Li, and they were looking forward to the audition for the new play.

Director Li had no choice: "If you're not tired, just audition tomorrow morning. I've already picked out all the roles. You can go to the assistant director to lead the script."

Yan Yan also participated in this audition. After all, it was the script given by Jiang Chan, and she also wanted to see how Director Li was cast. Besides, she wants to turn in the direction of a producer in the future, so it's better to learn more now.

I have to say that Director Li's selection of people is naturally unique, at least the roles of more than half of the people in the play have been fixed. Only the male protagonist is a bit difficult to choose. After all, Chu Yun's image is too creamy, and he is not a tough guy at all.

For this result, Chu Yun is undoubtedly disappointed, but no matter how disappointed he is, there is no way to do it, the play does not match, and the screenwriter can't let the screenwriter change the play for him.

Director Li was also a little worried: "This actor really needs to be considered carefully, Yan Yan, do you know anyone?"

Yan Yan blinked: "I don't know, I'm a sophomore student. But I think Director Li, you can look for it in the military camp. As for acting, you can train it."

Director Li: "It's not that easy to find. I'll look at it again. It's mainly because there are very few tough guys of this type. The others are basically old. If they play with you, they don't feel like a good match."

The assistant director laughed, "Indeed, Yan Yan is only 19, and those who follow the tough guy route in the circle are at least 30. There is indeed some gap in age and appearance. They are not like couples, but like brothers and sisters."

Yan Yan pinched her brows: "I'll go back and ask the teacher to see if she knows anyone in this area."

Director Li seemed to have grabbed a life-saving straw: "I'm counting on you... your teacher. Your teacher's eyes are so unique. I leave it to you... your teacher. I'm absolutely relieved."

Yan Yan died fisheye, did she really think she didn't hear the pause in Director Li's words? But it's hard for her to explain this, otherwise how would she explain Yanshu?

After the scene ended, Yan Yan was not able to worry about the subsequent production. But now she has one more task, which is to find a tough guy with a bit of a funny temperament.

It is necessary to have a handsome appearance without being creamy, and to have certain acting skills. After all, this drama still has requirements for acting skills. When she didn't go back, Yan Yan asked Jiang Chan for help.

"Teacher, what are your thoughts?"

Jiang Chan thought about it for a while, and many photos appeared in front of Yan Yan. There are actors who already have some fame, and there are those who are new to the society, and most of them have various occupations.

"The whole thing looks like a concubine." Yan Yan muttered, and in the end she looked at them one by one until she saw one of the photos.

"Shang Jie? 27 years old? This age is suitable, with thick eyebrows and big eyes, and the appearance is also consistent." Yan Yan touched her chin, "What does he do?"

Jiang Chan chuckled: "I have a good eye, and I also think he fits the bill. As for his acting skills, as you said, there is a need for training. Director Li is still very good at directing actors' acting skills. You can send Shang Jie's information. Show him."

"As for whether to use it or not, you can see what Director Li means."

Director Li didn't expect Yan Yan to move so fast. Just after the front foot was raised, the photo of the back foot candidate was sent over.

"Shang Jie? Not from the Film and Television Academy? Veteran? Lao Liu, our staff officer?"

Deputy Director Liu rolled his eyes: "I'm busy, I don't have time, I have a lot of things, you don't care."

Director Li: "Who are we and who? Haven't I seen such a script before? How about saying that the masters are among the people? If you take out such a script, who wouldn't rush to shoot it?"

Assistant Director Liu: "Then you have to maintain a good relationship with Yan Yan. She can come up with the first script, and there will definitely be others in the future. Whether it was written by her or not, but people just accept it.

give her. "

Director Li said proudly: "Then why do you have to say it? Where am I in the mood to manage this drama now? I'll go find this young man named Shang Jie first."

Seeing Director Li running out in a hurry, Assistant Director Liu shook his head. He and Director Li are old partners, so he naturally understands that he can't see anything at the moment, even if it is post-production, he can stare at it.

Shang Jie retired in May, and now he is facing the dilemma of finding a job after retiring. Although his personal qualities are excellent, there are some things that cannot be written on a resume.

Now that he has just come out of the talent market, it is inevitable that he is a little dejected. But when he walked to the rental house, he was a little surprised, the smiling little old man was guarding the door.

When I saw him, I looked at him carefully from head to toe. The more I looked at the little old man, the bigger the smile on his face, Shang Jie shuddered, the little old man looked at him like a customer choosing meaty.

"You are..." Shang Jie settled down, if it wasn't for the fact that the little old man had no ill intentions, and that he could bring him down with one hand, he would not be so gentle.

Director Li: "Are you Shang Jie? I'm Li Guofeng, and I'm a director."

Shang Jie opened the door: "Come in and talk? Director? What are you looking for? You won't invite me to film, will you?"

Director Li followed Shang Jie into the house: "How did you guess? I'm currently preparing a suspense drama, and I just need a male lead. I think it fits your image very well."

Shang Jie chuckled, this kind of person who asked him to be the male protagonist as soon as he came up, could it be a liar?

Shang Jie poured him a glass of water: "I'm not an actor, I'm just an ordinary veteran, I'm afraid I can't take on such a job."

Director Li said sternly, "Young man, I have never missed anyone with my eyes. If I say you can do it, you must do it. You can try it first, I think you will like this job."

"I didn't lie to you. I have directed a lot of dramas over the years. You can go and watch it." Director Li wrote the names of several TV dramas on the sticky note. Shang Jie glanced at it, but he had never heard of it. Where can I watch TV in the army?

Shang Jie: "But I've never been an actor..."

Director Li: "Actor's acting skills can be improved. I think you have this potential. This is the script for the first five episodes of my new drama. You might as well read it first. If you really don't want to, I'll find another one. It's better to give me an answer within three days."

He really admires Shang Jie, but if he really doesn't want to go this route, he won't force it. Shang Jie is not the only veteran in this world. If Yan Yan can find the first one, she will definitely be able to find the second and third.

Seeing that Li Daobao took out a document bag from his briefcase, Shang Jie knew that this thing was very important. He stood up and saluted Director Li: "I will read the script carefully, and I will give you an answer as soon as possible."

"Teacher, do you think he will take over this drama?" Looking at this scene, Yan Yan was also a little curious about Shang Jie's choice.

Jiang Chan: "He will take it. He will not let such a good opportunity pass. And this is the time when he is in difficulty, isn't it a different job?"

"Besides, the script is so good, he would only give up if he was stupid."

Just as Jiang Chan said, Shang Jie was instantly fascinated by this drama. He usually has very little leisure and entertainment. Where have he seen such a criminal investigation drama?

He stayed up all night and played all the first five episodes, and he went out to inquire about Director Li, so he contacted Director Li at noon the next day.

Li Daule couldn't do it: "I just said that you have a good eye. Since you have made up your mind, we will sign a contract. The new show will start in a month. I found an acting teacher for you this month. You go to her first. Attend class."

Shang Jie took a straight look: "Yes."

Director Li smiled: "Relax, everyone gets along well. This is the rest of the script. You will spend the rest of your time taking classes and studying the script. These are the most important things."

Shang Jie is a person who either does not do it, or does it, must do it well. Although he has no experience with acting, he is naturally a piece of jade who can be favored by Jiang Chan.

When Yan Yan saw Shang Jie at Teacher Qi's place, she was not surprised, after all, she already knew from Jiang Chan.

"I'm Yan Yan, please take care of me in the next play."

Teacher Qi patted Yan Yan: "I didn't even know you could write a script. The script is really good."

Yan Yan smiled with a guilty conscience: "Mr. Qi, don't praise me, how can I be so talented?"

Teacher Qi only thought that Yan Yan wanted to hide Yanshu's vest: "Shang Jie, this young man is very spiritual, and he performed very well after a little teaching. I heard from Lao Li, was he recommended by you?"

Shang Jie moved his ears and looked at Yan Yan inquisitively. He didn't expect that he and Yan Yan still have such a relationship?

Yan Yan: "It was Director Li who lacked a male lead. The teacher thought Shang Jie was good, so he told me about him. You can get the role because of yourself. I didn't do much."

Shang Jie smiled: "Anyway, I still want to thank you."

Yan Yan: "We have a lot of rivalry scenes. If it's convenient for you, we can play against each other often."

Teacher Qi clapped his hands: "The relationship is good, let me see if you have improved during this time."

Yan Yan and Shang Jie had a good run-in, and with Teacher Qi's teaching, Shang Jie's acting skills were a visible improvement. Watching the two play a scene together, Teacher Qi smiled and said, "Your acting skills have improved a lot compared to before, and the rare thing is that your spiritual energy is still there."

Yan Yan wiped the sweat from her forehead: "I'm your student, but I don't dare to lose your face."

What does she study acting in the study space every day? Isn't it to be a blockbuster and come up with better works?

"Shang Jie is also very good, but your expression here is a little out of place..." After commenting on Yan Yan, Teacher Qi was paying close attention to Shang Jie's acting skills. It is easier to teach newcomers. She can paint it however she wants.

"By the way, Lao Li said that your play will be shown tonight."

"So fast? It's been less than a month since the project was finished, right?" Yan Yan was surprised. Director Li's movements were too fast, right?

"Well, he's in a hurry, isn't he busy preparing for the next drama? Naturally, it can be faster." Teacher Qi smiled and said, "Would you like to watch TV at the teacher's place and then go back?"

Yan Yan shook her head repeatedly: "No, I'm sorry."

She is really embarrassed, especially sitting next to the teacher, if the teacher commented that her expression was not in place, how embarrassing would it be?

Teacher Qi waved his hand amusingly: "Okay, then you can go back? Pay attention on the Report me safety when you arrive."

Shang Jie stood up: "I'm going back too, Teacher Qi, I'll come back tomorrow at eight o'clock?"

Teacher Qi: "Okay, but you can deliver Yan Yan safely."

When they went back, the two of them naturally took the public car. Yan Yan's first remuneration has already been received, but unfortunately it was all taken away by Jiang Chan, and she is not well-off now.

Shang Jie is even more frugal, and can't wait to break a penny into two halves. He has a taciturn temperament, and Yan Yan is not very lively, and the two of them have been silent all the way to the school.


After the monk Jie said goodbye, Yan Yan walked briskly into the campus, and she rushed back to watch the first play in her life.

In the previous life, this drama can be popular all over the country, of course, this time will not go wrong, even more popular than before. After all, Yan Yan contributed very good acting skills here, which also made Director Li even better.

Before the TV drama ended, a brokerage company came to look for Yan Yan to sign a contract, and the brokerage company from the previous life was naturally included. When she saw that familiar face, Yan Yan naturally ignored the entertainment company.

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