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A peculiar sight appeared in Tiannan Mountain. A circle of white appeared on the periphery of the foot of Tiannan Mountain. This circle of white was very weak at first, but it expanded in a very short period of time, from a circle of white to a leucorrhea. , and is still expanding.

Simon can see everything that will happen when he controls the Shadow Crow. In the constantly frozen forest, even the mental body can clearly feel the chill in it, and probably realize the terrifying degree of this cold wave.

"It turns out that the demon is planning to use this magic formation secret technique to freeze the entire Tiannan Mountain and bury all the human camps here." Simon's expression was solemn, and his eyes looked at the human defense line on Tiannan Mountain. There are a large number of people. The magic energy wave is moving, they noticed the abnormality at the foot of the mountain, and they are rushing down, intending to solve the cold wave.

The cold wave was raging, and some human troops at the foot of the Tiannan Mountain were attacked first. Many people failed to escape the cold wave's movement speed. They were caught by the cold wave and then directly frozen, becoming ice sculptures.

The knight troop, who was the first to be driven down, was in charge of solving the demon team, and encountered a cold wave.

The leader of the knight king class immediately sensed the terror of the cold wave, his face changed greatly, he immediately fired a signal bomb, and then issued an order: "Those with extraordinary abilities of fire and wind, and those who know fire and wind mysteries come forward."

Some people in the team came out.

"You take action, use the wind to help the fire, and block the cold wave."

These people immediately used their abilities and secret techniques, and the wind rolled the flames and rushed towards the cold wave.

"Earth-type, rock-type abilities, earth-type, rock-type secret techniques and secret magicians are listed, build an earth wall for me, and others release defensive secret techniques to block the cold wave." The king of knights roared again.

The cold air is too heavy, and ordinary defensive secret techniques can't stop the cold wave at all. Advanced defensive secrets can also block the cold wave for a few minutes at most, unless someone continues to deliver magical energy.

The key is that they can block the cold wave of a few hundred meters at most.

The human camp on Tiannan Mountain noticed the cold wave after seeing the signal bomb, and immediately sent someone to stop it. After deeply realizing the terrible cold wave, they had to go all out.

The kerosene bomb was launched into the cold wave, and it was directly frozen and did not even explode, and then even if it was detonated, the flame formed was extinguished by the cold air within a few seconds.

In the end, he had to use the two superhumans of the fire element and the wind element to cast a large-scale flame shock to barely resist the cold wave.

The flames were raging, and the earth walls rose one after another to resist the attack of the cold air. All the trees on Tiannan Mountain were cut down and piled up around the earth walls, igniting them to create high temperatures.

With the efforts of the human camp, the cold wave was finally blocked, but everyone knew that this was not the solution. If the root cause was not solved and dragged on forever, the cold wave would break through their blockade sooner or later.

The king of knights began to act. They rushed into the cold wave with various weapons, ammunition, and magic equipment to find the source of the cold wave.

There are obvious traces of the flow of the cold wave. These King Knights quickly found the traces of the flow of the cold wave, and followed the traces to find the location of the magic circle. However, there are demons guarding the magic circle, some of which are king-level knights, and some are king-level half-step knights.

A human knight king was lucky enough to discover the magic circle guarded by a half-step knight king, and destroy it effortlessly. In this way, a source of cold air was destroyed.

The knight king immediately moved around the periphery of the cold wave to destroy other sources, but before he arrived, he encountered a knight king demon who came, and the two sides immediately fought.

Similar situations happened in many places, and even two kings of knights joined forces to destroy several cold wave magic circles, causing the concentration of cold waves in an area to drop rapidly.

After more than two hours, the human camp found out the cause of the cold wave, and then formulated an action to destroy the demon's trick.

In fact, it is not difficult to destroy the tricks of the demons. The main reason is that the tricks of the demons cause the power of the demons to be too scattered. They only need to focus on destroying a certain range of cold wave magic circles, then the tricks of the demons are basically cracked.

Artillery, rocket launchers and magic energy gates bombarded the cold wave magic circle in one direction, and the King Knights led a team to raid the cold wave magic circle in the other direction, easily destroying five cold wave magic circles, resulting in a large range of cold wave concentration in the area. Even if there are cold waves from other directions, the concentration of cold air is still much lower than before.

As long as it continues to be destroyed in a similar way, as long as it can destroy about half of the cold wave magic circle, the threat of cold air can be reduced to a tolerable range.

"There are not a few capable people among human beings, and they deal with it very smartly." Rebecca Romijn couldn't help nodding in praise.

"It's not as simple as I thought." Simon said solemnly and solemnly.

Rebecca Romijn frowned: "What did you find?"

"Look at the direction of the flow of the cold wave."

Rebecca Romijn immediately looked at Tiannan Mountain, frowning quickly: "I can't see the whole Tiannan Mountain."

Simon waved his hand and mentally constructed a model of Tiannan Mountain. Rebecca Romijn looked at the fictional and frowned: "The cold wave is moving towards one place."

"Yes, the cold wave is moving towards one place. Before, the cold wave was flowing towards the top of Tiannan Mountain, but now the cold wave is flowing towards the outer edge of Tiannan Mountain. This is extremely abnormal. The demon is accumulating some tricks." Simon Shen said.

The cold current on Tiannan Mountain was not moving fast, but it was still keenly noticed by people, and the news was quickly wrapped up.

Then many knights began to lift off, to lock the final moving position of the cold wave.

However, these knights were attacked by demons as soon as they were lifted into the air. Cannonballs, rockets, secret techniques and even magic cannons were fired one after another, killing many knights.

However, the stronger the demon's reaction is, the more it explains the problem.

At this time, the movement of the cold wave began to accelerate, and it was easier to determine the final flow position. A King Knight quickly locked the moving direction of the cold wave.

A few minutes later, several thick magic energy rays directly blasted away the cold wave and blasted towards the moving position of the cold wave.

As a result, the magic energy ray was blocked, which made the faces of the powerhouses of the human camp change greatly, and all the firepower covered that position, trying to destroy it.

As a result, a huge ice wall appeared quickly, blocking most of the artillery fire. Only magic energy rays and attacks above the half-step knight king level could destroy the ice wall, but the attack still did not work.

On the contrary, the cold wave on Tiannan Mountain shrank to there at an extremely fast speed, and then a chilling ice demon burst out from there.

Simon's eyes widened, his face full of shock and astonishment.

Rebecca Romijn next to her also had a solemn expression, staring at the location where the ice magic energy erupted.

"Humanity is in big trouble now."

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