Terran Guardian - ~ Chapter 944 Extreme Abyss Bow

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The words of the Nine Holy Lords made the Ice Emperor's complexion even more ugly. He wanted to refute, but didn't know where to start.

Now the appearance of the Nine Holy Lords made the situation even worse.

Just when the Ice Emperor was about to speak, the Nine Saints directly interrupted his words.

"In this era of the arrogant battle, we, the older generation of monks, should not interfere. If the Ice Emperor insists on doing it, I will accompany him to the end.

It's just that if you and I really want to fight, life and death will be unpredictable! "The Lord of the Nine Holy Spirits smiled coldly.

He didn't take the Ice Emperor seriously. As a top divine master, and now he possessed the Bow of Time and Space and the Arrow of Time and Space, the Ice Emperor couldn't possibly be his opponent.

It doesn't matter if the opponent doesn't make a move, but if he really doesn't know what to do, the Nine Holy Lord doesn't mind beheading the opponent. When the two confronted each other, Sheng Tianshen had already made a move.

But this time his target is no longer the Ice Emperor, but the Bingyu who is recovering. "Holy God!"

Bingyu's pretty face was furious, and the look in her eyes was both startled and frightened. She was really scared.

The strength of Sheng Tianshen is simply terrifying, even if he is also the sixth level of God Lord, he is not his opponent at all. all the time.

Bingyu thought that in this era, no one could be his opponent.

When she came out of retreat for 400,000 years and was planning to sweep away the arrogance of the same era with the sixth level of the **** master, she was hit head-on by the holy god.

Such a blow is not insignificant.

Looking at the past eras, at the beginning of the World of Great Contest, there were very few births of Heavenly Chosen Masters of the sixth level of God Lords. However, any Tianjiao who can cultivate to the sixth level of God Lord more than 400,000 years before the Great Contest can basically sweep everything, and finally sit on the throne of Supreme Tianjiao.

Therefore. Bingyu will be full of confidence.

But what I didn't expect was that the reality was much crueler than expected. "kill!"

Sheng Tianshen didn't have any extra words, his fist pierced the sky, and instantly bombarded Bingyu's body, causing the opponent's delicate body to be shattered.

The body collapsed.

There is a long bridge under the feet of the Holy God, which shatters the void, and he is already pursuing the past towards the boundless void. "Holy God, how dare you do this!" This scene made the Ice Emperor completely furious.

He didn't care about whether there was a strong person blocking it, Jiyuan Bow condensed a bunch of divine arrows in the air, and shot them out in an instant, turning into countless arrow rains and shattering the void.

The Lord of the Nine Holy Gods has always been staring at the Ice Emperor, and when he saw the other party making a move, he immediately sneered: "If you dare to make a move in front of me, you will die!"

The moment the Divine Bow of Time and Moon was drawn, and the Divine Arrow of Time and Space burst out, the surrounding time was instantly frozen. The countless rain of arrows that burst out originally seemed to be directly and forcibly locked in the void by an invisible force at this moment. When it touched the divine arrow of time and space, all the rain of arrows shattered in an instant.


The Space-Time God's Arrow continued to kill towards the Ice Emperor.

A deadly threat came to his mind, causing the emperor of the Abyss God Clan's face to change drastically, and immediately blocked the Abyss Bow in front of him.

The two supreme treasures, Long Arrow and Divine Art Touch, erupted with terrifying fluctuations.

The Ice Emperor coughed up blood in an instant, holding the palm of Jiyuan Bow, his flesh and blood were cracked by the shock, and a large amount of divine blood painted the body of the white jade bow.

The blood of the gods flows in.

The Abyss Bow burst out with a strange light.

"Nine Saints, if you want to stop me, I will definitely kill you!"

The Ice Emperor's face was full of anger, he couldn't care about anything else, and immediately spurted out a mouthful of blood, which directly merged into the Jiyuan Bow.

As the ultimate treasure of the Jiyuan God Clan, the Jiyuan Bow itself is connected to the Ice Emperor Qi Machine.

Now, with the ice emperor's blood essence as a guide, the mighty power of the Supreme Dao Soldier was immediately pushed to the limit, and a terrifying force erupted.

The brand new Ice God Arrow was placed on the bow body, and the Ice Emperor pulled it to a full moon. "go!"

Let go of the fingers holding the bowstring, and the Ice God Arrow shoots out in an instant, and the regular torrent rolls

, The whole world seemed to be covered by terrible frost.

Faced with this most powerful arrow, the Nine Holy Lord's face was also solemn like never before. The power of this arrow. Let him smell the breath of death.

Just when the Lord of the Nine Saints was about to make a move, he saw the Ice God Arrow shooting from the sky, suddenly divided into nine parts, and aimed at him from nine different directions.


With the eyesight of the Nine Holy Lords, it is obvious that eight of the nine ice **** arrows are illusions, and only one is the real ice **** arrow.

Originally, with the spiritual power of a top divine master, it was easy to distinguish between illusion and reality. But when the Nine Holy Gods' divine thoughts spread out, he couldn't tell which of the nine ice **** arrows was real and which one was fake.

"How can it be impossible to tell the difference!" "Could it be that the nine ice **** arrows are all real!"

The face of the Nine Holy God Lord was particularly ugly. The nine ice **** arrows were all real, so it was naturally impossible. Even if the entire Jiyuan God Clan can have nine ice **** arrows, it is still a question. after all.

The Ice God Arrow is not an idle treasure, but has entered the ranks of the eleventh-rank Taoist soldiers. There are not many such treasures, even the Holy God Clan, let alone the Extreme Abyss God Clan. Time flies.

Seeing that the Ice God Arrow was about to kill, the Lord Nine Saints didn't have time to think about it too much. He quickly locked on the arrow that was most likely to be the real Ice God Arrow, and shot the most powerful arrow with the Bow of Time.


The divine arrow of time and space was shot through the air, as if it could cross the long river of time, and it hit the ice divine arrow in less than an instant.

I saw the menacing Ice God Arrow shattering like a dream bubble. "fake!"

The face of the Lord Nine Holy Gods changed, and then his mind moved, recalling the time-space arrow, and shooting another arrow at a very fast speed.

Almost in an instant, the Lord of the Nine Saints shot five arrows, but unfortunately, they were all false illusions. When the Lord of the Nine Saints wanted to shoot the sixth arrow, the real Ice God Arrow had pierced through his divine shield and pierced his chest.

Immediately afterwards.

There was a terrifying frost centered on the wound, spreading in an instant, trying to freeze the entire body of the Nine Holy Lord.


The Nine Holy Lord had an ugly face and desperately mobilized his strength, trying to suppress the spreading frost. But alas.

The speed of the frost sweeping was too fast, and there was no room for resistance.

In less than a breath, the Lord Nine Holy Gods turned into an ice sculpture, and the expressions of both shock and anger on his face were frozen there.


The Ice Emperor shot another arrow in the air, and the arrow condensed with pure divine power directly hit the ice sculpture. Click!

The body of the Nine Holy Lords exploded instantly. The body fell.

The Divine Bow of Time and Space and the Divine Arrow of Time and Space fell down.

The Ice Emperor's eyes were blazing, and when he was about to seize the two Supreme Dao Soldiers, he saw the two treasures spontaneously erupting with powerful power, which made the Ice Emperor's face change.

at this time.

Only then did he realize that the two treasures in front of him were genuine twelfth-rank Taoist soldiers. If the background accumulation is enough, it can completely match the existence of the level of the gods.

Even if the power in the two Supreme Dao Soldiers is seriously depleted at present, they are much stronger than ordinary gods. If they want to subdue them by force, it is almost impossible.

Seeing the self-attack of the Bow of Time and Time and the Arrow of Time and Space, the Ice Emperor had no way of attacking. The other strong men who witnessed this battle all extinguished their desire to **** the treasure.

Supreme Taoist soldiers.

Even if the holder falls, it is not something other gods can surrender.

That is to say, the two treasures are not at their peak now, otherwise, the Ice Emperor may even fall in front of the two treasures.

"Ice Emperor, you have gone too far!"

The indifferent voice fell, and a terrifying palm was crushed from the sky. The Ice Emperor's face changed drastically, and the Jiyuan Bow was pulled away almost without any hesitation, and shot another powerful arrow.



A terrifying arrow shattered the void, and the terrifying sharp force instantly pierced the falling palm. Divine blood swayed. The sky cracked.

The terrifying divine power surged unceasingly, forcibly knocking down the Ice God Arrow, and then the Holy Emperor's gloomy expression appeared.

"Abyss Bow—"

The Holy Emperor glanced coldly at the Jiyuan Bow and the Ice God Arrow that flew back backwards, and the pierced palm was healing. Rao is completely unable to resist in front of such a treasure with the strength of his top divine master.

Without the Jiyuan Bow in hand, the Ice Emperor is only a sixth-level **** master. Even if he is extremely powerful and can barely match the top **** masters, he is still not enough in front of the holy emperor.

But with the Jiyuan Bow in hand, even the Holy Emperor has to avoid the edge for the time being. waved.

The Divine Bow of Time and Moon fell into the hands of the Holy Emperor. Start with the treasure.

The holy emperor's eyes gradually became indifferent, and he didn't say a word, and directly attacked the ice emperor. The same is the Supreme Dao Soldier.

In the hands of the Nine Holy Lords, the Divine Bow of Time and Moon is completely incomparable with the Holy Emperor.

The moment the opponent held the Bow of Time and Moon, the aura was as terrifying as an abyss, and when he shot a powerful arrow, the sky seemed to be plunged into endless night.

Even Venerable Seven Stars couldn't help but look solemn when he saw the arrow. The Holy Emperor himself is a top **** master, and he is the strongest among the top **** masters.

Now that the opponent gains the boost from the supreme treasure, it is not an exaggeration to say that he is the supreme god. this arrow.

Even the Venerable Seven Stars must go all out. "The Ice Emperor is defeated!"

He expressed his judgment without hesitation.

When Venerable Seven Stars spoke, the Ice Emperor also felt the terror of the arrow, and two mouthfuls of blood spurted out, directly merging into the Abyss Bow and the Ice God Arrow.

Absorbing the power of the divine master's blood, the two treasures burst into a strange brilliance. subsequently.

The Jiyuan Bow was drawn to the full moon, and the arrow of the Ice God Arrow trembled slightly. "go!"

Let go of your fingers, UU read www. uukanshu.com Ice God Arrow turned into a terrifying body with a human face and a fish body, with two real dragons under its feet, it burst into a terrifying roar.


The arrow of time and space shoots out, even time can't stop it.

The double dragon stepped on by the terrifying body with a human face and a fish body was the first to disappear, and then its body was disintegrated inch by inch, disappearing like wind and sand.

The body dissipated. The divine arrow shattered.

The unstoppable power has already caught the eyes of the Ice Emperor.

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