Technician’s Manual - Chapter 1183 reignite

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Hey? "

The Mirror Demon tore open the sound wave curtain and found that the Omniscient Weaver had already fled, but the Hanging Garden remained, and the three eternal wonders were all located inside, and there were still many dazed spell spirits wandering inside.

"Have you escaped to the "black scene"..." Mirror Demon chuckled: "Then I really can't kill you, but I have to run back naked like this, and I have to use another god... As expected of the omniscient who is best at calculation, Ling Ting It's really worth it."

In the world secret domain "Shadow" run by the Omniscient Weaver, there is a spectacle that can mark any target. No matter where the marked target is, as long as the Omniscient Weaver activates the spectacle, the target can be pulled back directly into the dark screen, ignoring all blockades, and can escape even if trapped in the secret world!

But such a powerful moving spectacle has a huge limitation: when the target moves, it cannot carry any magic spirits or gods, and naturally the world secret domain cannot! And if the target is a demigod, the Omniscient Weaver has to sacrifice a **** to successfully activate the miracle!

However, if Lingting Angel died here, she would not be able to keep the eternal wonder of the Hanging Garden. So after careful study, the Omniscient Weaver is to exchange a **** for her most loyal angel, which is quite the right choice.

The Mirror Demon raised his head, because the mountain of corpses, the sea of ​​blood, the wind, the snow and the moon, and the sky garden were no longer blocked, and only the battlefield curtain of the ancient battlefield was left, so he could already see the Senluo sky outside when he looked up.

Dark, muddy, dirty, and chaotic, it fits all her impressions of this world.

It's just... She turned her head and looked at the silver beam of light supporting the broken world not far away.

This is a scene she has never seen before, and it is also the biggest divergence point of fate.

It’s kind of funny when you think about it carefully, Sonia, Lisidia, and Vichy all got a better development and a happier future because of meeting Ashura, only Weiser, instead of living better, died. In the spiral of silence, if it weren't for the special features of Sen Luo Dafa and the bond between Yaxiu and her, Oran Weiser might really disappear, leaving only the silver lamp god.

The Mirror Demon is not as jealous of Lysidia as the Black Demon, nor does she care about Sonia as much as the Death Maniac. Her perception of Weiser is more like looking at a familiar stranger, neither paying attention nor caring. Just looking at the silver light shining through the night, she suddenly felt a huge sense of absurdity.

It's obviously a different him, obviously a different self, but Youlan Weiser will still be obsessed with Ashusis without thinking about herself. The only difference between them is that Silver Lamp's contribution will be recognized, but she herself will be tortured until the end.

But soon it will be different. Soon Ashishes will forget Oran Weiser, the silver lamp, and everything in the past.

Even if you take the initiative to merge with Sen Luo for him, it doesn't make sense to make people indifferent, because he won't remember everything.

This is the price he has to pay. If he doesn't forget you, he can't protect you. If he wants to protect you, he must lose you.

You, sooner or later, will be like us... Destiny always treats us like this, always like this... The mirror demon stared at the silver light, and for a while he was infatuated. After a while, she made a ridiculous decision.

She fell into the sea of ​​blood, and instantly gained all the authority of the world's secret domain, the mountain of corpses and the sea of ​​blood, and then she did something that would drive the blood moon master crazy—she detonated three eternal wonders!

The three divine masters never thought of this until the last second of their defeat. In fact, the gods in the Eternal Wonders have recycling mechanisms. If they are willing, these gods can return to heaven immediately, and none of them will be left to Ash.

But they didn't.

It's not that they don't know that leaving the secret world and the eternal wonders will make them enemies, but the eternal wonders and the secrets of the world have been deeply bound, destroying the eternal wonders is likely to cause the complete collapse of the world secrets!

The world’s secret domain is so rare and too rare to have it. It will take thousands of years for a collapsed one to reappear. Therefore, the gods would rather let Yaxiu and the others get the eternal wonder of the world’s secret domain than allow themselves to operate it for thousands of years. The resource points are destroyed once, what if they can be regained in the future?

To be reasonable, if Yaxiu and the others dare to use the stolen world secrets in front of them, they will

There is really a way to steal secret domain authority. After thousands of years of operation, no one knows how many secret doors they have left in the secret world. Even if they lose this time, they will only temporarily store the secret world on Yaxiu's side.

The gods never expected that someone would want to destroy the secret world!

With the collapse of the three eternal wonders, the mountain of corpses and the sea of ​​blood have also entered the stage of irreversible return. All the flies died and fell, all the maggots curled up and rotted, the ecological circle full of the beauty of death disappeared, and the vast sea of ​​blood flowed into the earth to moisten the soil, leaving only scattered corpses. ???

The "mountain of corpses and sea of ​​blood" is just an aggregation of concepts, not really piled up with mountains of corpses and seas of blood. Therefore, when the mirror demon invades and aggregates all the corpses and bones, a group of concepts called "death" is obtained.

"It just happens to be used to strengthen the "Sorcerer Buster". "Mirror demon stuffed the concept of "death" into the kingdom of soul.

"Sorcerer's Nemesis" stands in front of the throne of Ruby Mountain, but there are only three scabbards left, without the blade. The Heart Sword God was looking at the three scabbards curiously, when suddenly a dark and gloomy black light descended, scaring the Heart Sword God to hide behind the throne, watching the three scabbards engraved with various death images of skeletons and corpses by the black light, Glowing with the color of silence.

Mirror Demon also knows that "Sorcerer's Buster" can't be used by anyone but her, since there are extra resources, they are used to lower the threshold of "Sorcerer's Buster", so that Ash can barely use it.

But this is just a random episode... The mirror demon guides the vast life energy contained in the blood sea to permeate the land of Senluo. When the blood sea is completely exhausted, she hears a roar from the sky, and looks up to see a blood-red lightning flashing across the chaotic sky .

Lightning is the origin of all life.

At the same time, Weiser, who was staying in the silver beam of light, suddenly raised her head. She, who has already merged with the world of Senluo by more than 80%, can clearly feel that the dead and desolate land has just radiated a faint vitality. Although it still needs to go through a lot of trials and hardships, although I don't know if it can enter the positive cycle, has come alive.

In this world destroyed by her own hands, the forbidden zone of life that was on the verge of collapse, there was a heartbeat again.

She immediately realized that this was the influence of the mountain of corpses and the sea of ​​blood. Although she could not understand the operation of the mirror demon with her vision, it did not prevent her from knowing who was resurrecting the Senluo Kingdom. After all, in the eyes of Yindeng, besides her, there is only one person who cares about this land.

At this moment, he flew over and landed beside Weiser. Weiser subconsciously stood up and thought about the past, but immediately remembered something, stretched out her hand to cover her right face covered with black crystals, turned her head to avoid his sight, and said, "Hurry up and see Sword Fairy and the others—"

The sudden hug interrupted all of Weiser's words, UU Reading She puckered her mouth and reached out to embrace him. Weser is also very happy in her heart, but she just can’t laugh. Instead, she is embraced by him like this. All the grievances are like the flood that let go of the dam. The thoughts that completely overwhelmed her overwhelmed her composure.

She lay on his shoulders, her shoulders trembling uncontrollably, she slowly let out a sob, then the sound became louder and louder, and finally she burst into tears like a little girl, a line of muddy and dark tears flowed from her smoky right eye , across her pure white face.

Suddenly, her crying stopped, and her soft lips sucked away all her uneasiness and grievance. Weisser hugged his neck tightly, closed her eyes and yearned for tenderness hungrily, so the gods couldn't see it, the silver light in the magician's eyes dimmed little by little, when the silver light was completely extinguished, then rose At a loss.

But there is nothing like a girl who gives her sincerity, which can make Ah Xiu, who has lost his memory, understand what he should do.

He hugged Weiser tightly, letting the silver light ignite his heart again. Remember the URL of this site, www. biquxu. Com, convenient for reading next time, or enter "" in Baidu to enter this site

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