Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 8

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Chapter 8-Song Jiannan

Ding Hao pushed open the door and slowly walked in.

At that time—



Two shadows in the dark emerged without any warning behind the wooden door from both sides with forceful winds. They came fiercely and directly at the back of Ding Hao’s head.

They were two long black sticks.

On the other ends of the long sticks were two sneering youths.

They were Zhao Xingcheng’s entourage last night.

The black long sticks were hard like iron rods. They were wielding them against the back of Ding Hao’s head with the force that could kill him.

At that crucial moment, Ding Hao saw that by the door of the opposite thatch hut, the confident Zhao Xingcheng was sneering at him maliciously.

Then, Ding Hao smiled too.

At the next moment, Zhao Xingcheng’s sneering turned into doubt, surprise, disbelief… and finally into shock.

He saw it with his own eyes that the ambush he carefully set up did not work at all, instead, it was resolved by Ding Hao in a surprising way—actually, the two youths attacked first, however, at that crucial moment, Ding Hao threw his fists respectively on the two youth’s face like a lightning.



Two shrill shouts were heard.

With the splashing blood and the white flying teeth, the faces of two youths that ambushed Ding Hao were distorted before their sneers turned into horrors.

Then, the bodies of the two were like worn-out dolls that had been hit by a hammer. They flew backward for a dozen meters against the fence and broke it.

Ding Hao blow the blood on his fists and strode to the center of the yard.

Other youths that hid in the rest parts of the yard were dumbfounded and stayed frozen on the spot.

The mastermind Zhao Xingcheng seemed to saw an ancient giant beast in front of the murderous Ding Hao. He immediately lost his courage and took a few steps back involuntarily, almost falling to the ground.

He was scared out of his wits now and turned around on all fours to the door. He pushed open the door into the thatch hut.

“Senior brother Song, he’s come, senior brother Song…” Zhao Xingcheng screamed in horror.

Inside the thatch hut, golden morning sunshine flowed through the doorframe onto a blue-robed and square-faced youth. The youth kept his eyes shut and sat cross-legged. His breath was tranquil and on his knees, there was a sheathed and exquisite-looking steel long sword.

“What’s the hurry?” The square-faced youth slowly opened his eyes.

“Senior brother Song, he… he… Ding Hao’s here, he…” Zhao Xingcheng was talking incoherently. He was completely dumbfounded by Ding Hao’s two strikes of the fist.

At the same time, Ding Hao was already in front of the thatch hut.

Golden sunshine was shining behind Ding Hao, making his face hard to recognize. The shadow on his face made him look angry as if he had been the Death walking in the dark aggressively.

“You’re the arrogant kid Zhao Xingcheng was talking about?” The square-faced youth Song Jiannan slowly rose up with sword in his arms.

He was standing on the red cotton-padded jacket that was supposed to be hung on the wall.

It was the only thing that could remind Ding Hao of his sister and which he had long treasured for. However, the uninvited square-faced youth in a blue robe sat and stepped on it like a mat.

Ding Hao’s eyes were fixed on the cotton-padded jacket.

“Kid, you know who I am? I am Song Jiannan, an outside disciple of Swordsmanship-seeking Sect. Zhao Xingcheng is my friend, if you mess with him, you’re messing with me. However, I heard that your swordsmanship is kind of good. Though you’re arrogant and injured my people, as long as you join me, I can let go of the past…”

Song Jiannan was like a superior peacock, putting on airs. He looked at Ding Hao out of the corner of his eye and continued his talking.

“Go to hell!” Ding Hao snapped.

“What? What did you say?” Song Jiannan was dumbfounded and did not realize what Ding Hao said just now.

“I said, you absurd superior idiot, go to hell!” Ding Hao almost squeezed the last few words from his teeth.

Upon finishing his words, Ding Hao struck out a fist.

This strike of fist contained Ding Hao’s most physical power since his adventure in the cave.

It was as fast as lightning.

It was as overwhelming as rumbling thunder.

The air exploded and was thundering.

Song Jiannan felt dizzy and a gale sweeping over him. He could not react in time and directly wielded his long sword in front of his chest against the fist that seemed to be able to crush an ancient mountain.


The long sword vibrated and clanged.

Song Jiannan was red in the face, and he did not stand Ding Hao’s strike for a single second before he was blown away.

His body flew backward until he hit against the wall of the thatch hut. With the clattering of wood and stones, dust permeated and thatch scattered. The wall was punched a human-shaped hole, and Song Jiannan flew out of the hut.


Seeing this, the nearby terrified Zhao Xingcheng felt a chill surging from the tailbone to the top of his head. His teeth chattered and he was shrouded in unprecedented terror, shaking as if he had been shaking off lice.


Without turning his head back, Ding Hao slapped Zhao Xingcheng like a fly.

Zhao Xingcheng was slapped out of the door like a worn–out doll. His face immediately swelled like a ripe peach. The blood was splashing from his face and his teeth on the right side were all broken.

Then, upset Ding Hao slowly crouched to pick up the red cotton-padded jacket and brushed the dust and footmarks off.

“Bastard, out, come to me right now, I’ll kill you.”

Song Jiannan’s roar could be heard from the yard like a hurt animal.

The Swordsmanship-seeking Sect disciple who was as arrogant as a tail-spreading peacock was clearly stunned by Ding Hao’s previous strike of the fist.

He was a one-apertured master, could deal with about 200 kilograms of damage, and was faster than normal people. However, he was blown away by Ding Hao’s one strike. At that moment, he actually could not gather his courage to fight back, simply standing in the yard and shouting in provocation.

Ding Hao carefully folded the red cotton-padded jacket and placed it on the bed.

Then, he turned around and walked out of the thatch hut.

In the yard, on Song Jiannan’s face, there was no trace of calmness and poise, instead, there was only distorted madness because of extreme anger and humiliation.

There was thatch on his body, and his hair slightly scattered. However, he was not injured.

Of course, most importantly, he slowly drew his long sword.

Bright white lights like white silk shot from the body of the long word and hurt people’s eyes.

It was apparently an exquisite long sword carefully made from fine materials.

A streak of faint red light flowed from Song Jiannan’s body and sometimes could be seen, and sometimes not.

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