Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1108 - Chapter 1108 The True Identity of Ding Honglei

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Chapter 1108 The True Identity of Ding Honglei

In fact, after Ding Hao met the God’s Palace Army and Ding Tong once more, he had a hunch that he might meet the Fake God Emperor on the Hungry Ghost Path this time. Moreover, he had heard the roar of anger before, which made him basically confirm his assumption, so he should not be too surprised.

However, the moment Ding Hao’s eyes fell on the Fake God Emperor, he was still stunned.

Because the Fake God Emperor was really not in a good state.

Or to be more precise, he looked like he was about to die.

It was supposed to be a confrontation, but at this time, the arrival of Ding Honglei, Ding Hao, and the others did not attract much attention, because the eyes of the ten supreme masters from the Land of Infinity and the dozen or so unfathomable black-armored men were all on the Fake God Emperor.

A wisp of a pale blue flame divine spear was flickering slightly at the heart of the Fake God Emperor, looking gentle and dreamy.

But to the Fake God Emperor, this flame was like a divine spear, piercing through his whole body.

The flame pierced through his chest and his heart from behind, but the other end of the blue flame divine spear was held in the hand of a man in a high-level battle robe of the God’s Palace. This man was also powerful, and his whole body was surging with a hot flame aura. Ding Hao knew that he was Huo Jun, the God Realm Master who had led the Southern Heavenly Army to attack the Northern Region of the Land of Infinity.

Obviously, this was an attack that had suddenly come from behind. Even with the power of the Fake God Emperor, he failed to dodge.

The dim blue flame flickered and shone on Huo Jun’s face. It looked a bit flamboyant, but it was extremely peaceful.

He didn’t seem to care about the angry questioning of the Fake God Emperor.

Huo Jun gently let go of the dark blue flame in his hand and took a step back. He did not explain anything. There was nothing special about his expression. He looked as if he had done something insignificant to assassinate a great dominator of the Land of Divine Grace.

The Fake God Emperor’s body was trembling slightly,

This subtle movement was enough to prove that he was really about to die.

Ding Hao had met the Fake God Emperor once on Mount Immortal Tao.

At that time, the Fake God Emperor was dressed in an extremely ordinary light black cotton robe and a silk headband. His proud face always looked superior, as if he would never be nervous at all even if Mount Tai collapsed in front of him. However, at this moment, such a proud and conceited person began to tremble uncontrollably. It could be seen that he was losing it.

The dark blue flame divine spear had an extreme magic power. It was like the most poisonous weapon in the world. In an instant, it cut off the hope of a high-level God Realm Master to live.

“Why?” The Fake God Emperor lowered his head and watched the dark blue flame spear slowly shrink into his body. He looked up at Huo Jun and said, “I trust you very much. I have never mistreated you. Why did you betray me?”

For the first time, Huo Jun looked up at the man who dominated God’s Palace. There was a strange flame flashing in his eyes. He said, “Because I used to be the pioneer of the Western Expedition Army.”

The Fake God Emperor was stunned for a moment, but then he immediately understood something.

The Western Expedition Army was once the army led by Ding Shengtan, the Eldest Divine Prince. It used to be an invincible iron army of God’s Palace.

Huo Jun’s words meant that he had instantly shown his stance.

It turned out that Huo Jun, who didn’t hesitate to kill his colleagues who used to be as close to him as brothers, was simply a thorn deeply planted in God’s Palace. Everything in the past was a lie.

Huo Jun had always been loyal to Ding Shengtan instead of the Fake God Emperor.

To fulfill this, he did not hesitate to bear the infamy.

The Fake God Emperor’s face showed a trace of a sneer of unwillingness.

“The western expedition only lasted for a year when you joined his camp, but you’ve been working for me for 18 years. Ask yourself how many people in the Western Expedition Army have submitted to me. Some of them were stronger, more meritorious, and more obedient than you, but I didn’t value them as much as I valued you. I gave you many opportunities to make contributions, and even if you made a mistake, I never punished you. I’m training you as the next commander-in-chief of the God’s Palace Army… Even when you took those people of unknown origin from the Land of Infinity as your disciples, I still went against all opposition and let them join God’s Palace. This time, I came to the Reincarnation Region because of a rare immortal fate, and I’ve made an exception to bring you here… You… I’ve treated you with sincerity in the past 20 years, but is it even not good enough compared with the year you spent with him?”

Huo Jun slightly lowered his head.

His face seemed to show guilt and shame.

The Fake God Emperor’s body trembled even more violently. However, even though he was in unbearable pain, he still stood straight and proudly. His eyes were as sharp as knives as he asked slowly, “Why aren’t you talking? Huo Jun, tell me if I’ve said anything wrong. How have I been treating you?”

Huo Jun sighed and said, “Your Majesty, you have been a benefactor to me. You’re right. In the past 20 years, no one has ever been respected and valued like me. If it weren’t for your training, how could I have reached the God Realm and made such rapid progress?”

“Since that’s the case, then why did you betray me?” the Fake God Emperor shouted sternly. “Could it be that what I’ve bestowed upon you in nearly twenty years is inferior to what he offered you in a year’s time?”

Huo Jun was speechless for a long time.

After a long while, he raised his head, and the shame in his eyes gradually disappeared. He said determinedly, “Because I’m first the vanguard of the Western Expedition Army, and then your subject, Your Majesty.”

The Fake God Emperor was stunned. He wanted to say something, but he suddenly had nothing to say.

When the people around heard this conversation, their faces were also extremely complicated.

After Huo Jun said that, everyone understood what he meant.

A loyal minister did not serve two masters. Because Huo Jun was first the vanguard general of the Western Expedition Army, he had already made up his mind to serve Ding Shengtan. Therefore, he joined God’s Palace dominated by the Fake God Emperor later with the purpose of lurking. From the very beginning, his stance was very clear and firm, so no matter how much the Fake God Emperor treated him later, he could not truly submit.

This explanation also had a different meaning.

If Huo Jun had served the Fake God Emperor at first and then served the Eldest Divine Prince Ding Shengtan, everything would have been the opposite today. He would have sworn his loyalty to the Fake God Emperor to the death. This had nothing to do with the personal charm of the Eldest Divine Prince and the 13th Divine Prince, or some other interests. It was purely a matter of order.

The reason sounded a bit childish, but it was convincing to hear it from someone like Huo Jun.

It was a simple reason.

The dark blue flames gradually emerged from all parts of the Fake God Emperor’s body and licked his body like poisonous snakes.

Even if the Fake God Emperor had powerful strength, he could no longer suppress this destructive power.

Ding Hao was also shocked. What on earth was that dark blue flame? It could destroy the Fake God Emperor with one blow and even send him to hell. It could be seen how much Huo Jun had paid and how well he had prepared for what he did today.

Behind the Fake God Emperor, those black-armored dark experts with powerful auras roared angrily, but there were faint golden patterns flashing under their feet. A strange force fixed them in place, and they could not even take a step forward.

The Fake God Emperor looked back at these people. In an instant, he was overwhelmed by desperate feelings.

Huo Jun’s betrayal not only gave him a fatal blow but also made him understand that everything he had worked so hard to prepare for so many years was completely over. The so-called trip to the Reincarnation Region was probably a trap from the very beginning. The Eastern God’s Palace, which he had operated so hard for so many years, had exhausted all its power and was almost about to collapse.

“To be able to make such a big move, to be able to grasp my mind in such a comprehensive way, to be able to arrange everything flawlessly, to make Huo Jun willing to sacrifice everything he has, and to make the ten top masters of the Land of Infinity take action…

“There’s only a single person capable of accomplishing all of this.”

The Fake God Emperor’s eyes swept across the surrounding crowd, and his expression gradually calmed down. He suddenly smiled and said, “Ding Shengtan, where are you? Get out here now… I know you must be here. Now you can come out and mock me as a winner.”

Only Ding Shengtan, the man who had been haunting him like a nightmare for so many years and who had always been a big threat to him, could do what he had achieved today.

As soon as the Fake God Emperor said that, Ding Hao’s heart almost jumped out of his throat in an instant.

He had also suddenly realized this.

“That’s right. Only Father can achieve this.

“Could it be… that Father… is really present?”

Ding Hao nervously looked around, trying to find out where his father was standing.

The others also looked at each other. Some of the God Realm Masters from the Northern Region didn’t know about that history, but what had happened just now was enough to shock them. “Since this horrifying man who claims to be the emperor fears and appreciates Ding Shengtan so much, who is that person?”

As expected, a figure slowly stepped forward.

However, Ding Hao had never expected that this person was not his father, but a person he had always been very familiar with but could not see through.

The person who slowly stepped forward was Ding Honglei.

The Fake God Emperor’s eyes fell on Ding Honglei. At first, he was disdainful and conceited, but then he seemed to suddenly realize something. He was slightly stunned as a trace of confusion flashed in his eyes. Then, he thought for a moment and finally understood something. Divine light burst out of his eyes. Obviously, he was extremely shocked. Obviously, he knew the identity of the woman in front of him.

“It turns out that you’re here, my sister-in-law.” A smile appeared on the face of the Fake God Emperor. He said, “I didn’t expect that I would see the peerless fairy again before I died. Unfortunately, it’s just a mysterious entity, not the real body. Big Brother isn’t here. Did he die before I do?”

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