Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1105 - Chapter 1105 Repaying You with What You Did Back Then

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Chapter 1105 Repaying You with What You Did Back Then

“Paragon Annihilation! Seven Stars Illuminate the World! Burn the Eight Desolations… DIE!”

Ding Tong roared, and his eyes evolved into endless visions. The destructive Chaotic Qi burst out and filled the sky in all directions. It was like the end of the world. His eyes were surging with the melody of the Great Tao. The whole world was shaking like a broken tile house that would collapse at any time.

This type of terrifying scene made everyone’s hearts tremble.

However, the two beams of destructive Chaotic Qi, with the power to destroy the world, failed to completely break the huge gold and silver Yin and Yang Pisces Diagram. The diagram began to rotate slowly. The Yin and Yang Pisces moved and twined around each other, forming a strange circle, like an abyss, which actually absorbed the two beams of destructive light.

Any attack that landed on the Yin and Yang Pisces Diagram vanished like a drop of water in the ocean.

Ding Tong’s expression changed. He roared and transformed countless kinds of horrifying pupil radiance in succession, vividly displaying this innate magical power. The power of each pupil technique was shocking, but it still didn’t work. The gold and silver Yin and Yang Pisces Diagram was simply the nemesis of all pupil techniques.

“How could this be? NO!”

Ding Tong roared and could not accept all this.

The holy blood of Sword and Saber was extracted from Ding Hao’s body and not his source, and the Seven Star-shaped Eyes of Fate were the most powerful and primitive strength given to him by the heavens. Therefore, it was understandable that he was no match for Ding Hao in terms of saber techniques and swordsmanship, but now even his greatest trump card, the pupil technique, became meaningless. It was simply devastating to him.

Ding Tong’s face showed a crazy and ferocious look.

He frantically activated his pupil technique. The terrible soundwaves of the Great Tao and the beams of runes penetrated heaven and earth. Everything around was distorted. Under the vibration of such terrifying extreme power, spaces of void collapsed one after another, and the void barrier broke into pieces like glass.

A spatial storm was brewing.

However, no matter what kind of power it was, it could not hurt the huge gold and silver Yin and Yang Pisces Diagram with Ding Hao as the center. Not only was it not broken, but it seemed to be absorbing the surrounding terrible and chaotic power and growing little by little, like a reincarnation.

“Ah… Ah!”

Ding Tong seemed to have gone crazy.

He activated the pupil technique at all costs, and dark blood flowed out of his eyes. There were fine black cracks on the surface of his body, which was the result of the consumption of too much power.

He was caught between a rock and a hard place.

The gold and silver Yin and Yang Pisces Diagram emitted a strange Reincarnation Power, gradually guiding and covering him. It was as if he had fallen into a swamp. The more Ding Tong struggled, the deeper he fell. At this time, it was too late for him to retreat.

“No, no…” Ding Tong roared like a beast caught in a cage.

The gold and silver Yin and Yang Pisces Diagram was changing and swirling, restraining his pupil radiance. At first, he was attacking with his pupil radiance, but now, it was the Yin and Yang Pisces Diagram that was absorbing the power in his body through his pupil technique, even deconstructing and devouring the source of his Seven Star-shaped Eyes of Fate.

He tried several times to take back his pupil radiance, but he realized he simply couldn’t.

In this case, the situation had been completely reversed. Ding Tong became the meat on the chopping board and had no strength to resist.

In the distance.

Gradually, others also noticed that something was wrong.

“Ding Tong was defeated!” Ding Honglei let out a long sigh of relief. Although she had expected it, it would be a lie to say that she was not nervous. Finally, seeing this scene, she was completely relieved.

No one noticed that there was a flash of tears in her eyes.

Zhang Fan, Fang Tianyi, Song Que, and Bai Quanshui also looked happy.

The Martial Demigoddess pressed her slender jade-like hands on the True Phoenix Sword Case, and the True Phoenix Swords of various shapes and sizes around her returned to the sword case like swallows returning to their nest. The wind blew her long hair, which was like a hot flame burning and jumping.

The other dozens of senior God Realm Masters of the Northern Region were also extremely shocked while they were relieved.

Such a change had exceeded their imagination.

What happened to Ding Hao could no longer be described as a miracle. They did not know what incredible things the young man would create in the next second.

In the void.

A look of despair appeared on Ding Tong’s face.

His body was struggling frantically, but like prey trapped in a spider’s web, he could not get rid of it at all. His four limbs that were twitching looked quite mechanical as if he were suffering from a seizure. More and more cracks appeared on the surface of his body, and black blood was flowing out of the corners of his eyes. His whole face was as pale as frost, looking extremely horrible.

His originally slender and strong body withered little by little.

“You… I… Huh… I…” Ding Tong made a meaningless howl. At this time, he couldn’t even finish a complete sentence.

On the other side.

Ding Hao suddenly opened his eyes.

However, there were no pupils in his eyes at all. A golden light burst out from his left eye, and a silver light circulated in his right eye. This scene was very similar to the scene where he had a moment of enlightenment by the Yin-Yang Well before, but it was even weirder. There was a strange substance circulating in his eye sockets, which was half real and half fake. It was mysterious and indescribable.

“You…” Ding Tong realized something.

His face was full of horror, but he couldn’t make a sound.

In Ding Hao’s eyes, the oppressive beam of light gradually dimmed, and subtle particles were circulating. Like sand soldiers, they were slowly constructing something. An imperceptible light spot slowly appeared, as if the light of pupils, and then a second light spot.

The third light spot.

The fourth light spot.

The fifth one.

The sixth one.

In the end, in Ding Hao’s eyes, seven strange light spots as bright as jade and as small as rice grains appeared. They slowly rotated, arranged, and operated in a very strange orbit and slowly stabilized.

In the distance.

“That’s…” Ding Honglei was shocked.

Other people who noticed this scene were also stunned.

It was the Seven Star-shaped Eyes of Fate.

Those were obviously the shapes and visions of the Seven Star-shaped Eyes of Fate.

In Ding Hao’s eyes, there was an abnormality of the Seven Star-shaped Eyes of Fate. Did that mean that from now on, Ding Hao had also mastered the power of the Eyes of Fate?

This scene was beyond everyone’s imagination.

How did he do it?

Just when everyone was extremely shocked, the light in the sky suddenly dimmed, and the destructive Chaotic Light bursting out of Ding Hao’s eyes finally dimmed. The strange light in Ding Hao’s eyes gradually dissipated and returned to its normal shape.

“Is everything over?”

Ding Hao spoke in a calm and cold voice. Looking at Ding Tong floating feebly in the void, he could feel his weakness and anger, but that was not important.

At this time, Ding Tong, who was thin, seemed to be covered with a layer of human skin on a skeleton shelf. His eyes were dull and dim, and the abnormality of the seven stars in his eyes had completely disappeared. Like ordinary people, he seemed to be dying.

“What…” Ding Tong opened his mouth. His voice was old and powerless. “What… did you do to me?”

Ding Hao looked at the young man who had changed his life. He sighed and said, “I did everything you did to me back then and let you have a taste of what I felt back then.” As he said this, Ding Hao’s originally normal left and right pupils flashed like seven stars.

“You…” Ding Tong was furious. He opened his mouth and spurted out a mouthful of black blood. He coughed repeatedly as if he were terminally ill and said, “You took away my divine pupils… How cruel, you…”

“Cruel?” Ding Hao said calmly, “This is just the most equal response. At that time, I was still a child. You extracted my blood essence. If my parents hadn’t paid a great price to save me, I would only be dead by now. You meant to kill me back then. But now, I just broke your pupils and didn’t kill you, which is already a mercy.”

“You… Ahem, ahem…” Ding Tong’s lifeless eyes sparkled with resentment and viciousness. Like a viper whose fangs had been pulled out, he stared fiercely at Ding Hao and screamed miserably, “I… won’t… let you go. I will never let you go!”

Ding Hao smiled and said, “Really? It doesn’t matter. You are nothing now. The holy blood in your body has been extracted by me, and your pupils have been disintegrated by my Reincarnation Power… What else can you do? Since you have lost your value, will the supreme being in the darkness still need you? You won’t let me go, but I will this time. Get lost!”

“You… ah…” Ding Tong trembled and felt desperate.

He had become a loser, a complete loser.

Having lost the holy blood of Saber and Sword and the Seven Star-shaped Eyes of Fate, even if he still had the talent for cultivation, he would never be able to defeat the person in front of him. Ding Hao, at the moment, had the Saintly Being of Saber and Sword as well as the Seven Star-shaped Eyes of Fate. He was the unprecedented most outstanding genius since ancient times. No one could compare with him.

Even if Ding Tong went back alive, he would have no chance to defeat Ding Hao.

He couldn’t understand how Ding Hao did it. “It’s obvious that he was going to die, but he dissolved the disaster with that strange Pisces Diagram and took away my Seven Star-shaped Eyes of Fate. That was supposed to be impossible, but it did happen.”

He had lost all his stunning power.

Ding Tong also realized why Ding Hao didn’t kill him. It’s not because he forgave him, but because he wanted him to experience the sadness, suffering, and torture after losing all his power. Ding Hao also wanted to provoke the Fake God Emperor with his experience and ending so that the current master of God’s Palace could also have a taste of everything Ding Shengtan had suffered back then.

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