Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1102 - Chapter 1102 Peerless Geniuses

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Chapter 1102 Peerless Geniuses

Cling! Cling! Cling!

The sound of fine swords colliding rang out from the battlefield.

This strange scene made the onlookers feel as if they were in the vast Milky Way. The dreamy lights flashed in the void, and they could no longer see Ding Hao and Ding Tong. The sky was full of flowing lights of various colors, like meteors across the bright Milky Way. The dense sound of metal clashing like a storm had exceeded the limit of everyone’s hearing.

The confrontation between swordsmanship and saber techniques had already exceeded the scope of ordinary magical power, and there was a kind of meaning close to the Taoist Sense.

They were definitely a pair of rare geniuses. Their comprehension of the Way of Sword and Saber was far beyond that of some top masters. Even the most ordinary saber moves and sword moves could exert shocking power in their hands. They seemed to have turned into sabers and swords, constantly colliding. Every stream of light in the void was an extremely powerful Saber Light or Sword Light.


The sound of a violent collision could be heard. Sparks flew all over the place. Ice shards were scattered everywhere.

The two young men, who had exchanged so many moves with each other, finally emerged and occupied their own space. Their black hair was fluttering and they were both surging killing intent as if they were the two most dazzling stars in the sky. No one dared to look at them.

This scene dazzled many people.

Even the experts of the Northern Region had to admit at this time that Ding Tong was indeed an insanely powerful being, a peerless genius of the new generation. His combat capability at such a young age made many experts of the older generation feel ashamed. Many experts of the Northern Region recalled that when they were in their twenties, they were only above the Primordial Realm. Compared with these two young people, they were too far behind.

Ding Honglei also sighed in her heart.

They were of the same root, but why would they be in a hurry to destroy each other?

This pair of peerless geniuses should have been the most stunning ones in God’s Palace. They were the future and hope of God’s Palace. When their strength was completely matured, they would be able to support God’s Palace for an epoch. Unfortunately, the mistake of that year had ultimately destroyed the hope of God’s Palace, making the two young men who should have been the future support of God’s Court go against each other.

In the void.

After a short pause, Ding Hao and Ding Tong immediately began the second confrontation.

In less than one and a half hours, they had performed all the saber and sword moves they had learned in their lives. Ding Tong had mastered hundreds of ancient saber and sword techniques. He had mastered all the famous saber and sword techniques from God’s Palace’s library. Along the way, Ding Hao displayed all the saber and sword techniques he had learned in the confrontation just now, including the Rapid-Cross Sword, Setting out with One Saber, Seven Black Cut, and all the saber and sword skills in the Heaven Sabre – Peerless Sword Tower.

The outcome of this confrontation was a draw.

Indeed, the two had the same blood flowing in their bodies, which was the rare holy blood from ancient times and had unparalleled power. Ding Tong had integrated this holy blood, so he could be regarded as a Saintly Being of Saber and Sword. Both of them had an unparalleled comprehension of saber techniques and swordsmanship. They had the ability to turn any ordinary saber or sword technique into magic. Therefore, no matter what kind of saber technique or sword technique either of them performed, it could be resolved.

Cling! Cling! Cling!

Dense sounds of swords colliding filled the void again.

This time, they fought in an even weirder way.

All the moves displayed by Ding Tong were displayed by Ding Hao before, and all the moves displayed by Ding Hao were displayed by Ding Tong before.

In just a split second, both of them remembered and understood each other’s saber and sword moves. They comprehended them and then displayed them. This was a higher-level contest. Both of them were extremely proud geniuses. They regarded the display and comprehension of each other’s martial arts as a kind of return.

The Saber Light and Sword Intent were all over the sky.

Terrifying streams of light shot in all directions, dyeing the entire battlefield as magnificent as a dreamy kingdom. However, behind that beauty hid some terrifying killing intent. A stream of light was enough to instantly kill a Demigod. The experts of the Northern Region in the distance retreated with grave expressions, in case they were hit by the flowing lights that were getting closer and closer to them.

This time, the two fought slower than the first time. Their figures were looming.

But in the end, the speed and body movements of both sides became faster and faster. It was as if they had completely integrated the previous moves of the other side. The moves that did not belong to themselves were driven by momentum like an avalanche, even exceeding the scene of the first confrontation.


A stream of light flashed.

Blood splattered.

Ding Hao’s shoulder was injured.

But at the same time, just as everyone was about to exclaim, they saw a burst of blood spurt from Ding Tong’s waist.

Both of them were injured.

Moreover, Ding Tong’s injured part was more dangerous and fatal, which would affect his state. Did this mean that Ding Hao would have the upper hand in the battle of ultimate swordsmanship and saber techniques?

Zhang Fan, Fang Tianyi, Song Que, and Bai Quanshui had been very nervous when traces of joy appeared on their faces.

From Ding Honglei’s statement, everyone learned about the grievances between Ding Hao and Ding Tong. They could not help but feel sympathy for Ding Hao and hate the one-eyed man in black. If it weren’t for his viciousness, Ding Hao might not have had to be an orphan for so many years and could enjoy the warmth of family.

The intensity and danger of this fight were far greater than the first one because both of them knew their moves very well and it was easier for them to find flaws in the moves.

Sword Lights splashed and saber radiance crossed the sky.

Clusters of sparks from the collision of metals lit up the void.

In the end, Ding Hao and Ding Tong’s figures seemed to be divided into two, three, and then ten thousand. The sky was full of shadows left by them at a high speed. The eyes of the experts from the Northern Region were almost unable to distinguish which one was a shadow and which one was the real body. Every time they saw that someone’s body was cut off, they would exclaim, but then they immediately found that it was just a virtual shadow.

The duel of saber techniques and swordsmanship had evolved to an artistic level.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

With a series of earth-shattering explosions, the two figures who were fighting rapidly separated again.

This scene looked extremely shocking. In an instant, the black and cyan shadows all over the sky returned to the original body like a whale sucking water. Ding Hao and Ding Tong still occupied a void respectively. They stood still in the void with sabers in their left hands and swords in their right hands.

There was no sign of victory or defeat on their faces.

Just when everyone was surprised, they heard a series of muffled bangs. Both of the young men burst into clusters of blood. When the wind blew, Ding Tong’s black shirt and Ding Hao’s cyan shirt suddenly turned into ashes and disappeared. The shirts were directly shattered into powder by the opponent’s sword and saber power in the battle just now.

The clothes dissipated, revealing the bare upper bodies of the two geniuses.

They both had strong streamlined muscles, and every part of their bodies was almost perfect so that their bodies could withstand their majestic power. The knife-sharp muscles gave people an extremely stunning sense of beauty. Clusters of blood spurted out, and the two were covered with dense wounds. Obviously, they were left with internal injuries in their bodies in the battle just now. Although they were both powerful, at this time, they finally could not suppress such injuries. Respectively, they used their magical power to force out the power of saber and sword left in their bodies.

Their blood flowed through the air like steam and returned to their bodies.

Obviously, neither of them wanted their Blood Essence to be lost.

The injuries on their bodies healed at a speed visible to the naked eye, and there were no more scars in the blink of an eye.

At that moment, the two stood in the void, with long hair flowing like a waterfall. They were both rare handsome men with stunning temperaments.

The only difference was that on the surface of Ding Tong’s body, there was a strange light black mist, as if there was some dark power surging and circulating in his body, full of delicate and suffocating cruelty, while Ding Hao’s body was crystal clear like jade, flowing with a sun-like brilliance, which was a powerful and noble power of light. He was like a jade carving, standing in the void like a Sun God.

This was indeed a battle between light and darkness.

The two young men in the sky represented two completely different forces.

The two crazy clashes didn’t last more than an hour.

But for those experts of the Northern Region watching the battle, they felt as if more than 20 eras had passed.

They were all people who had experienced countless battles, life-and-death trials, and the cruelty of the holy war. But this time, they still couldn’t help but be nervous and completely attracted by such a fierce battle.

The head of the Extermination Swordsmanship Sect sighed and said, “I’m afraid that in the next thousand years, there won’t be such a confrontation of saber techniques and swordsmanship.”

“Indeed. They’re unparalleled geniuses.” The head of the Blue Cloud Sect also sighed.

The two of them could be regarded as the giants of martial arts in the Northern Region. Whether it was their strength, identity, qualifications, or contributions, they were the best in their sects. They had been used to the flow of the world. At this time, they could not help but exclaim in admiration. In their lives, they had seen countless geniuses, but they had never seen such peerless geniuses as the two young men in front of them.

In the void.

The two young men recovered from their injuries and did not attack again. Instead, they confronted each other temporarily.

After 10 minutes, the figures of both sides crisscrossed as they suddenly attacked and collided with each other.

Then, they stopped again.

Both of them looked thoughtful. In 10 minutes, their eyes suddenly lit up. With a clear shout, they attacked again and exchanged another move. However, neither of them was winning.

“What’s going on?” someone asked in shock.

Why did both geniuses suddenly slow down their attacks? The situation looked a little strange.

“I got it.” The head of the Extermination Swordsmanship Sect suddenly realized something and said, “These two guys… are simply too terrifying!”

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