Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1098 - Chapter 1098 Everything Is Destined

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Chapter 1098 Everything Is Destined

All signs showed that Ding Hao had really gained enlightenment from the phenomenon of the black-and-white well. He had comprehended some mysteries, and that was why there were changes inside him. His body was now like the black-and-white well, deducing some terrifying magical power.

An uncontrollable majestic aura burst out from Ding Hao’s body and kept rising at a shocking speed. It had surpassed the level of ordinary God Realm Masters.



In the sound of the saber and sword, the Devil Saber and the Rusted Sword suddenly appeared, slightly trembling, floating beside Ding Hao. The crazy rotating gold and silver mysterious strength immediately attached to the bodies of the saber and sword. Right after that, the saber and sword also rotated wildly. The terrible Qi was like a tornado, finally completely submerging Ding Hao.

Standing beside Ding Hao, everyone felt the outbreak of the horrible Saber Intent and Sword Intent. Indescribable sharp Qi was emitted, and the surrounding experts unconsciously stepped back, for fear of being swept into this terrifying force.

Such a change was just too shocking.

All these signs indicated that Ding Hao had definitely comprehended something. It was very likely that there was a real opportunity in this black-and-white well. Unfortunately, ordinary people could not see it with the naked eye. Only those who had real wisdom could understand some mystery within.

All of them looked at Ding Hao with extreme envy.

With the rise of Ding Hao’s strength and aura, the gold and silver Qi lingering around him finally calmed down slowly. The traces of the Devil Saber and the Rusted Sword were finally exposed, respectively floating on Ding Hao’s left and right sides.

The golden and silver mysterious strength mist contained the power of fire and ice. It gradually formed a huge Yin and Yang Pisces around Ding Hao’s body, which was exactly the same as that in the black-and-white well but with different colors.

Everyone looked at the illusory pattern of the gold and silver Yin and Yang Pisces in a daze. They only felt an extremely mysterious aura coming to them. It was as if the movement of the Pisces contained the truth of heaven and earth. Enveloped by this aura, Ding Hao was like the only eternal being in the world. He had an invincible momentum, which made people tremble and couldn’t help but worship him.

“Is this…the sign of a great achievement in martial arts?”

Someone was secretly shocked.

With the gradual clarity and perfection of the gold and silver Yin and Yang Pisces, Ding Hao’s figure seemed to be more and more burly and magnificent, and gradually people had an illusion that they could only look up to him.

His eyes were still open.

His left eye was still full of the bright sun, but the trajectory of Great Tao could be vaguely seen in it. The sun and moon were running like chains, full of mysterious Taoist Sense, while the stars were rising and falling in his right eye. Lights burst out from his eyes, twisting and swirling in front of him. Illusions appeared. The sun and the moon combined and directly formed strange scenes including a vast galaxy, the movement of the sun and the moon, and the ups and downs of the big stars. These were all the truth axioms in the universe.

This kind of illusion was just too terrifying.

An expert felt as if his soul was about to sink in just by looking at it. He cried out in alarm and continuously retreated, not daring to continue staring.

“It seems that Chief Ding really has great fortunes.” Ding Honglei exclaimed as a hint of joy flashed in her eyes. Obviously, she was happy to see that.

Xie Jieyu, Zhang Fan, Fang Tianyi, and the others were also slightly relieved.

Even if others were envious, they had to admit that the immortal fate Dong Hao had was the result of his own Fate Cultivation and comprehension. Otherwise, why was it that Ding Hao was the only one who had comprehended the essence of the well water in the black-and-white well while others also saw the evolution in the well water?

No matter how envious they were, they couldn’t deny the fact that some people were born to be favored by the world.

Ding Hao was obviously one of these people.

Everyone was placing their hopes on Ding Hao. They hoped that after Ding Hao comprehended the mystery of the black-and-white well, he would discover something to help get rid of the current predicament and find them a way out. They didn’t want to keep being trapped in this place.

Right at that moment-


A sharp Sword Light suddenly burst out from the darkness in the distance, like a world-destroying light, slashing at Ding Hao who was in a state of sudden enlightenment.

“Who did this?”

“Bastard, how dare you?!”

Fang Tianyi shouted angrily. He flashed and stood in front of Ding Hao. Hundreds of Sword Lights burst out in an instant to confront the bright Sword Light that was used to assassinate Ding Hao.

Zhang Fan also pulled out his saber right away and slashed backhand.

Xie Jieyu, the Martial Demigoddess, had a dark light in her beautiful eyes. She pressed her hand on the True Phoenix Sword Case. Her whole body was shining like a peerless sword, protecting Ding Hao.


The Three Thousand Swords and the Sword Light collided in the void.

The Sword Light collapsed inch by inch, scattering everywhere like stars.

Fang Tianyi’s body shook, and a trace of blood flowed out of the corner of his mouth. His face instantly turned pale. He was no match for the other party in an instant. The assassinating Sword Light continued to attack Ding Hao.

At the same time, Zhang Fan’s saber move was finally displayed.


The invisible force collapsed.

Zhang Fan groaned and staggered back a dozen steps before barely stabilizing himself.

This result shocked everyone.

Both Zhang Fan and Fang Tianyi were top rising stars in the Northern Region. They had good opportunities and horrifying combat capability. They had already entered the God Realm. How could they not resist the assassinating Sword Light when they joined forces?


There rang out a long cry of the True Phoenix.

Xie Jieyu made a backhand pull and pulled out a crimson giant sword from the True Phoenix Sword Case. When the sword struck out, there was another terrible energy burst in space. The assassinating Sword Light finally dimmed down and disappeared into the void.

Xie Jieyu dragged her long sword backward and took a step forward. Standing in front of Ding Hao, she shouted coldly, “Who is there? Show yourself!”

Her long red hair fluttered, like flames flickering. The aura of a True Phoenix covered her whole body. She was just like an invincible Martial Demigoddess.

On the other side.

“Haha, he’s merely someone destined to die. Did you all really think that you would be able to protect him?”

A cold voice filled with sarcasm and disdain came.

In the endless darkness, a spot of light appeared. Then, before everyone could react, it transformed into a slender figure and slowly came from the terrifying dark void that seemed to be capable of devouring everything.

It was an extremely handsome young man. His slender figure and thick long hair hung down to his waist like a black waterfall. He was wearing a thick black robe and had a faint smile on his face, full of disdain and cruelty for living creatures. He was like a hunter working for Death, walking in the endless darkness.

The only strange thing was that one of his eyes seemed to be injured, and it was covered with a black jade eyepatch. A thin black ribbon was tied behind his long hair, which made him look indescribably weird and horrible.

An extremely powerful force surged around him.

It was a slightly familiar aura. Obviously, the assassinating Sword Light just now was executed by this young man.

“Who are you?”

“Who are you?”

The God Realm Masters from the Northern Region all shouted. The appearance of this one-eyed young man in black in the endless darkness could almost explain everything. It was certain that he could control the dark tactical deployments formed by 1,600 immortal generals of God’s Palace out there.

“Haha…” The one-eyed young man in black sneered coldly and disdainfully.

His gaze swept over the Northern Region’s experts as if he were scrutinizing a group of dead people. Finally, his gaze fixed on Ding Honglei, and he said sarcastically, “Is this group of clown-like nobodies your reinforcements? What can they do?”

As soon as these words were spoken, the experts of the Northern Region were furious.

They had dominated the Northern Region for their whole lives and were worshipped like gods. They were top masters even in the entire Land of Infinity. They were of noble status and could cause a sensation with just a word. But now, they were called a group of nobodies by a young man.

Someone was about to make a move.

Ding Honglei waved her hand to stop them.

She looked over at the experts of the top five divine halls trapped in the distance before she looked back and said, “The five lords haven’t taken action yet. You may not win.”

“Haha, you are so smart, but why do you have to act ignorantly?” The sarcasm on the young man’s face was more clear, and he said with a smile, “Since you are in the Eternal Night Divine Formation, everything is destined. Even if those five brothers take action, they can’t change anything, and you can’t hold on alone. From the moment you stepped into the Hungry Ghost Path, the result is doomed.”

Ding Honglei said blandly, “In this world, nothing is destined, as long as we don’t choose to surrender…” At this point, a playful smile appeared on her face. She continued, “Otherwise, why would your eye be covered by an eyepatch? I remember that when you showed up last time, you also said that everything was doomed, and what happened to you?”

The one-eyed young man’s expression suddenly changed.

Hatred and malice flashed in his single eye. He sneered and said, “It was just a small mistake last time. Now, you will be completely buried. From now on, there will be no top-five divine halls in the Land of Infinity. The Heaven Path and the continent will become one, and God’s Palace will be the only ruler of the world.”

Ding Honglei said seriously, “The Heaven Path and the continent will indeed become one. Not only that, but the Human Path, Hell Path, Hungry Ghost Path, Asura Path, and Beast Path will also reappear and transmigrate. You and your master are destined to disappear from this epoch forever.”

“Haha, hahaha…” The one-eyed young man in black laughed and said, “Stupid woman, you know nothing at all. How dare you talk big? You don’t even understand what’s going on in this world!”

Ding Honglei also laughed.

“You thought you could see through everything, but in fact, you were deceived. You thought you knew everything, but what you knew was just illusions that your master gave you out of charity… Ding Tong, although you’re known as the strongest genius in the history of the God’s Palace, your Seven Star-shaped Eyes of Fate is just so-so.”

“In that case, let’s settle everything with a battle.” The single-eyed black-clothed youngster’s gaze turned cold and detached.

The young man was Ding Tong, a terrifying genius martial artist who came back again and had unknown power.

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