Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1096 - Chapter 1096 Formation of Death

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Chapter 1096 Formation of Death

Ding Honglei raised her hand and made a gesture behind her, reminding everyone to be careful. The crowd landed on the ground and slowly approached forward.

Most of the figures in front were wearing black armor. Obviously, they were the immortal generals of God’s Palace. There were more than a thousand of them standing in a strange pattern and position, like chess pieces standing on the chessboard.

Only a small number of experts were dressed differently. They seemed to be from different forces, but they were in the middle and were guarded against all sides by these black-armored immortal generals. Ding Hao observed carefully and found that in addition to the people of the Holy Palace of Mysterious Frost, there were four other forces. The weakest one was a Semi God Realm Master, and there were about 50 people altogether, including four monks in yellow robes.

After thinking for a while, Ding Hao realized that these fifty people must be the experts from the top five divine halls in the Land of Infinity. He had seen the signals of help from the Holy Palace of Mysterious Frost and the Super Divine Hall before. It turned out that in addition to the Holy Palace of Mysterious Frost, the Super Divine Hall, and the Great Leiyin Monastery, the experts from the Heaven-Splitting Whale Palace in the Southern Wilderness and the Apollo Darkness Palace in the Eastern Frontier had also arrived.

But where were the five supreme War Gods?

Ding Hao’s gaze went through those figures and landed at the middle area.

There was a strange round well with a diameter of fewer than ten meters. There was black and white liquid slowly rising and falling within, and the sound of surging and whistling like ocean came from that well.

This was truly strange.

There was a small puddle where water flowed with streaks, making the sound of the tide rising and falling. It was beyond common sense.

That puddle was suspected to be the place with the most concentrated Reincarnation Power in that space. The seeming Reincarnation Power of the entire mountain range seemed to be overflowed from this puddle.

Ding Hao and others slowly approached.

More than a thousand black-armored immortal generals of God’s Palace seemed not to have noticed their arrival and did not respond at all. They still stared blankly at the black-and-white puddle in front of them and did not move. None of them turned around to look at the crowd.

In the distance, more than 50 experts from the top five divine halls were talking to each other. They were constantly walking around, looking at the puddle. They seemed to be discussing something. Occasionally, some of them would look up at the periphery, and their eyes burst out a shocking beam of light.

But strangely, it seemed that they could not see Ding Hao and the others. Their eyes wouldn’t focus when they swept over Ding Hao’s team. It was as if everything they saw was nothingness.

“Something’s wrong. Be careful, everyone!” Ding Honglei’s eyes narrowed.

Everyone ran their power to the extreme and condensed it. Finally, they got close to the first black-armored immortal general of God’s Palace on the periphery.

This was a burly man more than two meters tall, with a faint black mist flowing on the surface of his body. No matter how Ding Hao and others approached only a meter away from his body, there was still no reaction from him. His back was facing the crowd and he was motionless. If it weren’t for the surging vitality flowing in his body, everyone would have thought that he was dead.

He stared blankly in front of him without turning his head.

The situation was indescribably strange, and the surroundings were filled with yin energy.

“Humph, he’s just playing tricks.” A Semi God Master of the Blue Cloud Sect snorted and made a palm strike toward the back of the burly black-armored immortal general.

That palm strike looked ordinary, but it contained a terrifying destructive power. It was one of the derived magical powers of the Blue Cloud Palm Print. Even a God Realm Master would be seriously injured if hit by the palm strike.

However, the robust black-armored immortal general didn’t seem to notice the attack at all.


The palm print was struck on his back, but he didn’t react in the slightest.

“Eh?” The Blue Cloud Sect expert was stunned.

He only felt that his palm strike had hit the back of the other party as if it had hit an iron wall. His palm actually hurt. This feeling was definitely not a physical touch. What was even weirder was that the burly black-armored immortal general did not even shake a little.

“Watch out. Withdraw your palm now.” Ding Hao suddenly realized something and quickly reminded him.

But it was too late.

In the next moment, a stunningly powerful counterforce suddenly came from the back of the burly black-armored immortal general. It followed the arm of the expert from the Blue Cloud Sect and smashed into his body in a split second. With a bang, the expert’s body directly burst into pieces.

The surrounding people watched helplessly as the expert was blasted to death, yet were unable to save him in time.

Moreover, the power reflected just now was extremely strong, giving people a feeling that it was impossible to defend against it. Everyone, including Ding Hao, knew that they could not resist it.

Under this impact, that Blue Cloud Sect expert’s soul was also shredded to pieces.

Everyone looked at each other, their eyes filled with horror.

However, the burly black-armored immortal general still stood there quietly as if he hadn’t noticed it. Only the strong wind blew his long hair, which jumped like flames. He was like a stone statue.

Ding Hao frowned and came to this man.

A big bearded face appeared in Ding Hao’s sight.

This was a middle-aged strong man with angular cheeks, full of momentum. He stood with T-step and naturally lowered his hands, like a soldier waiting to be examined. However, his eyes were slightly closed, and there was a trace of blood flowing out of the corners of his eyes. When Ding Hao looked carefully, he was shocked to find that the eyes of the bearded immortal general had been gouged out alive, and under his eyelids were two horrifying bloody holes.

The strength this man showed before was so strong that he was at least an advanced-stage God Realm Master. Why had his eyes been dug out?

And was he still alive?

Mystery after mystery filled everyone’s hearts.

While feeling puzzled, they also observed the other black-armored immortal generals, who were standing still like statues just like the previous general. Their hands were hanging down naturally, and their faces were indifferent and calm. Their eyes had been dug out, and they were not breathing, yet their bodies were full of vitality.

This was truly strange.

A strange and gloomy feeling emerged in everyone’s heart.

“Let’s go in there and have a look.” Ding Honglei strode toward the central double-colored well, hoping to meet the experts of the top five divine halls.

Although everyone found it strange, the suspected Reincarnation Power emitted from the well made it difficult for them to resist the fatal temptation.

Because the closer they got to the black-and-white well, the more they felt enlightened, and they felt that the bottleneck that troubled them was about to be loosened. This feeling was like a drug addict smelling opium, which could not be resisted at all, so they followed in.

Ding Hao secretly discussed with Saber Master and Sword Master for a while but did not find anything suspicious, and finally, he decided to follow everyone in.

On their way, there were more than 1,600 black-armored immortal generals. They all had their eyes gouged and stood quietly with their hands down. There were about dozens of meters between each of them. They were like quietly standing terracotta warriors. They did not block the way of the crowd or take the initiative to attack anyone.

In less than 15 minutes, the crowd arrived at the black-and-white well in the center.

“This is…”

When Ding Hao and others looked closely at it, they found something strange about the well.

The well was perfectly round as if it was drawn with circular rules. There were six mysterious runes engraved on the edge. After countless years, the well had been eroded by time and was in a mess. However, the black and white liquids in the well were clearly distinct. They each occupied half of it, neither too much nor too little, as if someone had deliberately measured them before separating them.

Someone approached and attempted to take out a bit of the strange liquid to inspect.

But something strange happened.

Anyone who got within one meter of the edge of the well would trigger some unknown force and instantly be transmitted ten meters away. This kind of transmission force was powerful and strange. Even a God Realm Master would have no room to resist.

This meant that no one would be able to approach the black-and-white well.

There were also experts who tried to take some black and white liquids from above, but no matter what kind of magical power and strength they had, once they crossed the invisible dividing line one meter away from the well, their power would collapse.

Ding Hao tried to slowly release a wisp of Sword Intent.

But this kind of power that was claimed to be one of the powerful offensive forces between heaven and earth would also dissipate in the void like powerless smoke once crossed the one-meter dividing line.

Everyone looked quite troubled.

They had gone through all sorts of trials and tribulations to reach this place, and the immortal fate of Reincarnation was right in front of them. However, they could only look at it without getting it. It was akin to a monkey trying to get the moon. This was truly an enormous mockery.

Ding Honglei turned around and walked toward the fifty-plus experts of the top five divine halls.

These people arrived earlier, so they should know a bit about what was going on.

But soon, an even stranger thing happened. The team found that the more than 50 experts were just 100 meters away from them. But no matter how they walked or how far they crossed, the distance between them and the 50 experts remained unchanged. It would not increase or decrease.

Those experts were obviously arguing about something. Some seemed to be a little agitated, waving their arms and shouting, but Ding Hao and the others could not hear what they were talking about at a distance of only 100 meters.

“They’re trapped in an illusionary formation!

“A tactical deployment!”

Everyone’s face instantly darkened.

“What kind of tactical deployment can trap so many experts of the top five divine halls? We are all top masters as well, but we can’t feel the fluctuations of any formation aura. This tactical deployment is just too perfect. Is it the legendary Immortal Array?”

Someone suddenly exclaimed, “Crap!”

Everyone looked back and saw that the two-apertured God Realm Master looked pale when he looked at the path they had taken before. They followed his eyes. In the next moment, everyone was stunned as if they had been struck by lightning.

“How could…this be?”

“This happened so quietly…what kind of tactical deployment is this? It’s completely concealed from our senses!”

“I have a bad feeling about this!”

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