Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1095 - Chapter 1095 Fierce Battle

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Chapter 1095 Fierce Battle

Until Ding Hao and others disappeared into the distance, the Confucian-robed young man suddenly sighed softly.

His eyes, with confusion and disappointment, slowly withdrew from Ding Hao’s back and fell back on the painting board in front of him. He raised the brush in his hand and didn’t know where to put it. On the white paper, there was only Ding Hao’s back, which was the scene when Ding Hao and the others left just now. But he didn’t have any inspiration to outline the background of the scene.

“I’ve been using my brush to paint all living things and rule the world…How time flies…I am no longer the man I was.”

Dark Envoy Painting sighed with great emotions in his eyes.

Suddenly, he waved his hand, and the pictures on the painting board were all torn into pieces, which were flying like butterflies that were about to die. The bronze painting board turned into a light spot and disappeared in his palm, so did the brush.

In front of him, in the fairyland-like garden, all the spiritual beasts, flowing water, strange stones, plants, and other beautiful scenery that everyone except for Ding Hao saw suddenly disappeared along with the broken drawing papers as if they had been crushed. The light black mist dissipated, and those places all became barren and dusty plains.

At the entrance of the mountain range, Ding Hao and others encountered the God’s Palace Army again.

There were not many enemies this time, but they were all elites.

The immortal generals leading the army were six God Realm Masters. They had held the only road that led to the mountain, because more than 100 meters above the ground, there were strange chaotic layers of gray soil, which were hovering in the void like evil beasts. It was as if they were brewing and rotating thundercloud storms, which contained a kind of desolate killing power of the rules. It was hard to pass this place.

Without any communication, Ding Honglei took action first before shouting, “Kill them!”

This time, there was no force similar to the Silver Snow Army against God’s Palace Army. The crowd had to kill their way through the obstacles here to enter the Reincarnation core area of the Hungry Ghost Path.

At the mountain pass, everyone could faintly feel a strange aura from the mountain. This power seemed to be affecting time and space in the mountain, which was completely different from the Qi power. It should be the legendary Reincarnation Power.

Moreover, everyone began to feel that under the influence of this force, the laws of heaven and earth became clearer than ever. Previously, those God Realm Masters had difficulties while comprehending the laws of heaven and earth, but now in such an environment, they no longer had those obstacles.

Was this place where the immortal fate of Reincarnation resided?

Everyone felt that the power in their bodies was stirring. The bottleneck that had troubled them for countless years seemed to have hope of loosening under the influence of the aura that seemed to be the Reincarnation Power. They could not help but be overjoyed.

This sign gave everyone hope.


Everyone took action.

The God’s Palace Army set up some tactical deployments and gathered all their men’s strength to fight against the group of God Realm Masters. In an instant, both sides got into a fierce battle.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Terrifying energy exploded around the mountain pass.

This time, the crowd no longer suppressed their strength and completely unleashed their real cultivation power. Wave after wave of earth-shattering power broke out, and the horrifying energy fluctuations swept across the place like a hurricane. Finally, they gradually suppressed the military formations of God’s Palace.

Ding Hao also joined the battle.

Streaks of Sword Intent and Saber Intent tore through the void. Wherever they passed, it was a complete massacre. Except for a few ultimate defensive tactical deployments of God’s Palace, other offensive military formations could hardly resist the most powerful attack between heaven and earth.

A rain of blood covered the sky.

Bones flew everywhere.

The creatures howled in the sea of blood, like the songs of the dead.

Some were struggling, some were fighting, and some were roaring.

Everyone was like a wounded beast that had gone mad. They forgot pain, fear, and respect for death. They only had the instinct to fight. This army indeed consisted of the elites of God’s Palace. Even if their military formation was scattered, they would not run away in disorder. Instead, their ferocity had been stimulated and they became more valiant.

The six God Realm immortal generals also joined the battle.

The battle was extremely fierce.

Finally, a God Realm Master died. Bai Yin, the sword practitioner of the Extermination Swordsmanship Sect, had his nerves destroyed by a God Realm immortal general of God’s Palace while fighting desperately before death. He screamed and burst into bloody light all over the sky. His blood with terrifying energy fell to the ground like a lake.

“Kill!” Bai Quanshui was also injured. He wielded his sword and defeated the military formation formed by hundreds of immortal generals of God’s Palace. The ruthless Sword Light killed all the experts in the military formation.

“Blue Cloud Palm Print!”

Song Que panted and his body flashed like flowing light. He kept sending out glazed palm prints to bombard the military formation in front of him. After hundreds of attacks, he finally broke through a defensive formation. A total of fifty black-armored immortal generals in the peak of the Saint Realm were all shaken to death.

Such a scene was playing out all over the battlefield.

The God’s Palace had committed countless murders in the Northern Region, accumulated countless hatreds, and became the sworn enemy of all the creatures in the Northern Region. Therefore, many God Realm Masters attacked without holding back.

Tens of thousands of Sword Qi burst out from Fang Tianyi’s body, sometimes real, sometimes illusory. In an instant, the sword radiance was like the light of the sun. His move of the Three Thousand Swords was activated to the extreme and was unpredictable. He had achieved the martial arts of Shi Yihuang and obtained his cultivation. In such an environment, he could stimulate his potential and thoroughly integrate all his knowledge.

Zhang Fan’s fighting method had reached the level of returning to simplicity.

He activated the Supreme Kung Fu Devoted by Ten Emperors to the extreme. His body was full of blood and vigor like a vast ocean, and within a hundred meters of his body, there was a crimson mist like boiling lava. His surging vitality was comparable to that of a Divine Dragon and a horrible beast. Behind him, there were ten huge totem shadows completely manifested except for the faces. Each totem shadow was like an ancient emperor, noble and high above. The lightning in their eyes was like judgment against everything in the world, carrying the vicissitudes of immortality.

The ten totem shadows moved along with his every step as if they were protecting him. Zhang Fan slowly slashed out, like an old woodcutter cutting firewood, and nothing within a kilometer radius of the blade could be spared.


Another ball of bright flames exploded, dyeing the sky red.

It meant that another God Realm Master of the Northern Region had died.

Before that, in addition to Bai Yin, the sword practitioner, two Semi God Realm Masters of the Holy Palace of Mysterious Frost had already died, and ten masters of the other forces had died, including two young people who were under a hundred years old. They were successors of the two top sects in the Northern Region. Although the elders of the sects had tried their best to protect them, they failed to save them.

Right at this moment-


A bright brilliance suddenly shot up into the sky from the depths of the mountain range, bursting along the chaotic layers of the gray soil. Its crimson color gave people shocking pressure.

“Someone is calling for help in the mountains. We have to get there as soon as possible. We can’t waste time here.” Ding Honglei’s face showed anxiety.

Because that light was the greatly urgent signal for help from the Holy Palace of Mysterious Frost.

“Die!” she roared, her black hair dancing wildly. She raised her wrist and spared no Qi. The Divine Artifact Vermillion Rainbow turned into a red light all over the sky and shot out. In an instant, it pierced through countless soldiers of God’s Palace. Then, with a flash of brilliance, it instantly turned into a god-killing net, rushing toward the last surviving God Realm Master of God’s Palace.

Ding Hao knew that the situation was urgent. There might still be some masters of the Holy Palace of Mysterious Frost in the mountain, so he no longer held back. He grabbed Evil Moon, the Demon King napping on his shoulder, and used it as a trump card, tossing it out.

“Meow? Human Pet, I hate you…” Evil Moon screamed in panic, and then its chubby body fell heavily into the military formation of God’s Palace, splashing dust.

Ding Hao laughed and stretched out his hands in the void. The Devil Saber and the Rusted Sword instantly appeared in his hands, and he rushed in like lightning.

That battle was definitely the most tragic one Ding Hao had ever seen.

In the end, after paying the price of the death of more than a dozen people, the experts of the Northern Region finally broke through the army of God’s Palace, which was as elite as the army of Death. They killed their way into the mountain pass, turned into streaks of sky-breaking flowing light, and headed for the depths of the mountains along the yellow riverbed-like avenue.

They had finally entered the mountains.

Ding Hao looked around.

This mountain range was quite bizarre, made from a type of blue rock in a very oppressive color. The mountains seemed to be a whole with no cracks or scattered rocks. Each peak was connected and shaped like bone spurs soaring to the sky.

The deeper they went into the mountain range, the clearer the suspected Reincarnation Power became.

Everyone felt excited.

All of these signs indicated that the immortal fate of Reincarnation was right ahead.


In front of them, another signal for help rose to the sky.

“This… seems to be the highest alert flying sword of the Super Divine Hall!” someone shouted in surprise. In addition to the Holy Palace of Mysterious Frost from the Northern Region, how could there be someone from the Central Continent’s Super Divine Hall who had entered the Hungry Ghost Path?

Things got a little complicated.

After 5 minutes, the group of people that were flying at full speed had advanced at least 10,000 kilometers.

The terrain in front of them gradually became smooth, and even the curve of the mountain peaks became much softer.


A strange sound was heard. It was the sound of surging waves.

Ding Hao was surprised. “Why would there be the sound of water here?

“Could it be that there is a vast ocean in this strange mountain range?”

Since they entered the Hungry Ghost Path, all they saw were barren wilderness and endless gray clouds. It was monotonous. Except for the illusions in the paintings of Dark Envoy Painting, they had never seen the flowing water. When they suddenly heard the sound of the surging tide, they were slightly relaxed and could not help but feel a sense of familiarity.

At this moment, the terrain ahead suddenly changed.

The mountain peaks disappeared and were replaced by flat ground made of rocks.

Thousands of experts with powerful auras stood quietly on the vast green rocky plain, all staring at a place in front of them. It was as if the most beautiful scenery or treasure in the world was there. All their minds were focused there. They didn’t pay any attention to the arrival of Ding Hao and others at all. They even didn’t look back.

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