Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1093 - Chapter 1093 Who Dares Disturb Me from Catching Fish?

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Chapter 1093 Who Dares Disturb Me from Catching Fish?

“The weak have no right to survive. If this is all you can do, then you’ll just stay here!” Dark Envoy Extermination laughed arrogantly and presumptuously, looking down on everyone.

Ding Honglei looked a little dignified.

She knew that the God Realm Masters from all sides had not yet used their trump cards. Moreover, with the temporary cooperation of everyone, it was inevitable that they could not exert their real combat strength and would even be held back by others. However, it didn’t make sense that the top masters of the entire Northern Region were blocked by one of the 12 Dark Envoys for such a long time.

“Stop holding back, everyone. Use your strongest means,” Ding Honglei said in a low voice. “Kill this monster. We have to rush to the core of the Hungry Ghost Sect as soon as possible, otherwise, it will be too late!”

“Come on, weaklings. How dare you want to ruin Lord Immortal’s big event? You all deserve to die.” Dark Envoy Extermination sneered. His face was full of contempt and ridicule. His power burst out, causing the magma around the small boat to boil, and then pillars of fire shot into the sky.

The strength of Ding Honglei and the others burst out without reservation.

Just as they were about to make their moves, at this time, something unexpected happened.


A giant wave of magma hundreds of meters high suddenly rose, followed by an angry roar, “You’re so fucking noisy. Can’t you calm down so that I can catch a few fish with ease? The fish have been scared away by you, bastard, so what should I catch now? It’s just unforgivable. Go to hell, meow!”

In front of everyone’s dull eyes, a white behemoth jumped out of the magma. It held a huge white animal bone out of nowhere with its right claw and smashed it down angrily. Like lightning, it smashed Dark Envoy Extermination and the boat under his feet into the magma.

This change was so sudden that even with his powerful strength, Dark Envoy Extermination failed to react.

“Who? Who also dares to stop me from catching fish? Who?” Evil Moon roared angrily, waving the white bone club in its claw in a furious state.

Everyone took a step back.

This guy was too fierce.

In particular, the white bone club in its claw released a kind of white and fierce light, as if it had killed countless creatures. There was a faint aura of chaos flowing, which gave everyone an uncontrollable sense of fear and palpitation as if they were facing a Primeval Ferocious Beast. There was vaguely a roar of an ancient fierce beast.

Magma surged.

The small cyan boat appeared once more, but it had turned upside down.

After a while, Dark Envoy Extermination’s figure also emerged, but his head was also smashed and his body had begun to dissipate. The black demonic fog was overflowing. He was completely dead.


Everyone gasped as they looked at the irascible white behemoth.


The Demon King dove back into the magma, diving down.

Before people could react, it jumped out of the magma again, but it had returned to the size of a stupid cute cat with three or four crimson koi in its mouth, which was almost full. It was holding a thin white bone in its front claws.

The little cute cat jumped onto the shore, dropped the koi, and looked up at the stunned crowd. It said with a very innocent look, “Meow? Why are you looking at me like that? What happened just now?”

Everyone was speechless.

Those God Realm Masters who had regarded it as a useless pet before also secretly gasped at this moment. Everyone had misjudged it. They did not expect that the cat was so terrible that Dark Envoy Extermination, whom so many people could not deal with, was killed by the Fat Cat’s strike.

When they thought of how this guy usually pretended to be harmless, everyone realized that it was actually a ringer. It truly was a scheming cat that was too sophisticated and terrifying.

Ding Hao’s eyes fell on the white bone in the Demon King’s claw.

“Isn’t that the white bone I discovered in the ruins of the ancient city?

“At that time, I didn’t find anything special about it. Demon King used it to grind its teeth in disappointment. Unexpectedly…this white bone is why Dark Envoy Extermination died after taking a blow. When the Demon King transformed into a white behemoth, the white bone also swelled to a huge size. It was like a white bone stick with an unparalleled fierceness and cruelty in the world…

“Dammit, did Demon King really get lucky this time?”

Ding Hao thought to himself.

Ding Honglei also looked at Evil Moon in a daze and did not know what to say. Each of the 12 Dark Envoys was terrifying. In fact, she had prepared herself for possible casualties this time, but she did not expect such a scene to appear.

Dark Envoy Extermination had reigned supreme for several eras. He was as fierce as Death, yet he was beaten to death just because he disturbed a cat catching fish. No one would believe this if told.

“This fish tastes good, but it’s a little hot. I’ll give you one. Here, Human Pet. You’re welcome.” Evil Moon left the smallest koi to Ding Hao very nicely.

Ding Hao was speechless.

“These Crimsonflame Koi are purified by the Earth Fire. They are of great help to fire-attribute cultivators, and they’re one of the rare divine objects. They can only grow in a specific environment. You can catch some, but you need to hurry up,” Ding Honglei said.

The other God Realm Masters also came to their senses from the shock. When they heard that, they were greatly tempted and wanted to catch the koi fish. But when they thought of Evil Moon’s fierce expression before, they suddenly hesitated. “Will we be beaten to death if we go to fight over the fish with this master?”

“Everyone, hurry up.” Ding Hao grabbed Evil Moon by the neck and guarded it.

Only then did the crowd dare to act and catch the Crimsonflame Koi.

“AHHH! Damn it, they are all mine, don’t take them from me… Ah, it hurts. Don’t knock me, Human Pet… You bastards, how dare you take my fish… Alas, stop it. I will bite you to death… Meow, boo-hoo!”

In the end, Demon King, whose mouth was covered by Ding Hao’s hand, struggled desperately and failed to get what it wanted.

Ding Hao also took action and caught thousands of Crimsonflame Koi. This magma torrent contained countless essence of fire. Ding Hao even caught dozens of fish kings, which was a great gain.

Ding Hao cultivated the Qi of fire attribute by the middle dantian in his chest, so the Scarlet Flame Koi was still useful to him.

After a brief pause, the group continued forward.

The Demon King flipped the small cyan boat over and sat on the bow itself. It steered the boat with its tail and rode the wind and the waves in the magma torrent to keep up with everyone’s speed. It even took the fishing rod and fishing gear of Dark Envoy Extermination for itself before it studied and used them.

The fishing rod and fishing tools were all rare treasures. However, since Dark Envoy Extermination had been killed by Evil Moon, these treasures were its spoils of war. The other God Realm Masters didn’t find it okay to take them.

About two hours later.

The crowd walked out of the underground magma cave-like space, which was filled with the smell of sulfur.

In front of them was a dry passage with twists and turns, leading to a bright spot of light. They walked along the passage and soon got out of it. The fresh air blew with the smell of grass, and they could even hear the happy chirps of birds.

“Are we out of the Hungry Ghost Path?”

Ding Hao was puzzled. The Hungry Ghost Path was one of the three evil paths of the six paths of Reincarnation. Its environment was terrible. How could there be such fairyland-like sounds?

As they walked out of the passage, sunlight shone in ahead of them and everything became clear.

A beautiful garden appeared in front of everyone.

“Is this… is this the center of the Reincarnation of the Hungry Ghost Path?” someone exclaimed. In front of them was a beautiful garden, with green trees and green grass covering it. There were clean streams, strange stones more than 10 meters high, and flying colorful butterflies, as well as five-color deers, white cranes, white tigers, and other spiritual beasts, which were roaming in the distance.

Walking out of the dark and nasty environment, the crowd suddenly arrived at a place as beautiful as a fairyland. In an instant, they felt like they had ascended to immortality.

Even Evil Moon was breathing fresh air in big gulps, looking intoxicated.

Ding Hao released his Divine Senses immediately to look around, but he was immediately shocked because, in the feedback of his Divine Senses, everything around him was like a desert. There were no strange stones, flowing water, or spiritual beasts at all. It was exactly the same as the barren wastelands of the Hungry Ghost Path. Was it all an illusion?

But everything in front of him was so real.

Ding Hao squatted down and pulled out a few stalks of grass from the ground. They felt extremely real without any sense of illusion.

“This is truly strange.

“As the saying goes, seeing is believing. Everything in front of me is not illusory at all, and it feels real when I touch it, but why can’t the Divine Senses detect it?”

Ding Hao turned to look at other people’s expressions, which were all normal. It meant that they did not find anything strange, which made him feel even weirder. It should be known that they were all Supreme Masters in the God Realm. “Even if they do not practice the Mind Essential and their Divine Senses are not as good as mine, they are all top masters, so they should have found something!

“Did I just become the only exception again?

“Just like when I’m the only one who doesn’t feel hunger?”

While Ding Hao was pondering, Evil Moon couldn’t help jumping up and pouncing on the spiritual butterflies, cheering. It even jumped into the flowing stream to catch fish. Unexpectedly, it found that there were no fish at all. It was very unwilling to give up. It took out a koi it had caught before from its storage space, put it into the stream, and then tried to experience the joy of catching fish. However, the moment the koi was put in, the stream instantly evaporated into a white mist.

That koi fish was the essence of fire, one of the most yang things in the world. How could this kind of stream handle it?

Seeing this scene, everyone laughed.

Only Ding Hao’s expression became more and more dignified. Evil Moon’s series of funny actions made this beautiful garden more real. There was no flaw in it. Compared with the discovery of his Divine Senses, he found it even weirder.

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