Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1087 - Chapter 1087 The Center of Reincarnation Region

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Chapter 1087 The Center of Reincarnation Region

In fact, when he spoke, the others also felt it.

Almost without saying anything, everyone pierced through the void like lightning, rushing forward, for fear that someone would die just like the way Gu Feng did. This time, the fighting aura was very strong and had not dissipated. Maybe there were survivors.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The flowing lights cut through the void and shattered the dark clouds all over the sky.

In an instant, everyone rushed to the battlefield.

“This is…” Seeing the scene in front of them, everyone was stunned.

Ding Hao stopped in the void, and he also showed an extremely shocked look.

Because the imagined scene of experts fighting did not appear. This area was devastated. The earth was broken, and deep black valleys filled the ground within a radius of hundreds of miles like spider webs. There were also mountains that were built by horrible shockwaves. Rocks and mud were mixed, and scarlet magma flames rose into the sky from the ground.

In the void, cryptic energy fluctuations were flashing, as if branded in the void.

This area seemed to have been bombarded by tens of thousands of Puissant Power Cannons for countless days.

It was simply a deserted land.

The fluctuation of the battle that everyone had felt before came from this place, but it was obviously not an ongoing battle. Instead, it was a fierce battle that had ended for an unknown period. Although a long time had passed, because the power of both sides of the battle was too horrifying, the remnant aura between heaven and earth remained.

Everyone looked extremely shocked.

They were a group of supreme figures who were top martial artists and possessed overwhelming power, but the fierce battle in front of them still shocked them. They all wondered if they could win if they met such opponents.

“There is the aura of dark power in the air. One fighting side is obviously the dark power that Gu Feng mentioned before.” Ding Hao landed on the ground and observed carefully. He picked up a handful of soil to feel it carefully and said, “And the opponent of this dark power is…a human expert with terrifying strength!”

The more Ding Hao observed, the more shocked he became.

The strength of this human expert was simply astounding. He was definitely a high-level God Realm Master, the top among supreme masters. He had the power to destroy the world with just a wave of his hand.

The other experts also observed for a while, making their own discoveries.

What they saw was quite an impact on many God Realm Masters. They had thought that they were already top martial artists, but they didn’t expect that there was such a power that made them revere that expert.

A Semi Demon God from the Immortal Phoenix Palace seemed to have discovered something deep in a sunken valley and suddenly shouted in surprise, “Here’s a new discovery. Come here, everyone!”

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Everyone went over in an instant.

It was a sunken valley that was thousands of meters deep. It seemed that it had been created by the bombing of some Powerful Divines. The surrounding hard rocks were smashed, and there was orange magma rushing out from below, wriggling like jelly. It was like a half-frozen lake.

The temperature at the bottom of the valley was extremely high.

If anyone below the Primordial Realm approached this place, they would probably be burned to ashes in an instant.

All eyes were fixed on the center of the lava lake.

A crimson rock pillar protruded from the magma. It was the only place where one could stand. The rock pillar was less than two meters in diameter. What attracted everyone’s attention were the two figures lying on it. They were completely black. Their faces and figures were no different from those of an ordinary human. They were wearing ancient black armor. Their bodies were withered, and they had been dead for a long time.

“Who are they?”

As Ding Hao got closer, he instantly felt a strong smell of decay and blood.

“It’s the aura of dark power!”

At this moment, many people realized something.

“Could it be that these are the dark power experts who killed Gu Feng and others?” Song Que went closer to observe and said, “Their vitality has been cut off. Their essence has been shattered by some Powerful Divines. What terrifying monsters. Although they’re dead, their auras remain.”

“Look at the style of the black armor they’re wearing. It is not modern. It seems to be a suit of armor from the Age of Teras,” a senior God Realm Master said thoughtfully.

“Did they die here in the Age of Teras?” Another person frowned. It was too absurd. Even if someone at the Completion of the God Realm died in the Age of Teras, he would probably have turned into ashes by now, and his body could not have been preserved for so long.

The head of the Blue Cloud Sect took a careful look at those two bodies and said, “No, they died half a year ago… As for the ancient armor they are wearing, perhaps they lived from the Age of Teras until current times.”

Everyone was shocked.

This statement was even more absurd.

It had been at least hundreds of thousands of years since the Age of Teras. No one on the continent had ever heard of an existence that could live for so long unless it was an eternal immortal. But there were no immortals in this era. Besides, if these two bodies were immortals, who could kill them?

But after careful observation, everyone finally agreed with the head of the Blue Cloud Sect.

Judging from various signs and how their auras weakened, these two mysterious armored dark power experts indeed died in the past half a year. Their dark auras were exactly the same as those that overflowed from Gu Feng’s body. Obviously, the murderers that killed Gu Feng and some other God Realm Masters were of the same kind as these two people.

These two people were definitely terrifying experts.

Someone went to search the two bodies carefully, including their weapons and storage devices but found no clues.

“It seems that the one who killed them has taken all the things they had away,” Bai Quanshui said.

“Damn it, I hate this smell.” Evil Moon originally wanted to eat meat, but the smell from the two corpses was exactly the same as the smell from Ghost Figure Tiansha killed on Heaven Island, which made the Demon King sick.

Ding Hao did not say much.

But now he was very clear that the so-called dark power was absolutely from someone like the Hades True Immortal. He didn’t expect this power to be so horrible that it had seeped into the Reincarnation Region. “Had they been active here for a long time, or did they also enter here through the Door of Reincarnation recently like us?”

An invisible Wheel of Fate was already running, and the existences that had been hidden in the darkness for countless years gradually became restless and appeared before everyone.

“Let’s keep moving. We might be very close to the center of the Reincarnation Region.”

Ding Honglei raised her hand and shattered the two black-armored corpses. They fell into the boiling lava and were gradually swallowed by it. Then, she was the first to turn around and leave.

Everyone looked at each other before following closely behind.

Two people the dark powers that everyone had been worried about for nearly a month had died all of a sudden, which broke the crowd’s fear of them. It seemed that those dark powers could also be killed, not ghosts living in the dark.

The moment when he rose into the air, Ding Hao turned his head and was slightly shocked.

He didn’t notice it before, but now when he looked down from the sky, he found that the shape of the lava valley was a huge fist print. Back then, the two dark power masters must have been directly killed by someone’s punch.

Who on earth had such strength to do this?

Four or five names flashed across Ding Hao’s mind, but he was not sure yet.

Time flew by.

About half a month passed.

All along the way, the main force encountered more and more traces of battle, and it was very similar to the place they’d seen before. Dark power experts were killed ceaselessly, and most of their bodies were damaged. The ruins of the battle grew more and more terrifying, and the aura that suffused the surroundings grew more and more horrifying.

In particular, the last battlefield they passed through stretched for thousands of miles. The power that could instantly kill experts in the Demigod Realm was branded in the void and did not dissipate for a long time. It was simply a dangerous place. Everyone was extremely careful and it took them several days to pass this place.

Gradually, they saw changes in the dusty land, and traces of ancient ruins began to appear around them.

This discovery brought joy to the crowd.

After a long trek, they finally saw some traces of something similar to ancient ruins. This was a good sign. Maybe the so-called immortal fate of Reincarnation was in one of those ruins.

As time went by, there were more and more traces of ancient ruins in the surroundings.

Everyone had seen some ruins similar to those of inhabited cities and towns in the Age of Teras. Most of them were damaged, leaving only a few foundations. Floods had taken away too many eroded things. Ding Hao and the others carefully searched these ruins. Except for some broken walls, they found nothing.

Just when everyone was a little disappointed, magnificent ruins of an ancient city finally appeared in front of them.

The ruins of this ancient city were many times larger than those of the small town they had seen before. Towers and buildings stretched as far as the eye could see. The city walls were not completely collapsed. Half of the city was covered by sand and dust. From a distance, it looked like an endless stone forest, standing in the distance, full of a mysterious aura of death.

“Could this be the center of the Reincarnation Region?” someone asked.

Ding Honglei did not give a direct answer. After a short pause, she said with a dignified look, “We’re not there yet, but it’s already very close. There may be an immortal fate of Reincarnation in the ruins of this city from the Age of Teras, but there are also dangers. Be careful, everyone. Let’s go.”

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