Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1085

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Chapter 1085 The Hungry Ghost Path

This was indeed a miraculous world.

They could smell some rotten smell in the air as if the air here had solidified and not flowed for thousands of years. The ground was thick with dust as if it had been burned by something. It was like a world of death. Except for the crowd, there was no vitality.

There was an oppressive and suffocating atmosphere in the air.

They walked very fast. Although they were walking on the ground, they were all above the Demigod Realm and every step they took covered thousands of meters. Dozens of figures flashed. In the blink of an eye, they covered hundreds of miles. The terrain along the way had hardly changed. The flat gray ground stretched to the endless horizon. There seemed to be no obvious dividing line between the gray sky and the same gray ground.

A Semi God Realm Master abruptly said, “That’s strange. Why do I suddenly feel a little hungry?”

What he said didn’t sound weird, but the moment they heard it, everyone’s grave and aghast expressions were shown on their faces. First of all, it was strange for Semi God Realm Masters to feel a sense of hunger. After reaching such a level, even if they didn’t eat or drink for an entire year, it wouldn’t matter to them. Of course, the most important reason was that the other experts all felt a sense of hunger.

“I also feel a little hungry.”

“So I’m not the only one who feels this way?”

“How come I would feel like this? I haven’t experienced this feeling for many years.”

The others all said what they felt as well. At first, when their hunger surged, every single expert thought it was due to personal reasons. But now, it seemed abnormal while so many experts were feeling hungry at the same time.

Everyone stopped in their tracks.

Ding Hao looked at Zhang Fan and Fang Tianyi beside him and whispered, “Do you feel the same way?”

Zhang Fan nodded and said, “At first, I thought it was an illusion. I didn’t expect that I would feel more and more hungry and thirsty. I thought it was my own problem. I didn’t think that everyone was like this.”

“Yeah. I’m also a little hungry.” Fang Tianyi licked his lips, which were dry and cracked. He asked in a low voice, “Senior Brother Ding, do you have this feeling? I feel that this place is a little strange. There is a force that we can’t understand existing in this world, silently affecting us.”

“I’m fine,” Ding Hao whispered.

He was noncommittal, but in fact, Ding Hao didn’t feel anything. He didn’t feel the hunger and thirst that the crowd mentioned at all.

Why was he the only exception?

He was a little confused.

“It’s so annoying to be shrouded in this layer of dark clouds…I’m breaking it!” A Semi God Realm Master was a little impetuous in this strange atmosphere. He suddenly punched out, and instantly, winds and clouds surged. His energy shot through the air and the powerful force rose to the sky, leaving a huge pit in the thick and low dark clouds.

The next moment, everyone was stunned.

At the moment when the dark clouds all over the sky dispersed, they saw the scene outside the dark clouds. It turned out to be an extremely clear starry sky. Each big star seemed to be within reach. Each one was as big as a millstone, and the patterns on the surface could even be seen clearly. They were much brighter and bigger than the moon on the Land of Infinity and the Land of Divine Grace, giving people an illusion that they could jump to the surface of those stars with a light leap.

The reason why this great earth wasn’t completely dark was precisely because of the illumination of these millstone-sized stars. Meanwhile, the reason why the lighting was so dusky was that there was no sun in the sky at all.

“Hey? So many moons…” Evil Moon looked up and said thoughtfully, “Their appearance reminds me of delicious mooncakes.”

It seemed that after vomiting twice, the Demon King still remained a foodie.

Ding Hao shook his head, but he was even more surprised.

Because of his knowledge of Earth’s astronomy in his previous life, he understood why there would be such wonderful scenery. It was because this planet was so close to other planets. What kind of world was this? And it was strange that standing on this planet, he couldn’t feel the gravity of those big stars. The power tide here was not affected at all. It was difficult to explain with his knowledge of physics in his previous life.

“Let’s go to the sky.”

Tempted, someone rushed into the sky but soon exclaimed again.

Everyone followed.

“The… The Sky Area here is very thin. It’s incredible. We haven’t reached the Fourth-level Heaven yet. If we keep going up, we will reach the vacuum Star Area.”

After Ding Hao came to the vault of heaven, he knew why the expert had exclaimed before. It was just a few kilometers away from the ground, but the attraction of the continent below had become very weak. When the vacuum space appeared, even if he did not use his power, he would float in the air.

Because the air was so thin that people could not breathe smoothly.

Of course, it didn’t affect God Realm Masters at all.

Until now, everyone had confirmed that this was indeed another world, not the Land of Infinity. But were there really the fortunes to become immortal and the power of Reincarnation in such a strange world?

It didn’t seem so.

Ding Honglei took out a strange object similar to a compass from her clothes and fiddled with it for a while, but she said nothing. In the end, she took the experts of the Holy Palace of Mysterious Frost to the southwest. Ding Hao, Xie Jieyu, Zhang Fan, Fang Tianyi, and the others followed her. After hesitating for a while, a few more God Realm Masters left the main force and moved on their own.

In this way, there were less than 40 God Realm Masters left in the main force who had passed through the Door of Reincarnation to enter this place.

Ding Hao remained silent from beginning to end.

In his sea of consciousness, the Heavenly Samsara Disc emitted a strange slight heat. It seemed to have mutated after absorbing too much energy from dead people on Heaven Island before, or it seemed to have received some mysterious force in this space. That Divine Artifact was simply too mysterious, obviously different from the God-suppressing Seal and the Sand of Time.

Ding Hao kept having a feeling that Ding Honglei seemed to know something, but she was obviously unwilling to say more.

“I am getting more and more hungry, both thirsty and hungry.” A Semi God Realm Master of the Blue Cloud Sect frowned. Gradually, with his strength, he was almost unable to suppress this weird feeling. Although it was not fatal pain, it gave people a very strange feeling, which was frightening.

The others did not look good either.

“Don’t run your powers to suppress this feeling. Just adapt to the changes,” Ding Honglei suddenly said. “This kind of reaction proves one thing, that is, this place is indeed the Reincarnation Region because it is said that there are six paths of Reincarnation, namely, the Heaven Path, the Asura Path, the Human Path, the Hell Path, the Beast Path, and the Hungry Ghost Path. Judging from your reactions at this time, this should be the legendary Hungry Ghost Path.”

“Hungry Ghost Path?”

Everyone was shocked after hearing what she said.

But Ding Hao was enlightened.

Among the six paths, there were three good ones, namely the Heaven Path, Human Path, and Asura Path. There were three evil ones, the Beast Path, the Hungry Ghost Path, and the Hell Path. Among them, the creatures in the Hungry Ghost Path would suffer three major obstacles in eating for their entire lives, namely the external kind, the internal kind, and the non-existed kind. No matter what obstacle it was, they would be tortured by miserable hunger and thirst all day long.

Any creature who entered the Hungry Ghost Path would be tortured by the three major obstacles.

After listening to Ding Honglei, Ding Hao also realized this.

“Everyone’s reactions and performances are exactly the same as that of how one reacts in the legendary Hungry Ghost Path. It seems that most of what she said is right, but there is a very strange phenomenon. Previously, in Asura Path and Hell Path, I had the power to change heaven and earth with a thought. But now, why do I no longer have such power in this Hungry Ghost Path except for being unaffected?

“The only difference is that when I first entered the Asura Path and the Hell Path, I was in a state of deep sleep similar to soul transmigration. But this time, I directly entered this place with my physical body…

“What on earth is the Reincarnation Immortal Fate that Ding Honglei and other supreme masters are pursuing?”

“What’s that ahead?” A Semi God Realm Master of the Holy Palace of Mysterious Frost suddenly seemed to have found something and turned into a stream of light to rush out. Everyone was slightly shocked and followed him closely.

A pungent smell of blood came from below.

When they landed on the ground, everyone was stunned.

All of them had shock and disbelief on their faces.

Because they saw a body of a giant creature as big as a hill. It was a God Realm Master of the Demon Clan. He looked like a Kylin beast and the blood of the divine beast flowed in his body. However, he was already dead. His head had been cut off by a sharp weapon, and his brain marrow had been hollowed out. Blood flowed out like a river, forming a small lake on the ground. The surging blood and evil Qi spread, and the air was still filled with a strong Demon Aura fluctuation.

It was the corpse of a recently deceased Demon God Realm expert.

But the blood had yet to dry.

“He’s dead… This is the head of the Purple Thunder Peak, a supreme master in the one-apertured God Realm. He left four hours ago, but now he’s dead…”

Everyone was extremely shocked.

It was impossible to tell who had killed this expert of the Demon Clan because there was no opponent’s aura left in the air except for the dead’s aura. Moreover, there was no trace of battle in this area at all. The injury to his brain was fatal. It seemed that he had been killed without any preparation or resistance.

But in this strange world, what kind of power could kill a supreme master in the one-apertured Martial Demigod Realm in such a short time?

It’d only been four hours since this Demon God Realm expert left the main force and moved on his own.

Moreover, the place where he died was not very far away from the crowd. The head of the Purple Thunder Peak did not even have time to ask for help before he was killed. Everyone was shocked, especially some experts in the Demigod Realm. They felt a kind of horror that made their hair stand on end. If it were them, they would probably die faster than he did.

Ding Honglei went up and carefully examined the body of the head of Purple Thunder Peak, especially the horrible injury on the brain. She looked a little dignified, but it could not be seen from her expression whether she had found anything.

Ding Hao also went up to observe for a while.

Although he couldn’t find any obvious traces or clues, the intuition of the Mind Essential made Ding Hao faintly feel that there was a faint dark power in the body.

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