Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1083

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Chapter 1083 I May Suffer from Anorexia

When the voice rang out, joy immediately appeared on Duanmu Hui’s face. Turning around, he kneeled on one knee and respectfully said, “Greetings, Your Majesty.”

Military Counselor Qing Long also cupped his hands on the rattan chair. “Greetings, Your Majesty!”

Liu Lingzui, who had always been calm like an ice doll, immediately smiled and said in a crisp voice, “Brother Mu, you are here.”

Mu Tianyang, dressed in snow-white clothes, appeared in front of everyone. He had long silver-white hair and snow-white eyebrows. His handsome face, like the incarnation of ice and snow, gave him an unspeakable charm, and there was a murderous aura revealed in his coldness. He was like a tree covered with silver-snow radiance under the sun.

As soon as he appeared, the surrounding temperature instantly dropped.

“Greetings, Your Majesty!”

The surviving patrolling masters also knelt down one after another with fanatical worship on their faces. They looked at Mu Tianyang as if looking at the god in their hearts, willing to do anything for this man.

“Rise now, all of you.”

Mu Tianyang waved his long snow-white sleeve, and an invisible force helped everyone up.

“Military Counselor Qing Long, it’s my fault for having you shocked this time.” Mu Tianyang nodded at Qing Long and consoled him.

To be honest, although Mu Tianyang was an indifferent person, he attached great importance to the disabled old man in front of him.

On that day when he came to the Divine Central Continent, he happened to see Qing Long being hunted down by his enemy. At first, Mu Tianyang did not pay too much attention to it but merely felt that the other party’s means were too cruel, so he saved Qing Long out of impulse. However, he gradually found that although Qing Long was not powerful, he was very resourceful and careful when he did things. He was a rare intellectual figure, and even Master Devil appreciated him a lot.

It was with the help of this person that Mu Tianyang defeated all the major forces in Wei Province in such a short time and built the White-Robed Iron Army. He won one battle after another, which made the Feather Clan army even dare not to set foot in Wei Province.

This time, it was obvious that the Feather Clan army wanted to eliminate Qing Long, who was a trouble for them, so they had planned for a long time and set an ambush. They wanted to kill the right-hand man of the White-Robed King in one fell swoop. Without Qing Long, perhaps in the eyes of the Feather Clan members, Mu Tianyang was just a powerful warrior.

“Your Majesty, you shouldn’t blame yourself.” Military Counselor Qing Long was like a rusty knife, but the blade was still sharp and there was a kind of evil spirit on his body. He narrowed his eyes and said, “This matter is definitely not simple. There may be a problem among us.”

Mu Tianyang was stunned and immediately realized that without an insider, the Feather Clan army would not have known Military Counselor’s schedule.

If that were the case, it would be a little tricky.

“I roughly know who did this.” Military Counselor Qing Long smiled and said, “I will handle this matter well.”

Mu Tianyang nodded.

“Brother Mu, that person’s strength seems to be more terrifying than before,” said Liu Lingzui in a crisp voice after she came over and took Mu Tianyang’s hand. In the entire White-Robed Army, only she had a special identity and dared to be so close to Mu Tianyang.

Mu Tianyang nodded and said nothing.

Ding Hao had killed his relatives. There would be a battle between them for sure.

However, he was not as impetuous and flamboyant as he used to be. He had thought a lot of things through. As for revenge, it was not something that could be completed in a short time. His progress in martial arts and cultivation had also improved a lot compared to the past. One day, he would fight Ding Hao again and see which of them would be the winner.

After leaving Wei Province, Ding Hao passed through dozens of provinces of the Divine Central Continent. Along the way, he encountered many ongoing wars and was embroiled in them. The Feather Clan had been very aggressive in invading the Divine Central Continent. On his way, Ding Hao killed many powerful Feather Clan experts.

To a certain extent, the Divine Central Continent was the most chaotic of the five regions. Ding Hao had seen not only the Feather Clan but also the traces of the Sea Clan, God’s Palace, and even the Beast Clan. Moreover, the Demon Clan of the Central Continent was also very active. It was a chaotic battlefield for various parties.

In comparison, the peace in Wei Province seemed even more precious.

Ding Hao didn’t expect that Mu Tianyang, who had disappeared for a long time, would reappear with such an identity, which was quite different from the previous Child Prodigy of the Tranquility Academy in his impression. However, no matter what his purpose was, Mu Tianyang was able to protect his people well. His deeds were a lot better than that of many God Realm Masters.

Ding Hao also knew that there would be a battle between him and Mu Tianyang sooner or later. But deep down, he still hoped that the White-Robed Army could rise to power in the chaotic Divine Central Continent.

After about half a month of killing along the way, Ding Hao and his companions finally returned to the Northern Region.

On the border of the Northern Region, Ding Hao met the Mysterious Frost Holy Guards who were waiting there to welcome him. The leader was an expert of the older generation in the Demigod Realm with two swords on his back. He was also a master of swordsmanship. His name was Chen Zhen, and he was the Junior Brother of Elder Chen, the mysterious old servant who had been serving Ding Honglei.

“In one day, the Door of Reincarnation will open. Senior Honglei has ordered me to welcome you here.” Chen Zhen looked to be in his thirties, but in fact, he had lived for more than 500 years. Unlike his taciturn Senior Brother, Elder Chen, Chen Zhen was very talkative and always laughed before he spoke.

“Thank you, Senior Chen.” Ding Hao saluted back and said, “Shall we go to the divine hall now?”

“We don’t need to. The Door of Reincarnation is in the territory of Guo City. We’ll go straight to the city,” Chen Zhen said. “Senior Honglei and the other members of the Northern Region Martial Alliance are also waiting for your arrival over there.”

Hearing that, Ding Hao knew that it was urgent, so he set off immediately.

Two days later, the Long Sailing arrived at Guo City.

As expected, Ding Honglei had been waiting here for a long time. At the same time, the heads of the Blue Cloud Sect, the Extermination Swordsmanship Sect, and other top forces in the Northern Region were there. Zhang Fan, Fang Tianyi, Li Lan, Xie Jieyu, and other experts all appeared in Guo City, as well as Prince Primeval, Princess Primordial, the old servants of the Demon God Palace, and other experts of the Demon Clan.

Such a grand occasion surprised Ding Hao.

After simple contact and communication, Ding Hao grew more and more surprised. “What on earth is Reincarnation involved with? It almost attracted all the top masters of the Human Clan and the Demon Clan in the entire Northern Region to come here, and they’re getting along so peacefully.”

In the main hall of City Lord’s Mansion.

When Ding Hao was led into the hall, someone immediately reported to Ding Honglei and others.

Ding Hao casually sat on a chair, waiting for everyone to arrive.


“Haha, Third Brother, we meet again.” A burst of hearty laughter came. A round, chubby, and fat man jumped out and hugged Ding Hao’s neck. His thunderous laughter made Ding Hao’s ears hurt.

Who else could it be but Song Que, the mean chubby guy?

Behind Song Que, Bai Quanshui, the Extermination Swordsmanship Sect’s Monster, was also standing in a white shirt with a smile. He seemed to be thinner than before, but the aura surging in his body was much stronger than before. He had vaguely reached the Completion of the Demigod Realm.

“Big Brother, Second Brother, haha, you finally came out of seclusion?” Ding Hao saw the two and was overjoyed.

Since they passed the chessboard formation and entered the Land of Divine Grace, Ding Hao had never seen them again. He had been quite worried. When the Martial Arts Alliance fought against the Southern Heavenly Army of God’s Palace, they were both cultivating in seclusion. Now they finally came out. Judging from their auras, their cultivation worked out amazingly. They were already halfway to the God Realm.

“Boy, you’re shining now. You’ve become the alliance chief of the Northern Region. I’m no match for you anymore.” The chubby guy did not have the demeanor of an expert at all. He put his arms around Ding Hao’s shoulders and said with a smile, “Tell me, how does it feel to be an alliance chief? By the way, I heard that you’ve married four beautiful wives. Young man, you should watch out and restrain yourself a bit. Haha, also, which one is more interesting, be it the wedding night or the position of the alliance chief?”

Ding Hao was speechless.

“It’s been a few years. Although he’s already a top master, why is this chubby guy even crazier than before?”

“Hey? This stupid Fat Cat is still with you? It’s been so long, hasn’t it died yet?” Song Que turned around and saw Evil Moon snoring on Ding Hao’s shoulder. Before Ding Hao could stop him, he grabbed the Demon King’s tail and lifted it up. He laughed and said, “I’ve always wanted to rub it. It feels good. Now I’m already at the Demigod Realm, so why should I be afraid of it?”

“Well…” Ding Hao looked at Fatty Song with pitiful eyes.

The next moment, the sleepy Demon King finally woke up from its sleep for digesting. It grew furious and didn’t even look at who was holding it. It roared angrily and easily broke away from Fatty Song’s hands. It turned around and took a bite. Its head swelled as it swallowed Fatty Song.

“No…” Ding Hao was shocked.

The Demon King looked around a bit foolishly and asked in surprise, “Meow? What happened? Eh? I seem to smell the smell of that mean fat guy. Where is he?”

Ding Hao pointed to its mouth.

Evil Moon was stunned, and then its face changed dramatically. “Oh, my God, the guy I just swallowed… Is he Fatty Song who doesn’t like bathing? Ah, it’s so disgusting… Ugh… Ugh!”

Evil Moon vomited as if it had eaten a dead mouse. Finally, with a splash, it puked out Fatty Song along with some half-digested mucus.

The moment Song Que landed on the ground, his face darkened and he disappeared without saying a word.

It was too embarrassing.

He was too ashamed to stay here any longer.

Evil Moon said sadly and indignantly, “Human Pet, why didn’t you remind me in advance? You made me eat such a disgusting thing. Taking what happened last time into account, I’ve vomited twice, and I’ve suffered a lot both mentally and physically. I think I may suffer from anorexia in the future…”

Ding Hao and Bai Quanshui looked at each other and could not help laughing.

While they were talking, Ding Honglei and other masters also arrived.

“Hey? Where’s Song Que? Why isn’t he here? Didn’t he arrive in advance?” Ding Honglei glanced at them and nodded at Ding Hao. Then, she looked at the crowd and said, “Forget it, let’s not wait for that unreliable little fatty. Since Chief Ding has arrived, we can start our plan. If I’m not mistaken, the Door of Reincarnation will open at midnight. Let’s make proper preparations before we enter the Reincarnation Region.”

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