Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1080

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Chapter 1080 Parting

Ding Hao secretly nodded aside.

After so many years of hard work, his sister’s strength was terrifying and her foresight extraordinary. She wasn’t seduced by the so-called great power of the Heaven Sect on Heaven Island and was able to see the truth of the matter with just a glance. If she didn’t have the Four Divine Artifacts in charge, their previous promise would be nothing more than a joke. Once the Heaven Sect was revived, these people might abandon her.

At this time, Ding Ke’er was neither humble nor pushy, and her methods were extremely brilliant.

Deep in his heart, Ding Hao hoped that Ke’er could take charge of the Heaven Sect.

Because in this way, the Extermination Peak would no longer need to fight against its arch-enemy, which meant that it would almost merge into one with the Heaven Sect. In the future, there would probably be no force or person in the entire Southern Wilderness who could provoke Ke’er again. She would become a top master second only to the Southern Wilderness Heaven-Splitting Whale War God.

Power might not be the most reliable thing, but it could protect her to a certain extent.

On the other side.

After the three experts discussed for a while, Muhuang Tianshu finally came over and asked seriously, “Ke’er, I have a question for you. I hope that you can answer it honestly because it’s very important to us…Has Brother Tianji taught you the manipulation method of the four ancestor Divine Artifacts?”

“Yes.” Ding Ke’er nodded and admitted it directly.

In fact, she was still grateful to Muhuang Tianshu. At that time, he was the only one who was willing to speak up for her in the Four Great Families except for Master Tianji. Moreover, he had agreed to her request to go to the Northern Region to take care of Ding Hao. Ding Ke’er had always kept this kindness in mind and would find an opportunity to repay it.

The three experts looked at each other thoughtfully.

In the end, Ximen Guiying nodded and said, “In that case, you have our consent. Tianshang and Tianling have already died. The heads of the Chuyun family and the Muhuang family are not strong enough, so they can’t inherit the ancestral Divine Artifacts. The strength of Tianshu and I have fallen sharply, and we can’t withstand the power of the Divine Artifacts. Since you can control the Four Divine Artifacts, you will be in charge of them.”

As he spoke, he and Tianshu ran their techniques and forced out two balls of silver brilliance from their bodies. They were silver holy lotuses, the ancestral Divine Artifacts of the Four Great Families.

Ding Ke’er did not put on airs and slowly opened her palm.

A strange force circulated, and the four silver holy lotuses were all absorbed into her palm. The petals swayed slightly, and the four lotuses finally merged together slowly, as if they had melted into Ding Ke’er palm.

She was extremely exquisite in her control of the Four Divine Artifacts, even more so than Muhuang Tianshu and the others. Obviously, she really had obtained the most profound method of control.

Muhuang Tianshu and the others had no further doubts.

All along, Muhuang Tianji had taken every possibility into account. Since he gave the method of merging and controlling the ancestral Divine Artifacts to Ding Ke’er, he must have a special purpose. Perhaps he had already expected that the Four Divine Artifacts would belong to her.

At this point, the post-war arrangements of the Four Great Families on Heaven Island were completely set.

For Ding Ke’er, the joint attack with the Demon Clan this time was originally intended to kill Ghost Figure Tiansha to avenge her master. However, she did not expect she would experience so much and gain more than she had expected. Not only did she recognize her biological brother, but she also became the master of Heaven Island. In fact, she did not have much interest in taking over the Heaven Sect but just wanted to fulfill her promise to Master Tianji.

Under the arrangement of Uncle Tianshu and the other two God Realm Highest Elders, the news that Ding Ke’er was about to take over the power of the Heaven Sect quickly spread among the masters of the Four Great Families. In the beginning, there were naturally some people who opposed it. After all, they had been enemies with the Extermination Peak. However, these three God Realm elders reasoned with them while using benefits and interests to persuade the parents and elders of the Four Great Families. Then, they directly suppressed others who had opposing opinions.

During this process, almost none of the masters of the Four Great Families had the right to speak.

This was because the real masters of the Four Great Families had always been their Highest Elders. The parents were only the relatively outstanding middle-aged people in the family. They were responsible for the daily operation and trivial management of the family. In terms of personal strength, the heads of the Four Great Families were only in the Demigod Realm, and they could not resist the Highest Elders at all. In fact, the family heads were also aware that they could only welcome Ding Ke’er’s powerful arrival.

It was even more so for the young experts of the Four Great Families led by the Four Great Childes, including Muhuang Pin.

Back when they were cultivating in the past and Ding Ke’er was still in the Heaven Sect, they were no match for her. In terms of cultivation speed and strength, they were not as good as her. Later, Ding Ke’er betrayed the sect and fought with its forces many times as the master of the Extermination Peak. Muhuang Pin and the others were terrified because they were beaten up badly by Ding Ke’er. In fact, they had already admitted that they were inferior to her, and they respected her very much, so they were not unconvinced.

In addition, Ding Ke’er used to be a disciple of the Heaven Sect. With such an identity, under the guidance of the three God Realm Highest Elders, all the past grievances were completely attributed to Ghost Figure Tiansha. All the disciples and masters of the Heaven Sect subconsciously felt that Ding Ke’er was wronged back then.

Due to various reasons, Ding Ke’er successfully became the new head of Heaven Island.

In the past few days, Wen Duoqing left with the Demon Clan army temporarily. However, before leaving, they had agreed on the time and place to go to the Seven Seas. If Ding Hao finally agreed to let Li Yiruo and Adorable go to the Divine Grace Seven Seas, Wen Duoqing would definitely go with them.

As for the Mermaid Clan’s army, they had been stationed 150 kilometers away from the harbor of Heaven Island, patiently waiting for Ding Hao’s final decision.

The men of Extermination Peak were stationed on the island and swore to defend their peak master to death.

Ding Ke’er began to transform the Heaven Sect according to her own ideas. This was a turning point for rebuilding, so she did not have too many scruples. In addition, with Ding Hao, her elder brother with a similar powerful background, holding down the fort, no one dared to disobey her orders.

Ding Hao did not stop cultivating during this time.

After cultivating in seclusion for a few days and consuming some divine herbs and elixirs, he finally reached the peak Completion of the Martial Sage Realm, and he had completely made it into the God Realm. According to his calculation, it would not take long for him to really become a Supreme Master in the God Realm. His understanding of Saber Intent and Sword Intent had also improved to a higher level. He comprehended the 12th Sword Intent of 24 Solar Terms, the Great Heat, which was equivalent to mastering the profound meaning of the reincarnation of the two seasons, spring and summer. Ding Hao was still exploring further, and the meteorological phenomena of the Saber Intent had thoroughly comprehended the power of lightning.

Li Yiruo was also racing against time to practice.

Perhaps it was really as what she had said that in the sea area with abundant water power, her strength would be stronger. After she entered the Southern Wilderness, her cultivation speed had obviously grown faster, which also made Ding Hao ponder. He remembered that when he entered the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect, Li Yiruo’s test property was Level A water element. She had been with Adorable all these years. It seemed that she had been affected by a certain force field. When she practiced water-based skills and magic skills, she would be more skillful and progress at a fast speed.

This made Ding Hao more convinced that the little dolphin was extraordinary.

“If it’s really the offspring of the Sea God or his reincarnation, why did the dark forces of the Hades True Immortal want to deal with it? Is there any relationship between the Sea God and Hades True Immortal? Are they enemies or allies? Why did the little dolphin end up here?

“It’s a pity that this guy doesn’t know how to speak the human language except by making noises like ‘garrrrrgh’ every day. If it were like Evil Moon, many mysteries would be solved. Perhaps only when it regains its memory and the bloodline power as well as displaying the power of the Sea God will it solve many mysteries.”

As for Evil Moon, the people of the Four Great Families of Heaven Island were about to be driven crazy by the Demon King.

In just a few days, the herb garden and the spiritual beast farm of the Four Great Families were almost turned upside down by Evil Moon. Many precious divine medicines and spiritual birds, which had been heartily protected, suddenly disappeared, leaving only some residue and feathers. The Elixir Room and Crystal Storage also suffered heavy losses. At first, people did not suspect the Demon King, but one day, an elder on duty found that Evil Moon was still sleeping soundly by a lake with the tail of a Colorful Feather Crane, which had just gone missing, in its mouth. It made the disciples of the Four Great Families go crazy.

Ever since that incident, Evil Moon, who had been taught a lesson by Ding Hao, expressed its remorse and stopped hunting on the island. Instead, it went to the surrounding sea to hunt.

On the third day, the fleets of the Sea Clan and Demon Clan retreated 1,000 kilometers in fear.

On this day.

Ding Hao finally made a decision and agreed to the Mermaid Princess’ request.

But before that, he went to Li Yiruo and quietly gave her an immortal medicine catalyst.

Ding Hao said seriously, “Evil Moon survived because of an immortal medicine catalyst. I’m not sure whether this journey to the Seven Seas will be smooth. Although you have the Mermaid Clan’s protection, I’m still a little worried. Take this immortal medicine with you. If there’s an accident, it can resolve a disaster at a critical moment.”

“How can I take this? Brother Hao, this immortal medicine is too valuable. I…” Li Yiruo found his gesture sweet. Her husband did not hesitate to give up the immortal medicine for her, which was enough to explain his feelings for her. She shook her head and said, “Maybe you should keep it for a better purpose.”

Ding Hao smiled and said, “Its only function now is to ensure your safe return.”

In the end, under Ding Hao’s unquestionable offering, Li Yiruo still took the immortal medicine catalyst. After thinking for a while, Ding Hao distributed the Heaven-exterminating Flame Army and 20 elite Vast Ocean physical cultivators to his wife and personally refined three bottles of magical elixirs that could prolong her life and help restore her Qi.

About half a month later.

After Ding Ke’er dealt with the matter of Heaven Island, she had nothing urgent to do in a short time, so she made an appointment with Wen Duoqing and accompanied Li Yiruo to the Seven Seas of the Land of Divine Grace with the Mermaid Army.

Ding Hao saw them off and stayed on Heaven Island for half a day. Then, he started the Long Sailing and began to return to the Northern Region.

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