Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1079

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Chapter 1079 Three Conditions

“After experiencing this calamity, the Four Great Families suffered heavy losses, and too many God Realm Masters perished. How pitiable! We no longer have the power to deter the Southern Wilderness!”

In the dilapidated Heaven Sect Garden, Uncle Tianshu sighed sadly.

Beside him, Ximen Guiying also looked gloomy.

The two of them had fallen below the God Realm, and they would be unable to recover within a few tens of years and had lost their deterrent force. Moreover, Yin Rong was heavily injured just like the two of them, and it would require him a long time to recover. As for Chuyun Tianshang, Muhuang Tianling, and Muhuang Tianji, they had even perished.

Heaven Sect had indeed suffered heavy losses during this calamity.

There were many people around.

Muhuang Pin, Ximen Piaoxue, Yin Lisheng, and other experts of the new generation from the Heaven Sect were gathered around the three masters. After this disaster, these young people, who were originally at loggerheads, felt that their fates were unstable and began to give up their prejudice against each other. For the first time, they realized that they had to unite. If they continued to fight internally, the Heaven Sect would go down for real.

“Without a top master, Heaven Island will become the hunting ground of other powers.” Yin Rong also sighed sorrowfully. They had made mistakes continuously. He had never imagined things would turn out like this.

“We must reorganize the Four Great Families. We can’t fight alone anymore. We must unite better,” Ximen Guiying suddenly said, “We need to elect someone who is really capable of leading us to survive in this chaotic world to take charge of the Four Great Families.”

“My opinion is the same.” Muhuang Tianshu nodded and said, “The era of Heaven Sect’s Four Great Families deterring the Southern Wilderness has come to an end, and we’re now facing the pressure of survival. If we don’t work together, then Heaven Island will have its name changed sooner or later.”

In the past tens of thousands of years, Heaven Sect had been well-known in the Southern Wilderness. Its way of doing things was ruthless and overbearing. It also provoked many enemies, both in the open and in the dark. When the sect was at its peak, it was naturally not afraid of these enemies. But now, its strength had declined so much that if these enemies knew about it, it would immediately be destroyed.

“But who should we elect as our head?” Yin Rong frowned and said, “Old fellows like you and me… Alas, we can’t do it. If it’s the younger generation…” When he spoke of that, his gaze swept past the younger generation of the Four Freat Families.

Muhuang Pin, Yin Lisheng, Chuyun Kuangzhan, and Ximen Piaoxue were outstanding talents in the past. However, for some unknown reason, Yin Rong now felt that they were still slightly inferior.

Ximen Guiying snorted and said, “Why are you looking at them? If you want them to shoulder the burden of the entire Heaven Sect, you might as well just disband the sect. They’re too weak.”

His words made the Four Great Childes blush.

However, they had no way to refute him. They were still very confident in their own strength before today, but after being defeated successively by Ding Hao and Ding Ke’er, who were of the same age as them, their sense of superiority and self-confidence had been completely shattered. Moreover, the strength displayed by Wen Duoqing, the genius of the Demon Clan, and the Mermaid Princess of the Sea Clan, made them feel inferior.

They weren’t qualified to stand out among their peers, let alone rule the Heaven Sect to fight against foreign enemies.

Muhuang Tianshu sighed.

All these years, Heaven’s Sanctum seemed to be powerful, but in fact, it had been strong on the outside and weak on the inside. It seemed prosperous, but there was a great crisis hidden beneath the surface, and today’s battle had detonated this crisis in advance.

“I have a candidate,” Muhuang Tianshu suddenly said.

Ding Hao sat quietly by the bonfire on the other side of the Heaven Sect Garden.

A few Vast Ocean physical cultivators were roasting meat with great interest. Nalan Youxia was sitting next to them with a white apron around his neck. He was drooling and waiting for the meat to be cooked so that he could enjoy it.

Squarie and Roundie were already fast asleep in the tent.

The Mermaid Princess and Li Yiruo were still laughing and talking. They seemed to have become besties and chatted happily. Adorable also gradually got familiar with the Mermaid Princess and would jump onto her shoulder and spit bubbles from time to time.

It seemed that the Sea Clan aura of the Mermaid Princess also made the little dolphin instinctively close to her.

Wen Duoqing went to the camp of the Demon Clan.

There were still a few tens of Vast Ocean physical cultivators guarding the surroundings of the tent.

The Long Sailing had returned. It was Ding Hao who had asked them to leave through space teleportation in advance. Later, the Long Sailing was taken into the army of the Extermination Peak. Fortunately, he made proper explanations and there was no conflict.

Ding Ke’er leaned quietly on Ding Hao’s shoulder and fell asleep like a well-behaved child. This scene almost made the jaws of countless masters from Extermination Peak drop. They had never seen the fierce peak master reveal such a sweet posture.

Ding Hao’s heart was unprecedentedly calm.

He had finally found his sister, and the trouble he had for a long time was finally resolved. The family love made him feel an unprecedented warmth. Looking at the girl lying on his shoulder, Ding Hao seemed to see the scene of her calling him brother with a smile many years ago.

The surrounding air was still filled with a thick smell of blood.

The Heavenly Samsara Disc floated in the air. The bright gray light door released a misty brilliance that only Ding Hao could see, constantly absorbing something between heaven and earth. He had carefully observed that it seemed to be a kind of energy flowing out of dead bodies.

“Perhaps it has something to do with the Hell Path.”

Ding Hao guessed.

The Heavenly Samsara Disc was still in a half-dead state. Ding Hao could not completely control it yet, nor could he figure out the mystery contained in it. At this time, it was absorbing the energy of the dead, so Ding Hao just left it alone. He hoped that after it got enough energy, there would be some changes in the Heavenly Samsara Disc.

Ding Hao was thinking about what would happen next.

He really wanted to go to the Seven Seas with Li Yiruo. Only by going with her could he protect her in person, but he couldn’t be in two places at the same time, because before he came to the Southern Wilderness, Ding Honglei had sent him a message, telling him to go back to the Northern Region as soon as possible once he finished his business in the Southern Wilderness. The clues about the revival of reincarnation had appeared. Something serious was about to happen, and he had to go back to be in charge.

In the letter, Ding Honglei used very serious words, which made Ding Hao realize that this matter was definitely not simple. It was very likely to have something to do with what was going on between the God of War of Mysterious Frost in the Northern Region, the master of the Great Leiyin Monastery, and the Central Region Supreme God of War, and even with his parents.

Thus, he absolutely could not miss it.

While he was thinking, soon, the physical cultivators of the Vast Ocean brought up the roasted spirit beast meat. Ding Hao simply stopped thinking about those annoying things. He woke Ding Ke’er up with a smile before he asked everyone to come over, take a seat, and eat.

But right at this moment, a physical cultivator in charge of keeping watch came over to report that the members of the Four Great Families sought an audience.

Soon, Uncle Tianshu, Ximen Guiying, and Yin Rong appeared in front of Ding Hao.

“What? You hope Ke’er can return to Heaven Island and take control of the Heaven Sect?”

After hearing what they said, Ding Hao was very surprised. He did not expect such a thing to happen. After all, previously, his sister was the greatest traitor and enemy of the Heaven Sect, which opposed the Extermination Peak.

Ding Ke’er also looked at the three people coldly.

“That’s all in the past. Ke’er is your successor after all and can be considered a member of the Heaven Sect. Now, only she has the talent and strength to take over the sect. The other young people in the sect all find it hard to take up this great responsibility,” said Uncle Tianshu.

“Well…” Ding Hao looked at Ding Ke’er.

She would have to decide on her own.

“Ke’er, I know that the Heaven Sect has let you down many times in the past. The mistakes we made back then were all a conspiracy by Ghost Figure Tiansha. Now that Tianling and Tianshang have already perished, it can be said that they have paid the price. If you still have resentment in your heart, you can punish me however you please. I hope that for the sake of taking my eldest brother Muhuang Tianji as your master at that time, you can return to Heaven Island.”

Yin Rong also lowered his noble head.

“We promise you that if you are to agree to return, every matter of the Heaven Sect will be up to you to decide. Anyone from the Four Great Families, including the Highest Elders and the Family Heads, will be at your beck and call. You will possess authority above the Assembly of Elders,” Ximen Guiying said.

Ding Ke’er glanced at Ding Hao and felt his support. She slowly stood up and said, “It’s not impossible for me to go back to the Heaven Sect, but I have three conditions.”

“We are all ears.”

Ding Ke’er said determinedly, “Firstly, I want to give Master Tianji an elaborate funeral. Back then, for the sake of protecting me as I escaped Heaven Island, Master Tianji was plotted against by Ghost Figure Tiansha. Furthermore, the Four Great Families declared him to have committed a crime of disobedience and a terrible death. I want the Heaven Sect to announce to the entire world that you grand Master Tianji an elaborate funeral.”

The three experts breathed a sigh of relief. Yin Rong rushed to say, “That’s absolutely not a problem. Even if you don’t say it, we need to bring order out of chaos and clear Brother Tianji’s name. Back then, we were old and confused and failed to recognize the enemy. We wronged him, and we must uphold justice for him.”

“Alright. Secondly, the Heaven Sect will immediately announce to the world that you will no longer make an enemy out of our Extermination Peak. Those who have captured or imprisoned the experts from our sect will be released, and at the same time, you will compensate the families and children of the experts who died in the hands of your sect members.”

Muhuang Tianshu nodded and said, “We can agree to that as well. When two armies fight, both sides suffer losses, and there were many experts of the Heaven Sect that died at the hands of the Extermination Peak members. However, we were the ones who caused all of this, so we can agree to this request.”

The other two nodded in agreement.

A cold smile appeared on Ding Ke’er’s face, and she said slowly, “Thirdly, the ancestral Divine Artifacts of the Four Great Families will all be under my control.”

The expressions of the three experts changed drastically when they heard these words.

“What now? You can’t agree to that?” Ding Ke’er sneered and said, “I have three conditions, and every one of them is necessary. If you can’t accept them, please go back. Now Heaven Island is just a mess. If you want to find someone to protect you, you have to pay the corresponding price. Don’t take me as a fool.”

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