Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1070

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Chapter 1070 She Is Ding Ke’er

The God-suppressing Seal expanded infinitely in the void, covering a part of the sky. Like a floating peak, it pressed down toward Chuyun Tianshang. The surrounding void was broken like glass, and the laws went chaotic, forming a chaotic whirlpool.

“Bitch, even if you have reached the God Realm, what can you do now? This is Heaven Island. You WILL die today.”

Chuyun Tianshang’s anger soared. Disregarding everything, he bit the tip of his tongue and spat out a mouthful of essential blood on his ancestral Divine Artifact. In an instant, the Divine Artifact shook like a mad demon who had drunk enough human blood. It turned into a stream of flowing light and hit the God-suppressing Seal fiercely.


Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled in the sky.

The terrible energy tore the void barrier as space cracks appeared one after another.

Starlight could vaguely be seen flashing in the dark turbulence.

On the other side, Ding Hao also got into a fierce fight with Yin Rong.

The Demon King, Evil Moon, was watching the battle as if it were watching a show. From time to time, it would stretch out its claws to help. Ding Hao’s Stormy Saber and Sword Realm firmly suppressed the Highest Elder of the Yin family.

“Ximen Guiying, our Four Great Families are bound together through life and death. If any of us dies, the others will be implicated. Why are you still standing there? Are you planning to watch as our families are destroyed by that vile couple?!” Yin Rong shouted angrily. He hoped that Ximen Guiying, the Highest Elder of the Ximen family, would interfere by taking action.

At this moment, the only way for the Four Great Families to break the stalemate was to have the War God, who was famous for his killing, take action.

If Ximen Guiying could activate his ancestral Divine Artifact, it could reverse the situation.

However, there was still no response from Ximen Guiying.


Divine Artifacts continuously clashed against each other.

The God-suppressing Seal was indeed extremely powerful. Every blow from it contained the might to destroy the world and the power of wind and thunder, which almost crushed the whole sky.

Chuyun Tianshang’s lips dripped with blood and his complexion paled.

Gradually, he found that it was actually a bit difficult for his ancestral Divine Artifact to resist such a horrible attack. Every time it collided with the God-suppressing Seal, his body would be shocked as if he had been struck by lightning, and the Qi in his body was gradually out of control.

He had originally planned to fight back after Yu Miejue’s Qi was exhausted, but now it seemed that he would be killed by the God-suppressing Seal before her power could be used up. What shocked and angered him more was that his ancestral Divine Artifact seemed to be no match for the seal.

Just as he was wracking his brains for a way to achieve victory, another unexpected development occurred.


A miserable and angry scream suddenly came from a distance.

Chuyun Tianshang swept his gaze across it and felt a chill run down his spine.

Yin Rong, whose strength was about the same as his, suddenly became vulnerable and was sent flying by Ding Hao’s hit like a rag doll. His lower body turned into flying ash. The weirdest thing was that the ancestral Divine Artifact that should have covered him flew away uncontrollably and directly abandoned Yin Rong.

Yin Rong had practically turned into a bloody paste. He looked into the distance and shouted angrily, “Who did this?! Who plotted against me?!”

In that instant, his ancestral Divine Artifact actually lost control and abandoned him.

However, before the crowd could understand what was going on, another strange thing occurred.


With a horrible collision sound, the ancestral Divine Artifact of the Chuyun family was shaken by the God-suppressing Seal and flew out obliquely. In the next moment, it was no longer under Chuyun Tianshang’s control. It turned into a flowing light and flew to the place where Yin Rong’s ancestral Divine Artifact disappeared before.


Chuyun Tianshang miserably screamed. Half of his body was instantly reduced to ashes by the aftermath created by the God-suppressing Seal.

“What’s happening?”

Chuyun Tianshang was badly injured and had lost the protection of his ancestral Divine Artifact. Before Yu Miejue, who was also a God Realm Master and had a divine weapon, the God-suppressing Seal, was wiped out, he could no longer fight against her.

“Go to hell!”

Yu Miejue was also taken aback.

But she reacted as soon as possible, and the God-suppressing Seal rushed over rapidly to kill Chuyun Tianshang.

He was terribly shocked, and he didn’t hesitate to utilize his God Realm Origin to dodge.

However, he had been completely targeted by the God-suppressing Seal. The power of the Divine Artifact was terrifying, and it was controlled by the God Realm Master Yu Miejue, so he could not get rid of it at all. Moreover, she was determined to kill him, so she would not give him any chance to even gasp for breath.

The eyes of the Killing Goddess sparkled.

She was like Death harvesting lives in the world.


It was like a rain of blood pouring down violently.

Chuyun Tianshang dodged dozens of times in a row, but he couldn’t be spared in the end even though he had great power. He was caught up by the God-suppressing Seal and was instantly bombarded. His body turned into blood and bones all over the sky.

A streak of silver light escaped from the rain of blood.

It was Chuyun Tianshang’s divine soul.

The God-suppressing Seal buzzed and vibrated, releasing a strange suction force, ready to suck the escaping divine soul away.

“Damn. Don’t fight over it with me. It’s mine.” Evil Moon had been waiting for this scene for a long time. How could it miss such an opportunity? It screamed and rushed forward. Twelve wings appeared on its back, and its speed was incredibly high.

“Meow. Haha. The delicacy is mine.”

Evil Moon laughed happily. It opened its mouth, which suddenly swelled like a Blood Abyss. In an instant, it sucked Chuyun Tianshang’s silver divine soul into its mouth.

“Haha, I got it.” Evil Moon smacked its lips and could not help closing its mouth.

But what surprised the Demon King was that in the next moment, there was no extremely familiar wonderful taste between its lips and teeth.

“Meow?” It opened its eyes in confusion.

Then, it saw a scene that drove it crazy – the silver divine soul of Chuyun Tianshang turned into a stream of flowing light and flew toward Ding Hao like a swallow returning to its nest. Finally, it disappeared into a gray door of light behind Ding Hao.

“You… what… AHHHH! God damn it! This is so unacceptable!”

Evil Moon went completely mad.

It flapped its twelve wings and came to Ding Hao. It jumped on top of Ding Hao’s head, crazily grabbing and tearing his hair. Then, it rolled in the air with its legs and howled, “What did you do?! I just escaped from death and helped you fight and beat people. How can you treat me like this? Human Pet, I’m going to abandon you…”

Ding Hao was speechless.

“Well… Let me explain. If I said I didn’t do it on purpose, would you believe me?” Ding Hao explained with a gloomy face, “It was the Heavenly Samsara Disc that took the initiative to absorb that wisp of the divine soul. I don’t know why this would happen.”

“Meow. I don’t buy it and I don’t care. Give the divine soul back to me.” Evil Moon kept rolling around.

Ding Hao had to grab its neck with a darkened face, flicked its head a few times, and threw Evil Moon on his shoulder.

Evil Moon was gasping heavily in anger. It rolled its eyes and instantly thought of something. It fixed its gaze on Yin Rong and licked its lips. “He’s mine.”

Yin Rong immediately sensed the danger and was shocked, as if targeted by a demon. He was so scared that he shouted, “Don’t kill me… I yield. I yield… Ding Hao, aren’t you looking for Ding Ke’er? She’s right in front of you. You’ve found her. Let me go.”

Ding Hao was shocked and immediately realized something. “What… what did you say?”

Yin Rong pointed at Yu Miejue in horror and said loudly, “She, she… She is Ding Ke’er, the former First Fairy of the Muhuang family, and she is the one you have been looking for. Now that you have found her… Let me go. I swear that my family will never pursue this matter again.”

Ding Hao didn’t hear the latter part of what he said clearly.

His shocked gaze was fixed on Yu Miejue.

She heard this conversation as well.

She shouted, and the God-suppressing Seal rotated back and floated above her head. Wisps of red divine flames fell down and enveloped her. She was like a beautiful Killing Goddess in the secular world.

“Are you… really Ke’er?” Ding Hao’s voice was even trembling.

Although he time-traveled here, he kept his real memories with him, which was equivalent to inheriting his feelings of the past. Moreover, he had the same blood flowing in his current body. At that moment, the emotions in his heart were as complicated as surging waves. The feelings of excitement, nervousness, and so on were mixed together. He was afraid that the beautiful and cold Killing Goddess opposite him would shake her head.

Red divine flames swirled.

Yu Miejue took a long breath and looked at Ding Hao.

Her eyes, which were as cold as the ice for tens of thousands of years, gradually softened, and the killing intent all over her body gradually dissipated. A glimmer of crystal tears flashed in her eyes, and finally, a sweet smile suddenly bloomed on her face.

For a moment, everything was bright and beautiful as spring flowers in full bloom.

She looked stunningly beautiful. Even the disciples of the Four Great Families below, who had been in fear due to her slaughtering, were instantly stunned on the spot, and only her peerless face with tears and smiles could be left in their minds.

“Brother…” Yu Miejue looked at Ding Hao with a smile.

It was as if there went an explosion in Ding Hao’s mind.

He stared blankly at the smiling girl, and it took him quite a while to completely react. He flashed to the front of Yu Miejue. “You… Ke’er, you… are you really Ke’er?”

“Brother.” Yu Miejue’s tears finally flowed uncontrollably as she rushed into Ding Hao’s arms.

Ding Hao stretched out his arms to hold her tightly. At this moment, they did have the feeling that they were umbilically connected.

To be honest, in the previous few encounters with Yu Miejue, Ding Hao had indeed had a strange feeling in his heart, and he had similar speculations, but the strange thing was that the intuition of the Mind Essential did not show any special guidance, which made Ding Hao uncertain of their actual relationship.

“Brother, look.”

Yu Miejue was all smiles like an innocent girl. She spread out her palm. There appeared a broken light green jade pendant glowing in her delicate palm.

The jade was of poor quality, and it was estimated that even if it was taken out for sale, no pawn shop would buy it. Its pattern was rough as well. Obviously, it was carved by a poor-skilled amateur. There was a shallow white doll shape engraved on it, but maybe because it had been worn for a long time, the jade was still flowing with light green fluorescence under the sun.

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