Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1069

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Chapter 1069 I’m No Longer Someone that You Can Bully as You Please

Muhuang Tianling was dazed in midair. He couldn’t even feel the process of his body shattering like a sand sculpture. Even though nearly ten years had passed, and even though the young lady no longer had the youthfulness of the past, he could still clearly remember her peerlessly beautiful face.

Especially the look in her eyes, which was exactly the same as they were that year.

They were filled with hatred, contempt, disdain, and rage.

The girl who had been extremely respectful and attached to him back then was looking at him now. It was as if she was looking at an irreconcilable enemy. Her sharp eyes were like knives without the slightest emotion.

“How… how dare you sneak into Heaven Island? You…”

Muhuang Tianling didn’t know what to say.

She was the only flaw and crack in the deepest part of his heart of martial arts, and she was the nightmare that he dreamed of many times in the middle of the night, but now, she actually appeared here at this critical moment and gave him a fatal blow with thunderous anger.

At the same time…

“How is that possible?”

“Isn’t she dead?”

Chuyun Tianshang and Yin Rong were extremely shocked as well, and they shot questioning gazes at Muhuang Tianling. What exactly is going on? How could a person that should have died appear here? Moreover, how could that red glow be actually able to break through the defenses of an ancestral Divine Artifact?

That peerlessly beautiful face was like a flash of lightning, mercilessly tearing up some old memories, which made the masters of Heaven Island burst into fear.

“She’s that demoness…”

“She’s quite bold. How dare she actually sneak into Heaven Island?”

“How is this possible? She actually became so powerful! Heavens!”

The crowd exclaimed with shock and exploded into an uproar.

When the people around saw this beautiful girl, they quickly recognized her. As if they had seen a plague, they all dodged in a panic. Even Muhuang Pin and the others showed fear on their faces and did not dare to approach her.

The greatest enemy of the Heaven Sect in the last ten years had appeared in Heaven Sect Garden so openly and aboveboard.

In the void.

“It’s you?” Ding Hao saw the girl. After a slight surprise, he smiled and said, “It’s been quite a while.”

However, when her eyes fell on Ding Hao, her eyes, which were as cold as knives and surged with killing intent, finally flashed with a trace of gentleness and kindness. She nodded slightly.

Shockingly, this young woman was none other than Yu Miejue.

Ding Hao did not expect that she would appear at such a time and place.

The moment the strange crimson light appeared, Ding Hao knew what had happened.

He had witnessed the aura of the God-suppressing Seal, one of the Three Great Divine Artifacts, many times before, so he was very familiar with it. At the moment the God-suppressing Seal showed up, he knew who had launched the attack.

This was really a perfect attack.

The God-suppressing Seal soared into the sky in an instant and launched a sure kill while Muhuang Tianling thought he’d put up his strongest defense.

Otherwise, under normal circumstances, if Muhuang Tianling was on guard, he might have been injured after taking a blow from the God-suppressing Seal, but he would absolutely not have gradually lost his vitality like what he was going through at this moment.

Ding Hao realized something.

It seemed that the one who defected and slaughtered her way out of Heaven Island was indeed this Witch.

There was a blood feud between the two parties. Otherwise, Yu Miejue wouldn’t have taken such a big risk to enter the island.

In the sky.

“Muhuang Tianling!” Chuyun Tianshang still found it hard to understand everything that had happened as he roared in fury, “What the hell is going on? What happened all those years ago? Why is it like this? Why is that demoness still alive? How many things have your family been keeping from us? Are there any other things that we are unaware of?”

Yin Rong was also extremely infuriated.

He was certain that the Muhuang family must have hidden something of the matter back then.

That was why things ended up like this.

“Haha! Haha! Don’t all of you know what happened? Haha…” Muhuang Tianling coughed up large mouthfuls of blood. He laughed bitterly while his expression alternated between ferocity, regret, rage, helplessness, and so forth. His expression changed indeterminately at this moment, and then it transformed into a long sigh in the end. He laughed with a ferocious and disgruntled expression as he said, “I truly regret… I truly regret that I didn’t annihilate this little bitch right from the start and allowed this matter to occur.”

“I didn’t die back then, so you can go to hell now.”

Divine light flashed in Yu Miejue’s eyes, and the God-suppressing Seal was launched.

Muhuang Tianling watched helplessly as his body was hit and then exploded without suspense. There was not even a trace of flesh and bones left. He turned into a wisp of smoke and drifted into the void. This veteran God Realm Master had been powerful for a long time, but now he ended up dead in this way.

“Despicable!” One of the experts from the Muhuang family roared. “Bitch, if it wasn’t for your sneak attack, the ancestor… how could the ancestor has died?”

A stream of light flashed.

The Muhuang family’s expert turned into ashes.

The God-suppressing Seal revolved above Yu Miejue’s head.

The pale-red divine flames caused the young girl’s countenance to appear even more elegant and cold as she coldly said, “The process doesn’t matter but the result does… Hah, who could be more despicable than Muhuang Tianling?”

As soon as she finished speaking, dozens of experts from the Muhuang family exploded and were instantly killed by the God-suppressing Seal.

Unlike Ding Hao, who disdained to deal with the ordinary disciples of the Four Great Families, Yu Miejue was more ruthless and merciless. Once she made a move, she would never leave any of her opponents alive.

Countless disciples of the Four Great Families screamed and retreated in horror.

“Haha, didn’t you enjoy bullying others with great backing before? I remember that you looked mighty back then. Why do you look as embarrassed as some stray dogs now? I am right here. Those who once threatened to trample me, come and kill me. Where are those geniuses, elders, and masters who vowed to behead me? Why are you turning around to flee so miserably now?”

Yu Miejue had a mocking smile on her face.

She walked past the crowd step by step.

The God-suppressing Seal emitted a red glow of death. This girl was like Death when her might, which was like flowing light, streaked through the crowd. The disciples of the Four Great Families were constantly bombarded to death.

Wherever her eyes passed, anyone who was targeted by her would be killed in an instant.

Those were her former enemies. They all deserved to die.

This time, she came with thunderous anger, wishing to slaughter this place.

“Slut, how dare you…” Chuyun Tianshang was both shocked and infuriated. Seeing several outstanding disciples of the Chuyun family killed, he was infuriated and finally couldn’t help but take action. “If this goes on, all the disciples of my family with great talents will be slaughtered.”

“Hah. What now?” Yu Miejin said, chuckling coldly, “Are you going to do what you did back then? I just dealt with the juniors, and now the older ones are targeting me? Come on, you two old dogs. Things are different now. It’s time to put an end to all grudges. You’ll die to make up for what you did back then.”

The God-suppressing Seal rose into the sky.

Yu Miejue’s whole body was shrouded in a divine fire of the Divine Artifact. She cut through the void, and her face was as determined as that of a Killing Goddess. With unparalleled momentum, she rushed toward Chuyun Tianshang.

It was a confrontation between top masters.

“Let’s join forces to kill that bitch first!” Chuyun Tianshang shouted.

Yin Rong nodded with an embarrassed face. Just as he was about to take action, Ding Hao had already blocked in front of him.

There was no need to say anything more. It could be told by Ding Hao’s firm eyes that he firmly took Yu Miejue’s side.

A crazy battle began.

“For the glory of the Chuyun family, ancestral Divine Artifact, awaken!” Chuyun Tianshang’s heart sank. He gritted his teeth and completely activated his ancestral Divine Artifact without regard for anything else. A bright ball of light appeared like a new sun, soaring into the sky from the main city of the Chuyun family and flying toward Chuyun Tianshang.

“An ancestral Divine Artifact? Haha… Go back to your place!” Yu Miejue shouted coldly.

With a stir of her mind, the God-suppressing Seal turned into a crimson light, driving the clouds in the sky. It was like a flame burning the sky that intercepted the bright brilliance in mid-air.


The two Divine Artifacts collided without holding back in the slightest.

A terrifying wave of energy rippled out, causing rings of radiation to explode.

Wherever the rings passed, everything within a kilometer was instantly turned into powder.

“Go to hell, bitch!” A hint of imperceptible joy flashed across Chuyun Tianshang’s face. With a ferocious look, he made a close move in an instant. His strength of the God Realm burst out, and the magical power of the Chuyun Palm was condensed in his palm. He sent out a palm strike, trying to rely on his strong strength to instantly kill Yu Miejue.

A hint of mockery flashed across Yu Miejue’s eyes.

With a calm expression, she stretched out her jade-like palm to fight against Chuyun Tianshang’s palm print.


Both of them stepped back.

“How is this possible?” Chuyun Tianshang was astonished. He had unleashed his full power with that strike but hadn’t been able to kill his opponent. In fact, he hadn’t even been able to leave a mark on her body. “Has this slut also advanced to the god level?”

On the other side, Yu Miejue sneered.

“What now? Do you still think that you can do the same thing as you did back then? You did rely on the strength that you have accumulated over countless years to forcefully crush me at that time, but unfortunately… I’ll let you understand that now, I’m no longer someone that you can bully as you please.”

An extremely powerful force instantly burst out from Yu Miejue.

The Qi flame, which was as thick as a solid substance, lingered around her. The black clothes on her body were completely shattered into powder and disappeared, revealing the crimson flame armor below. The armor close to her body entirely outlined her slender figure. Her fatal beauty and determined killing intent made people dare not look directly at her.

“God Realm!

“Sure enough, she’s in the God Realm!”

Chuyun Tianshang’s heart sank.

“As expected, since we didn’t eliminate her back then, she would have the strength to take revenge. With the talent of the little bitch, she did not die back then. Now, she has finally become a disaster.” He looked at Yu Miejue and then at Ding Hao. If he could not kill them today, who could punish them in the future? The so-called Four Great Childes of Four Great Families were claimed to be the strongest ones among the young generation of the Heaven Sect, but in front of these two young people, they were as weak as chickens.

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