Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1068

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Chapter 1068 I’ve Told You that I Would Return

Although Ding Hao was curious, he also knew that it was not the time to ask about these things.

On the other side.

Yin Rong and Chu Yuntianshang were shocked and angry, unable to hide the fear in their hearts. In front of the Fat Cat, although they were powerful masters, they were now like mice being played, feeling unprecedented humiliation.

They had actually been put into such a sorry state by a cat.

“Use the ancestral Divine Artifact.”

“Our families are in a moment of life and death. We have to use our ancestral Divine Artifacts.”

The three God Realm Masters instantly reached an agreement. They began to activate the magic arts, gather strength, and chant with their ancient families’ secret method. Their strange voices drifted between heaven and earth, causing the response of this ancient Heaven Island in the sky. There was a kind of terrible power sleeping under the ground that was slowly awakening.

“The spirits of our ancestors sleeping in the antiquity times, please wake up…” Muhuang Tianling roared with a ferocious face like a pious believer. His whole body trembled violently as if he was calling to something.

Chuyun Tianshang and Yin Rong were also doing the same thing.

“Oh my. Is it that you want to ask your parents for help since you can’t win? How cowardly! If you have the guts, fight against me one-on-one.” Evil Moon curled its lips in disdain. At the same time, it looked at Muhuang Tianling curiously. It reached out its claws to grab him but was stopped by a strange force that suddenly appeared. It couldn’t grab him.

Ding Hao was also shocked. He attacked them with his Saber Intent and Sword Intent, but he found that when this awakening ceremony was carried out, an invisible force appeared within a hundred meters of the three people’s bodies, which could isolate all external attacks.

“Little trash, you are bound to die.”

“You made us use this sort of method. I’ll have you be consigned to eternal damnation. I’ll burn your bones and scatter your ashes.”

“Repent to our three families and disappear from this world.”

The faces of the three senior God Realm Masters were ferocious. Three bright balls of light faintly rose from three different directions on Heaven Island. The earth began to tremble as if something terrible was slowly waking up. It opened its eyes from its deep sleep and released the power of the apocalypse, which made all living creatures involuntarily shiver.

“That is the power of a Divine Artifact.”

Ding Hao was slightly surprised.

Having seen the Three Great Divine Artifacts, which were the God-suppressing Seal, the Heavenly Samsara Disc, and the Sand of Time, Ding Hao was extremely familiar with the aura of Divine Artifacts. At this moment, the aura flowing from the giant balls of light in all directions was definitely the power of some kind of Divine Artifact.

“Damn it, this is the annoying part of super forces. Even if they have reached the end of the line, they can still have trump cards.” Ding Hao cursed in his heart.

The might of a Divine Artifact was already unparalleled, and if it was controlled by Chuyun Tianshangand the other two senior God Realm Masters, then it would absolutely erupt with stunning might, causing the situation to instantly become unpredictable.

Ding Hao squinted at Evil Moon.

Evil Moon’s hair immediately stood on end.

It instantly understood Ding Hao’s meaning. Its beautiful pupils shrank to the size of needles in an instant. It said angrily, “Meow? Why are you staring at me? Do you want me to resist the attacks of the Three Great Divine Artifacts? Human Pet, I’m warning you, don’t act rashly. Although I’m very powerful now and my feathers are very beautiful, those are Divine Artifacts… You’ll get me killed if you do this.”

Ding Hao was angry and amused by its look.

Of course, he would not have the Fat Cat resist the attacks of the Three Great Divine Artifacts. After all, although Evil Moon was strong, it was still in flesh and blood. It might not be able to take the effects of the Three Great Divine Artifacts. After regaining Evil Moon, Ding Hao cherished it even more. How could he risk hurting it?

“Since that’s the case… then I’ll make a huge scene today and turn the entire Heaven Island into chaos.”

Ding Hao made up his mind not to fight against the three masters here. “There’s nothing I can do to these three old men, but I can do something to the others, can’t I? Heaven Island is so big and the three families have so many properties. I’ll ruin them bit by bit. I’m sure that they will yield. I’ve got nothing to lose. It’s not my advantage to confront them head-on.”

“Let’s go.”

Ding Hao shouted, turning into a flowing light. He instantly came to the side of Li Yiruo and others. He raised his hand as a bright sword Qi broke through the air. With a booming sound, the inscription formation all over the sky was directly penetrated with a huge crack on it.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Several people turned into flowing lights and rushed into the sky.

“We can’t let this devil go.” Muhuang Tianling was shocked. How could he not see through Ding Hao’s plan? He quickly roared, “All disciples, listen to my order. Stop those people. If we let them go, there will be endless troubles in the future.”

Chuyun Tianshang and Yin Rong directly chased after Ding Hao.

No matter what price they had to pay today, they had to kill him and his peers.

Their ancestral Divine Artifacts had not been fully activated yet, but the power of those artifacts had already been attached to their bodies. They had almost completely recovered from their previous injuries, and the Sword Intent and Saber Intent in their bodies gradually stabilized.

The two great experts chased after Ding Hao without regard for their own safety.

They knew very well that if Ding Hao escaped, with his talent, it was possible that he would destroy the Heaven Sect one day. Moreover, it seemed that Ding Hao would expand the battlefield to the whole of Heaven Island instead of running away. If things went on like this, the Four Great Families could not afford the loss.

If Heaven Island was destroyed, the Heaven Sect would suffer a terrible loss.

In truth, both Chuyun Tianshang and Yin Rong felt slight resentment toward Muhuang Tianling at this moment. The Muhuang family had been the one to first bring up the idea of seizing the little girl’s stuff all those years ago, and it was the Muhuang family that planned and controlled everything that happened. They were the people that benefited the most. The Chuyun and Yin families had merely taken very few benefits out of that, yet they had to face such a terrifying enemy together with Muhuang Tianling now.

“If we had known this would happen, we really shouldn’t have listened to the Muhuang family’s incitement.”

They both felt a little regretful.

Unfortunately, it was already too late.


The earth trembled as if the entire Heaven Island was sinking into an endless sea. A terrifying force spread throughout the island.

The balls of light that rose from Heaven Island’s three sides became more and more clear.

“Activate the ancestral Divine Artifacts with all our might now. Stop him here at all costs…” Muhuang Tianling seemed to have gone mad.

There was an unstoppable force converging from all directions, pressing down on Heaven Island.

Ding Hao and others felt their bodies sink in an instant. They felt as if there were countless mountains on their backs, slowly falling to the ground involuntarily. This force was so strong that no resistance was allowed.


Muhuang Tianling rushed over to Ding Hao.

Dazzling light surrounded him, which was the aura of a Divine Artifact. The ancestral Divine Artifact of the Muhuang family was blessing him, making him vastly stronger than before.

“Meow, are you provoking me? Stupid human.”

Evil Moon was furious and struck out with its claw.

Just now, if Ding Hao hadn’t stopped it, the Demon King would’ve taken action. It hadn’t wanted to leave and was still thinking about the delicious divine souls of the three God Realm Masters. Now, when it saw the opportunity, it was overjoyed. “You are courting death.” The Demon King took action confidently. Its front claws instantly expanded to hundreds of meters and grabbed at Muhuang Tianling.

Boom! Boom!

Violent energy fluctuations exploded.

Muhuang Tianling flew backward for a hundred meters. His blood burst and he stabilized his body in the void, but he was not seriously injured. He looked down and observed his condition. After confirming that he was fine, he looked up to the sky and laughed.

His laughter was full of pride and cruelty.

“Now, even the most terrible threat can’t hurt me.

“Everything that happened today should come to an end. Since I’ve used the ancestral Divine Artifact, the final victor would still be my Muhuang family. Just like in the previous battle, even though we paid a huge price, we still got to possess that girl’s stuff.”

On the other side.

As for Evil Moon’s white claws, a lot of white hair on them was blown off.

“Meow? How did his body suddenly become so hard?” The Demon King waved its claws.

“He has become stronger…” Ding Hao’s eyes flashed. Just as he was about to fight back, a strange change that no one had expected suddenly appeared.

Unexpectedly, within the group of the Muhuang family’s disciples, a strange light shot toward the sky.

Like a bolt of lightning, the strange light blasted at Muhuang Tianling, who was laughing.

This attack was so sudden that Muhuang Tianling had no time to react at all even though his strength was stunning.

Most of his attention was focused on Ding Hao and Evil Moon. When he realized that something was wrong, the strange red light had already hit him heavily.


“Who sneak attacked me? How dare you…”

Muhuang Tianling relied on the power of his ancestral Divine Artifact to withstand the attack. His furious gaze shot downwards. He was actually being sneak attacked by a disciple of his family. “Who the hell did this? I’ll have him pay the price!”

But the next moment, his furious face gradually solidified and slowly turned into panic.

When he lowered his head in disbelief and looked at his chest, he saw that the silver light of the ancestral Divine Artifact was dimming at a speed visible to the naked eye. A scarlet square seal the size of a child’s fist appeared and was rotating. Like a drill, it broke through the protection of his ancestral Divine Artifact.


The scarlet square seal only faltered slightly before it completely broke through the silver ancestral Divine Artifact’s protection in the next instant. At the same time, Muhuang Tianling’s protective mysterious strength, armor, flesh, bones, and heart were all broken through.


The strange scarlet light pierced through Muhuang Tianling’s body and shot out from his back like a bolt of lightning.

“Ah… No!” Muhuang Tianling roared in horror. He felt the horror of death descending upon him, and his body was scattered like a withered sand sculpture. Even the power of the ancestral Divine Artifact was unable to alleviate the process of death. He roared in panic and rage, “Who? Who schemed against me? Step forward!”

A slender and graceful figure slowly walked out of the crowd below.

She raised her hand and lifted her hooded cloak, revealing a beautiful face, but it was as cold as ice. Her eyes, which were full of heroic momentum, flashed with hatred. She raised her hand and the scarlet light that attacked Muhuang Tianling returned to her hand, spinning around.

The young girl smiled coldly and said, “I’ve told you that I would return someday.”

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