Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1067

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Chapter 1067 Ximen Guiying

Seeing everyone’s expressions, the Demon King immediately changed the subject.

It pointed its claws at the three God Realm Masters one by one and said while drooling, “What are these old guys doing here? Why would you fight them? Their divine souls seem delicious. How about I’ll bite them all to death?”

As soon as these words were spoken, the three God Realm Masters shuddered at the same time.

“Activate our ancestral Divine Artifacts.” Chuyun Tianshang designated the voice transmission technique. He felt a wave of fear. That little white cat possessed terrifying fighting strength. “It sounds like it likes devouring the divine souls of powerful individuals, and I’m afraid it can really devour me.”

Muhuang Tianling nodded, his eyes flashing with a vicious light.

Yin Rong hesitated for a moment. Once their ancestral Divine Artifacts were activated, it meant that their power and their Spiritual Qi accumulated for tens of thousands of years would be used up. However, when he saw the saber and sword in Ding Hao’s hand, his eyes became vicious. He really couldn’t hold back his anger. When had the Four Great Families ever been forced to this extent?

Now that things had developed to this point, they could only go all out.

The three looked at each other tacitly and made hand seals. Just as they were about to activate some mysterious things, a voice that no one had expected suddenly came from the void.

“Hahaha. As three old guys, you teamed up against a junior, but you actually got beaten so badly. You three idiots brought shame to the Four Great Families.”

That voice was filled with cynicalness, ridicule, and disdain.

Everyone was stunned and looked up.

In the void, a very faint shadow appeared out of nowhere, just like a wisp of smoke drifting in the sky that could disappear at any time. It was impossible to see what the shadow looked like or sense its existence. If he hadn’t deliberately shown a little trace, no one would have noticed his existence.

Ding Hao was also shocked.

“What a brilliant concealment technique!

“With my extraordinary intuition and Divine Senses of the Mind Essential, I should’ve noticed the existence of this person before. If he hadn’t suddenly spoken and voluntarily exposed a little trace, I would have been fooled as well.”

“Ximen Guiying, how dare you still have the guts to say such sarcastic words?” Muhuang Tianling said furiously, “Are you happy that the Four Great Families have been disgraced?”

“Haha, hahaha…” The shadow burst out laughing. His laughter was erratic, which grew more and more sarcastic. No one could sense where he was. He said disdainfully, “It’s only the Chuyun, Muhuang, and Yin families that have been disgraced. It seems that no one in our Ximen family has ever been taught a lesson by this young man yet.”

“You…” Muhuang Tianling’s entire body trembled with rage, yet he didn’t know what to say.

Indeed, at the moment, the young experts of the Chuyun family, the Muhuang family, and the Yin family had all been ruthlessly beaten up by Ding Hao, but only the experts of the Ximen family had not been involved from beginning to end. None of them had fought Ding Hao or bore grudges against him.

“Ximen Guiying, what do you mean by that? Are you delighted that our three families have been humiliated by this junior?” Chuyun Tianshang said angrily, “Don’t forget that the Four Great Families of the Heaven Sect are in the same boat. We share honor and disgrace together. Since our three families got disgraced, your Ximen family wouldn’t be much better off.”

“Haha, now you know that the Four Great Families are in the same boat?”

The shadow in the void constantly changed its position. This kind of change was not a simple movement but a kind of irregular space teleportation. He said in a sarcastic tone, “Ten years ago, I advised you not to make that wrong decision, but what did you do? For your own selfish reasons, you actually made things difficult for a girl and planted a bad consequence. Now your karma has come. Haven’t you realized your mistake yet?”

“What happened ten years ago is in the past.” Muhuang Tianling seemed to be furious about the past being brought up again. “We are the Four Great Families of the Heaven Sect. Why would we need to be so careful while doing things? Only the Heaven Sect gets to let the world down, but not the other way around.”

“It’s been so many years, you idiot. Yet you still refuse to wake up to reality.” Ximen Guiying sounded extremely disdainful of Muhuang Tianling, and he seemed to be furious at the latter’s failure to live up to his expectations.

During this process, Ding Hao kept silent.

Heaven Sect had the Four Great Families including the Chuyun, Muhuang, Yin, and Ximen families.

Up till now, only the legendary number one genius of the Ximen family, the leader of the Four Great Childes, Ximen Piaoxue, and the Highest Elder of the Ximen family, Ximen Guiying, hadn’t shown up. As for this illusory and unpredictable voice, its speaker was evidently Ximen Guiying.

“It sounds like Ximen Guiying isn’t the same as Muhuang Tianling and the others.

“Could it be that the Ximen family is not of the same kind as them?”

Ding Hao was surprised for a moment.

Right then, Ximen Guiying’s voice sounded again.

This time, he was talking to Ding Hao from hundreds of meters away in all directions, as if hundreds of the same people were saying the same thing at the same time.

“Young man, the one you’re looking for isn’t here. You’ve caused quite a ruckus today. You’ve already killed many of our men, and you’ve already hit some of us. Why don’t you just leave? If you don’t, you’ll suffer a loss. The foundations of the Four Great Families are not something you can imagine.”

Ximen Guiying’s voice was erratic.

Ding Hao had paid attention to purchasing some information about the Four Great Families of Heaven Sect before. It was rumored that the Ximen family was a terrifying family that had made it into the martial arts world with their great assassination techniques. Most of its disciples were assassins in the dark and had unparalleled assassination power in the world. Even God Realm Masters would be frightened when targeted by this group of horrifying assassins.

It was a force similar to the Hidden Fragrance Peak, a super sect in the Northern Region.

Ding Hao had never had a good impression of such sects. Perhaps it was because of the Falling Star Sect and Hidden Fragrance Peak in the Northern Region. Those two sects were famous for their assassination and killing methods. Their despicable and shameless behavior made Ding Hao subconsciously think that assassins were all scoundrels.

But today, it seemed that the Ximen family still had some principles.

Ding Hao could tell that Ximen Guiying was actually helping him secretly with his words.

However, he still shook his head.

“If you can’t hand Ding Ke’er to me, then let me see Muhuang Tianji or Muhuang Tianshu.” Ding Hao said with a firm look, “If you can’t fulfill my request, we don’t need to say anything more. Today’s battle will not end until I’m dead.”

His words were resolute and there was no room for negotiation.

Everyone felt a strong killing intent from Ding Hao’s words, which made them shiver. They felt as if they were in Asura Hell.

“Haha, Ximen, did you hear that? You were thinking for the sake of that little demon, yet he didn’t take it to heart at all. He just gave you a cold shoulder,” Muhuang Tianling burst into loud laughter. His tone was filled with mockery.

“Humph, idiot Muhuang, you’d better worry about your own situation.” Ximen Guiying’s cold voice came from all directions. “The Heaven Sect’s situation is getting worse and worse in the hands of you shameless people. I won’t take action today, and neither will my Ximen family because all these mistakes were made by you shameful people. The cost shouldn’t be born by the whole Heaven Sect.”

“You… traitor!” Muhuang Tianling’s expression turned grim, and he was extremely infuriated.

Ximen Guiying’s voice gradually drifted away. “It was you who betrayed the glory of our ancestors first… Boy, the reputation of Heaven Sect cannot be challenged. Today, I will not make things difficult for you because the Heaven Sect was wrong, to begin with, but after you get through this, sooner or later, I will come to you personally to see which one of us is stronger.”

As soon as he finished speaking, his entire aura vanished completely.

Although Ding Hao could not sense any trace, he was sure that Ximen Guiying had indeed left.

That man was an open and aboveboard real expert.

It also made Ding Hao’s impression of the Heaven Sect change a little bit. Unfortunately, although Ximen Guiying knew something, he was obviously unwilling to say it. Otherwise, all the mysteries would be solved.

“Muhuang Tianling, let me ask you again. Where are Tianshu and Tianji?”

With a saber in his left hand and a sword in his right hand, Ding Hao pressed forward with surging killing intent.

“Meow. Don’t answer him. Don’t answer him.” Evil Moon bewitched the three God Realm Masters with a smile. If they didn’t answer Ding Hao, it would have an excuse to devour the divine souls of the three experts.

“They’re both dead,” said Muhuang Tianling in an icy cold voice.

“It seems that you’d only cry when death is staring you in the face.” Ding Hao was furious. Just as he was about to make a move, Evil Moon that was next to him rushed over to take action. It raised its little claw, and its forelimb suddenly became extremely large, making a slap like lightning.

“Poof…” Muhuang Tianling spat out a mouthful of blood.

His limbs were smashed into pieces, and his lower body was almost smashed into meat puree.

Ding Hao was shocked. “How did Fat Cat become so powerful?

“Chuyun Tianshang, Muhuang Tianling, and Ying Rong should be between the three-apertured and the four-apertured God Realm. One should have at least the power of the five-apertured God Realm to crush them head-on. Could it be that Fat Cat is already a five-apertured God Realm master?

“Something’s not right. It seems that something is not right… there is something strange within this fellow’s body…”

After careful sensing, Ding Hao found some clues.

There seemed to be a kind of strange power in Evil Moon’s body, which was similar to that of an immortal. It was similar to the aura of the Immortal Corpse in the worldlet of the Rusted Sword and the aura when Nalan Youxia activated the Immortal Artifact back then. It was a little bit similar to the aura of an immortal.

Fundamentally speaking, this was a higher-level power, which could completely restrain the power of an ordinary God Realm master.

Could it be that Fat Cat had met with some sort of miraculous encounter after falling into the Death’s Blood Sea?

Countless questions flashed across Ding Hao’s mind.

“And why would this guy appear in Ding Honglei’s hands?”

After the initial surprise and ecstasy, Ding Hao was now sure that the strange egg that Ding Honglei gave him at that time was Evil Moon in a deep sleep. Later, he had been keeping it with him. Just now, it seemed to be stimulated by some force and suddenly woke up, so it broke out of the storage space.

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