Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1064

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Chapter 1064 Another Young Great Expert


A series of golden bubbles flew out of Adorable’s mouth, imprisoning dozens of masters from the two aristocratic families without exception, including Muhuang Xiong and Muhuang Ying, who were at the Demigod Realm.

“What is this?”

“That dolphin…”

The experts and disciples of the two families were about to go crazy.

“I’ll take it that we couldn’t defeat Ding Hao. That monster is too horrifying, but how could a little dolphin be so monstrous? It imprisoned dozens of top masters of two families in an instant. This…”

“Get out of my way if you don’t want to die.” Li Yiruo’s face was as cold as ice. She pulled out her long sword and stood with it as her momentum rose wildly. The strength of the Water-covered Immortal Sword was undoubtedly revealed at this moment.

Only then did everyone realize that this beautiful and delicate woman was actually a strong master.

“Go catch her. I don’t believe that a cheap maid dares to bully our four families,” a disciple of the Muhuang family shouted. “Today, we’ve been too aggrieved. We have got defeated by Ding Hao again and again. Can’t we even deal with a little woman? Do they really think that everyone gets to trample the prestige of the Heaven Sect?”

However, before he could finish his words-


A ray of sword light flashed past.

The disciple’s head went flying with blood shooting toward the sky.

His face froze, and he couldn’t react until he died. He couldn’t believe that he had been seckilled just like that.

Li Yiruo’s slender fingers touched the sword, and the long sword in her hand was cold. She said coldly, “Heaven Sect? The Four Great Families? You are just a bunch of shameless people. Do you really think you are mighty? Go back and ask around about my husband’s identity. He is the leader of the entire martial arts world in the Northern Region. How dare you, a small Southern Wilderness sect, plot against him here?”

Her words were filled with killing intent.

Li Yiruo had been suppressing her anger.

Along the way, she and Ding Hao treated the others politely. They had tolerated the people from Heaven Sect and the Muhuang Family again and again, but they didn’t expect that these people would keep pushing their luck. First, some people coveted her beauty, and then they drove her and the others to Heaven Island. It was obvious that they had ill intentions, and then they played various dirty tricks secretly. “Do they really think that I’m a fool?”

Previously, because Ding Hao wanted to find his sister and focused on the big picture, Li Yiruo had been restraining herself.

As long as it was for Ding Hao, the beautiful young woman didn’t care how much she would suffer.

But now, since Brother Hao had started a massacre, why should she still hold it back?

“These people deserve to die for making Brother Hao so angry!”

“What shameless boasting! You’re just a despicable maid!”

Someone shouted and continued to fan the flames, inciting the disciples of the Muhuang and Chuyun families. They flew into a rage and rushed over like tides. These people were completely furious. As long as they could control this woman, they could use her to threaten Ding Hao.

“Adorable, take good care of Roundie, Squarie, and Youxia.”

Li Yiruo gave an order. Coldness flashed in her beautiful eyes. She shook the long sword in her hand and rushed into the crowd like lightning, slaughtering her way in.

Instantly, blood splattered everywhere.

The most troublesome ones were Muhuang Ying, Muhuang Xiong, and a few other Demigod Realm experts. They had been trapped in the bubbles by Adorable’s killing move. As for the disciples of the other two families, the strongest one among them was only at the peak of the Saint Realm. Li Yiruo was not afraid of such strength at all. It did not pose much of a threat to her.

These days, she had been following Ding Hao, and her strength had improved by leaps and bounds. She used the pair cultivation method to improve her Qi cultivation. Not only had she mastered the 24 Moves of Swordsmanship of the Ancient Sword Tower, but she also had various trump cards. Before coming to Heaven Sect Garden today, Ding Hao had already made proper preparations by giving her the New Moon Battle Suit and the Sky Attack Divine Sword.

At this moment, Li Yiruo could fight against even a Demigod Realm master.


Li Yiruo waved the Sky Attack Divine Sword while the sword radiance whistled and the water flowed.

Before the three disciples from the Muhuang family could react and fall to the ground, their heads flew up like cracked watermelons, and the weapons in their hands broke into two pieces like tofu.

Blood spurted into the sky.


“Ah… poof!”

“No… Bitch servant, how dare you!”

All kinds of shouts and screams could be heard.

Dozens of fierce disciples of the Muhuang family who rushed afront were almost killed in one move. Blood poured down like rain. This was not a siege, but a one-sided massacre. They fell to the ground like wheat under the farmer’s sickle.

No matter how they defended themselves with the Precious Weapons, divine armor, or protective Qi shields in their hands, they could not withstand the Sky Attack Divine Sword in Li Yiruo’s hand. Anything that touched it was broken. Caught off guard, those disciples were killed in an instant.

“This woman is a devil!”

“Heavens, what sort of sword is that?”

“Don’t confront her head-on. There’s something strange about the sword in her hand… Go get her! Trap that bitch.”

When Muhuang Ying and Muhuang Xiong, who were imprisoned in the bubbles, saw that the disciples of their family were slaughtered, they were so angry that their eyes almost cracked. They desperately bombarded the bubbles, but they could not break free. They could only roar and designate secret voice transmissions. They could see that this delicate woman was not easy to deal with. Like Ding Hao, she was also a Killing God.

All of those disciples were younglings with great potential in the new generation of the Muhuang and Chuyun families. When they grew up, they would become the backbone of their family. As long as they were cultivated well, it was possible that some of them would become Semi God Realm Masters. But now, they were slaughtered so easily, which made the two brothers’ hearts bleed.

“Bitch, that’s enough. Go to hell.”

With a furious roar, an expert finally took action.

It was a Semi God Realm elder of the Muhuang family who had finally arrived at the battlefield with the help of the outer disciples.

They’d originally thought that everything would calm down quickly with the ancestor of his family, Muhuang Tianling, holding down the fort on the island, so the Semi God Realm experts guarding everywhere around the island didn’t make an appearance. However, never had they imagined that the situation would turn out like this.

“Sky Evil Fist · Killing Blow! Little bitch, die now!”

A huge purplish-black fist print fell from the sky.

The air within a radius of hundreds of meters was almost crushed. The fist print possessed the power to destroy heaven and earth. Before it landed, the ground had already formed a visible huge fist-shaped dent, which was several meters deep in the ground. It was like a god’s work.

Li Yiruo felt suffocated.

She knew that she had encountered a master.


“As long as I can hold them back, the pressure on Brother Hao will be relieved… Moreover, I can’t always drag him down.”

This idea flashed through Li Yiruo’s mind. With a thought, a dark green hairpin on her hairpin suddenly turned into mercury-like ripples and flowed. In an instant, it covered the whole body of the glamorous fairy and turned into a beautiful set of armor, increasing her defense to the extreme.

It was the New Moon Battle Suit.

At the same time, Li Yiruo held the Sky Attack Divine Sword with both hands and squatted down slightly.

Her long sword rushed up to the sky as she made a strange sword formula gesture. All of a sudden, the sound of water surging around her was heard, and in an instant, it turned into the sound of huge waves. The water element, which was unimaginably dense, gathered around her body like a whirlpool in the sea. In the blink of an eye, the huge waves rose to the sky.

“Scoundrel Waves Sky-clearing!”

Li Yiruo shouted softly and rushed up to the sky.

The water columns around her were rotating like propellers, protecting her. Finally, they turned into a phantom of a Flying Rain-Dragon. It raised its head and roared. As if it was killing the sky, it opened its bloody mouth and smashed toward the Glazed Flowing Fire Fist Print.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A terrifying aura spread out, turning the area within a hundred meters into a land of extinction.

Dozens of disciples from aristocratic families who were too close to that area screamed and were directly sent flying in the aftermath. Their bones were broken and they were seriously injured in an instant.

Smoke and dust rose into the sky, and large areas of the stone forest were destroyed. The ancient trees on the ground were destroyed, and the ground was directly lifted up.

“Ah…” A miserable cry rang out. It was that Semi God Realm expert from the Muhuang family. Blood rained down, each drop of it like a sparkling and translucent ball of light. This was the blood that contained the power of a Demigod’s essence. As his figure flickered, the Semi God Realm expert staggered out of the battlefield. One of his legs was chopped off from his thigh, revealing his flesh and bones.

The smoke and dust dissipated.

Li Yiruo, like catkins in the wind, returned to the side of the little dolphin Adorable.

Her face was a little flushed, but there were no injuries on her body.

Such a result shocked everyone and made them deeply frightened. Those disciples from the aristocratic families who had been clamoring to kill Li Yiruo before now had their legs trembling. How could they trap a demoness who could seriously injure a Semi God Realm expert?

“What has been going on today?

“How could a random person from another region have such terrifying strength?”

“Bitch, you… are so cruel.” The face of the Semi God Realm master was sallow as his sweat condensed on his forehead. The vigor of the experts above the peak of the Saint Realm was as vigorous as the sea, and their broken limbs could be regrown. However, his severed leg could not recover because the Sky Attack Divine Sword contained shocking killing intent, which was injected into the broken limb. It was corrosive and toxic, swallowing his original power.

“In the exchange just now, this woman risked taking a heavy blow head-on. She didn’t care about getting injured just to cut off my thigh.

“That’s too ruthless.

“Moreover, she should have a defensive treasure on her. Otherwise, if she had suffered a blow from my Sky Evil Fist, her limbs would have been smashed and her internal organs would have festered, and she would have died. But now, this woman obviously only suffered a minor injury from the displacement of her internal organs. I’ve suffered a big loss because of her scheme.”

Though the Semi God Realm Master hated Li Yiruo to the bone, he couldn’t make another move for the time being.

Li Yiruo forced herself to swallow a mouthful of blood. She madly ran her Qi to heal her internal injuries. Her internal organs, which had been displaced by the shock, slowly returned to their original positions. She held the sword in front of her chest, full of killing intent, and shouted coldly, “Who else wants to fight me?”

No one stepped forward.

For a moment, everyone was overwhelmed by this woman with strength beyond their imagination.

Right then, a team of guards from the Muhuang family ran over from the distance. When the leader saw Muhuang Pin and the elder in the Demi God Realm, he hurriedly knelt on one knee and said, “Elder, Young Master, we were ordered to go to the Surging Waves Mansion to arrest this evil, but we found… found…”

“Bastard, just say what you have to say. What did you find?” the Demi God Realm elder shouted angrily.

“We found that the Surging Waves Mansion has long been deserted, and the Long Sailing, which should have been docked at the port dock, has also disappeared…” the guard leader said with sweat dripping down his forehead.

“Wastrel.” The Demi God Realm elder slapped the guard. It sent him flying, causing him to suffer a heavy injury.

The elder originally thought that everything was under his control, so how could there be such a mistake?

“The dock is heavily guarded, and there are layers of sentry posts. The sea within hundreds of miles is under the surveillance of Heaven Island. How could a warship disappear? Even if it can fly in the air, it can not escape the control of my Muhuang family. Could it be that a mole is cooperating with them?

“Could it be that everything is going according to that fellow’s plan?”

The elder in the Semi God Realm, Muhuang Pin, and the others looked up at the figure in cyan in the sky with horror on their faces. For the first time, they felt that things were not going well. Everything seemed to have begun to go out of control and develop in an unknown direction.

“Someone go get the ancestors of the Yin family and the Ximen family here. We must take down this demon at all costs. Otherwise, the entire Heaven Island will suffer,” Muhuang Pin said, gritting her teeth.

“We must end him today, otherwise, I’m afraid that there’ll be a disaster for us.

“Since things have come to this, we can only fight him to the death.”

Hearing his order, someone immediately turned around to ask for reinforcements.

Since the battle had developed to this point, logically speaking, the experts of the other two families should have arrived, but the situation didn’t go as they had planned, so they could only send someone to get reinforcements.

“We need to settle this quickly.”

The area within a kilometer of Ding Hao was covered with heavy rain. Every drop of rain was a wisp of Sword Intent and Sword Qi that was powerful enough to kill Demigod masters. During this period, all kinds of strange phenomena appeared. Thunder and lightning were mixed in the sky, and the north wind was blowing. Those were visions formed by the ultimate killing Saber Intent, which could kill Demigod masters.

In such an environment, Ding Hao was simply a Killing God.

Muhuang Tianling and Chuyun Tianshang were firmly on the defensive. Their hearts were chilled by the fight, and they couldn’t believe that things would turn out this way.

“It’s all because of the great mystery contained in the saber and sword. The saber and sword are like two God Realm masters, and they can automatically attack. It seems that the two of us have the upper hand in terms of numbers, but in fact, we are fighting against this devil as well as his sword and saber. It’s two against three, so we are suppressed.”

Muhuang Tianling had to suffer in silence.

“Are we going to use our ancestral Divine Artifacts?” Chuyun Tianshang was incomparably furious as he designated secret voice transmissions.

“Well…” Muhuang Tianling was still slightly hesitant. The Four Great Families all possessed different Divine Artifacts that were passed down from ancient times, which were precious treasures of Karmic Luck that had always been nourished in the places with the most abundant Spiritual Qi in the four main cities. They absorbed the essential Spiritual Qi of the heavens, earth, sun, and moon to ceaselessly nurture and accumulate energy. Once they were utilized, then even though they would surely be able to kill the enemy, once their accumulated energy ran out, they would once again enter into a long period of recuperation.

Therefore, the ancestors of the Four Great Families had left last words that the family members were not allowed to use those Divine Artifacts unless it was a critical moment.

“Are we going to use the Divine Artifacts that are related to the Karmic Luck of the Four Great Families today just because this young man has cornered us?”

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