Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1062

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Chapter 1062 Otherwise I’ll Massacre the Muhuang Family

Three of the Four Great Childes of Heaven Sect had been defeated.

“Muhuang Tianling, are you still going to keep hiding? If you don’t show up now, don’t blame me for killing your men and exterminating the genius of your Muhuang family,” Ding Hao shouted. His killing intent was surging, and his eyes were full of impatience.

In the distance, Muhuang Tianling’s figure finally arrived slowly.

“Ding Hao, why would you do this? Our Muhuang family has treated you with courtesy from beginning to end and invited you to attend the Genius Gathering. I didn’t expect you to harbor evil intentions and make trouble in Heaven Sect. What are you up to exactly?” Muhuang Tianling’s face was cold.

After all, he was a veteran God Realm Master with unfathomable power. The moment he appeared, the silver flame around him circulated and burned. As it circulated between heaven and earth, it offset Ding Hao’s overwhelming aura.

Only then did the people of the Four Great Families below feel that the suffocating pressure had disappeared. They were gasping for breath and their tense nerves had been relaxed.

Ding Hao laughed and said, “Old man, I don’t want to keep you guessing anymore. You know better than me what’s going on. Don’t beat around the bush with me here. Tell me the truth, where are you imprisoning Muhuang Tianshu? Also, I want to see Muhuang Tianji.”

Muhuang’s expression changed as he grunted coldly. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Whatever it is, it would be a matter of my Muhuang family, so how could I allow you to interfere?”

Ding Hao’s expression turned cold, and he said directly, “I’m here to find a girl named Ding Ke’er. If you let her come to see me, everything would be negotiable. But if you keep obstructing me and challenging my patience, again and again, don’t blame me for being ruthless. I will turn your Heaven Island into Asura Hell.”

After Ding Hao went through so many things, he had almost run out of his patience.

He was now basically sure that the Muhuang family must have done something to Ding Ke’er, so they had been feeling guilty and trying their best to hide it.

Right at this moment…

“Humph, how presumptuous. You really don’t know your place. I’d like to see what you, a junior, can do to my Heaven Island.” A cold and arrogant voice came. The light in the void was distorted when an old man with white hair and a child’s face showed up. He had great vitality.

The elders and disciples of the Chuyun family below all cheered.

“Greetings, Highest Elder.” Everyone from the Chuyun family respectfully kneeled on the ground and shouted as if they were seeing a god. It could be seen that this old man with white hair and a child’s face had great prestige.

Ding Hao was slightly shocked.

“Another real God Realm Master.

“This man should be a powerful ancestor of the Chuyun family.”

The light in the eyes of the white-haired, child-faced old man flashed and he said gloomily, “As a youngster, you shouldn’t be so arrogant. You don’t know how to respect others at all, and you’re already so bloodthirsty before you have matured. I’m not optimistic about your future. Is it that you are trying to become a devil king and slaughter the world once you get old enough?”

“Who are you?” Ding Hao asked rudely.

“Haha, no one has dared to talk to me in such a tone for a long time. It seems that the world has forgotten my reputation as Chuyun Tianshang.” The old man with white hair and a child’s face sighed with inscription chains flowing in his eyes. He stared at Ding Hao and said, “Young man, return the bronze fairy stone to me. If you come to Chuyun Peak of our Chuyun family and criticize your mistakes for more than a hundred years, I can spare your life.”

“Chuyun Tianshang?” Ding Hao smiled disdainfully and said sharply, “I haven’t heard of that name. Now the era has changed. You are too old. The era that belongs to you has passed. Be smart and give in to your old age. Don’t try to pull a stunt and mess around. I’m afraid that if you’re not careful enough, you’ll not only get your infamy ruined but also get yourself into trouble.”

“You… are presumptuous! Young man, you are so unruly. There’ll be no way for you to escape today.” Chuyun Tianshang had been calm, but he was provoked by Ding Hao’s words. He sneered and said, “Little bastard, don’t you want to find that girl badly? She’s in the netherworld. I will send you to meet her now.”

Hearing this, Ding Hao was greatly shocked.

“Old dog, what did you say? What… happened to Ding Ke’er?” Ding Hao’s voice was even trembling.

Even when he was surrounded by all the experts from Heaven Island, Ding Hao, who had kept his expression calm, was now overwhelmed by a kind of horror.

Chuyun Tianshang laughed heartily and said, “Hahaha! That demonic girl who was born with traitorous intentions was beaten into a pulp right here in this Heaven Sect Garden. She’s dead in both body and spirit! If you want to find her, go to hell, boy!”

There was a loud bang in Ding Hao’s mind as if something had exploded.

He couldn’t believe what he had heard.

“My sister is dead?


“How could it be?!”

“You’re lying,” Ding Hao shouted. He seemed to have gone crazy, and his thick black hair was fluttering like black flames while there was no wind. The Saber Light and Sword Intent were flowing in his eyes. The sound of swords and sabers came out of his body and echoed between heaven and earth.

Chuyun Tianshang was even more complacent in his heart when he saw this, and he laughed coldly. “What? That demonic girl is your relative? Haha! What a pity! You came here too late. However, you can rest in peace now that you’ll die today at the place she perished.”

“Ke’er wouldn’t die… Old dog, how dare you lie to me? I’ll kill you!” Ding Hao seemed a bit possessed by the devil. In a flash, he approached Chuyun Tianshang and punched out.

The Sword Intent rose sharply.

“Humph! Boy, you’re courting death!” Chuyun Tianshang grunted angrily and similarly punched out to meet with Ding Hao’s attack.

His Qi cultivation was several realms higher than Ding Hao’s, so why would he dodge?

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Horrifying energy exploded.

Ding Hao flew backward while there showed a trace of blood on him, although it was the last thing he wanted to see.

After all, there was still a slight gap in their strength. In the past few months, Ding Hao had reached the level of a two-veined peak nine-apertured Martial Sage, which was equivalent to the Demigod Realm. He had comprehended the Sword Intent, Saber Intent, and the general trend of heaven and earth. His combat strength was comparable to that of a real Martial Demigod, but his Qi cultivation was still a little inferior to that of Chuyun Tianshang.

In such a head-on collision, Ding Hao was injured.

However, Chuyuntian’s condition was not much better. He was too careless and was hit by the Sword Intent directly on his fist. The infinite sharp Sword Intent almost crushed his entire fist, revealing his ghastly white bones and flesh. The mad Sword Intent invaded his meridians from the wound and flowed into his body.

“Die!” Ding Hao attacked again in an instant.

This time, he no longer held back. With the Saber Intent in his left hand, the Sword Intent in his right hand condensed, and the golden and silver light clusters condensed in both of his hands respectively. The power of yang and yin evolved, complementing and restraining each other. In an instant, a strange new power was produced, like the source of chaos.

The sword and saber were drawn at the same time.

Chu Yunshang’s expression drastically changed.

He was rich in experience, so he naturally knew how terrifying this move was, which was enough to threaten his powerful life. After he experienced the horror of the Sword Intent, he finally stopped taking it head-on. With a flash, he avoided this shocking attack.

“Chuyun Tao.”

Chuyun Tianshang roared. In the void, the light was distorted, and the power of the rules circulated. A void crack appeared, which was about to swallow Ding Hao.

Molding a new space with the power of the rules was the ultimate skill of a mid-level or high-level God Realm Master, such as the Ice and Snow Tao of the God of War of Mysterious Frost in the Northern Region, Benevolence Tao of the Great Leiyin Monastery, and so on. Once someone entered it, their life and death would not be in their own hands.

Ding Hao only felt that his body was wrapped by a terrible force, and he could not help but fly toward the void crack.

He knew that once he was sucked in, he would enter Chuyun Tianshang’s Chuyun Tao and definitely be defeated.

“Unbounded Universe. Power from heaven and earth, come to me.”

Ding Hao shouted, and his body suddenly solidified as if he had become one with heaven and earth. Everything around him became blurred. The general trend of heaven and earth stabilized him in place, fighting against the power of the Chuyun Tao.


Chu Yunshang’s face changed dramatically. “How could he resist the power of rules of the Chuyun Tao in this way?”

Six radiances of different colors suddenly flashed in Ding Hao’s head.

The Divine Artifact, the Heavenly Samsara Disc, flew out on its own and turned into six light gates. They flickered behind Ding Hao and released strange halos. Among them, a pale gray light gate shot out a strange light and hit the entrance of the Chuyun Tao.


Chuyun Tianshang howled as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

He was extremely shocked. He reached out his hand and pointed at Ding Hao. He was so frightened that he didn’t know what to say. Even for a God Realm Master, it was not easy to condense his own Tao. It required a lot of effort to constantly try to merge and change the Taoist Rules. After reaching the God Realm, Chuyun Tianshang spent more than 500 years building the Chuyun Tao.

But at that moment, he felt that after being hit by the strange light from the pale gray light gate behind Ding Hao, the Chuyun Tao began to collapse in an instant. It was like a giant building that had its load-bearing walls removed, slowly collapsing.

“How could this be?”

Chuyun Tianshang was completely stunned. He’d never heard that a minor world of the Taoist Rules formed by a God Realm Master would collapse like this.

“Old man, tell me, where is Ding Ke’er? She is definitely not dead.” Without the restraint of the Chuyun Tao, Ding Hao recovered his full strength. He took a step while he was in the void, and instantly, the sky was covered with dark clouds. Just right then, lightning and thunder came down in torrents.

He used the Sword Intent of the 24 Solar Terms as well as the Saber Intent of the Four Seasons.

This was Ding Hao’s own Tao, his domain of saber and sword.

Chuyun Tianshang was wrapped in the storm. His Divine Senses were sharp, so he naturally felt a strong killing intent coming right away. He immediately released his protective Qi, but he was drowned by the erupting Sword Intent and Saber Intent in an instant.

At this moment, the anger in Ding Hao’s heart eased a little, and his mind gradually became clear. He knew that he might have fallen into Chuyun Tianshang’s scheme, and that was why he was flustered.

He suddenly raised his head as a bright glow shot out from his eyes, and he stared at Muhuang Tianling.

“For the last time, where is Muhuang Tianshu? Where is Ding Ke’er?” Ding Hao was like an ancient behemoth that could destroy heaven and earth, exuding a deadly and dangerous aura.

“She’s dead.” Muhuang Tianling said coldly, “Anyone who dared to betray Heaven Sect is dead. Ding Ke’er has already joined the Muhuang family and was a disciple of the Heaven Sect, but she was very stubborn by nature and betrayed her masters and ancestors. She has already been wiped out.”

This time Ding Hao was no longer easily fooled.

“Ask Muhuang Tianji and Muhuang Tianshu to come out and see me. Otherwise, I will massacre the Muhuang family.” There was a bloody light in Ding Hao’s eyes. The Devil Saber and the Rusted Sword appeared on his left and right sides. Although they weren’t injected with Qi, they began to slowly release forbidden power.

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