Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1060

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Chapter 1060 Bronze Pieces

“I’ve met a lot of lunatics, and you’re the most arrogant among them.” Chuyun Kuangzhan held the Bronze Flying Palace in his hand. In a flash of green light, the deformed palace was restored to its original state. He stood in the void, and his momentum rose sharply like a mountain torrent on a rainy night. The chaotic mist circulated around him as he shouted, “I guarantee that you will also be the one who dies the most miserably.”

On the other side.

Ding Hao sneered and disdained saying anything more. He raised his hand and pointed.


The sword light cut through the void like lightning from the Ninth Heaven.

“What an insignificant trick. You dare to show off in front of me… Chuyun Palm. Kill!”

Chu Yunzhan laughed wildly and made a backhand palm print. A horrible force directly smashed a pit in the void. A huge silver palm print, like the hand of a god, emerged from the void. It was dozens of meters large. Its five fingers spread out and pressed down like a mountain, trying to grab Ding Hao like grabbing a chicken.

The experts from the Chuyun family below all began to cheer.

“He’s going down. He’s dead for sure.”

“One of the Chuyun family’s greatest magical powers, the Chuyun Palm. No one can fight against it.”



The sword Qi whistled.

That wisp of white sword light was aimed at the Chuyun Palm. Amid the noise of countless people, it instantly smashed the palm as easily as crushing dry weeds. It was as if a divine sword had collided with rotten wood, breaking it down. Also, its remaining power was ceaseless, directly stabbing toward the middle of Chuyun Zhan’s eyebrows.


Chuyun Zhan was shocked. It was too late for him to dodge. He felt pain between his eyebrows and his skin was about to crack. The shadow of death shrouded him in an instant.

At the critical moment, he used the Bronze Flying Palace in his hands to withstand the sword Qi.


“Puff… Uh!” Chuyun Kuangzhan only felt that an irresistible force surged through the Bronze Flying Palace. His strength was too weak to resist at all. A sweet taste surged from his throat. He opened his mouth and spat out an arrow of blood. Then, he flew backward.

“Is this the top master of the new generation of the Chuyun family? He sure can talk the talk, but he can’t walk the walk. He doesn’t know what he is doing.” Ding Hao stood still like a devil in everyone’s eyes. His black hair fluttered, and his body seemed to cover the sunshine of this world in an instant.

The people below were all petrified.

What just happened was indeed beyond their expectations.

The battle maniac from the Chuyun family was defeated in just one move. This didn’t look like a contest between peers but more like a supreme ancestor teaching and bullying a junior.

The masters of the Four Great Families, who were originally eager to challenge Ding Hao, retreated at this moment. “Are you kidding me?! Chuyun Kuangzhan has been easily defeated by that man. I’ll only be courting death if I go up.”


In the distance came the crazy roar of Chuyun Kuangzhan.

He quickly flew back and shouted, “I haven’t lost yet. You’ve successfully irritated me. I’ll make you pay the price. Ahh! Chuyun Sky Technique, Nine Turns of Celestial Being…”

His whole body was surrounded by white chaotic mist, and his momentum was more violent. His strength and aura were improved to the extreme and constantly broke through the limit. Finally, with a bang, the surrounding void vibrated, and a terrible new force was generated. It radiated around like the arrival of a Devil.

“Young Master Kuangzhan has broken through the peak Saint Realm!”

“Hahaha, Demigod Realm. This is the power of the Demigod Realm! Haha, my Chuyun family has another God Realm Master!”

Cries of surprise could be heard from below.

The disciples of the Chuyun family were even more overjoyed.

Several of their elders began to guffaw.

They felt depressed when Ding Hao defeated Chuyu Kuangzhan, but they didn’t expect such a thing to happen.

At the same time, several powerful auras flickered in the distance.

Clearly, the power and aura of the Demigod Realm had attracted the attention of the great ancestors of the Four Great Families. No matter how solid the foundations of the Heaven Sect were, a new God Realm Master was still a big deal to them.

“My Chuyun family cannot be humiliated. Sinner, die!”

Chuyun Kuangzhan stepped on the white clouds and regained his invincible demeanor. He was full of confidence and looked down on Ding Hao. He even put one hand behind his back and quickly pinched fingerprints with the other hand to control the Bronze Flying Palace.

The inscriptions on the bronze palace flickered and turned into dense ancient runes. They turned from bronze to gold and had almost the power of immortals. The bronze palace spun and flew out of his palm. In an instant, it swelled to the size of a mountain and pressed down directly on Ding Hao.

The strength of a Demigod Realm master was fully displayed.

The people below began to retreat again.

The power of the God Realm that burst out at full strength made them feel suffocated and tremble. Although the power of the flying palace was not aimed at them but just affected them, they couldn’t bear it.

“Activate the tactical deployment to protect the garden. Do it now!”

An elder expert in the dark shouted, and the bright inscription chains immediately flew up from all over the garden, restraining the horrible aura of the Demigod Realm. If it weren’t for that, Chuyun Kuangzhan, who had just entered the Demigod Realm and couldn’t fully control his power, would probably have turned the whole Heaven Sect Garden into ruins.

In everyone’s eyes, Chuyun Kuangzhan was sure to win now.

In midair.

Ding Hao laughed.

“Is a Demigod Realm expert very strong?” Instead of retreating, he laughed out loud and took a step forward. His body abruptly solidified, and the void around him suddenly blurred. In an instant, he seemed to be integrated with heaven and earth.

Borrowing power from heaven was Ding Hao’s first level of understanding of the momentum of martial arts.

Long cries of swans could be heard when the Sword Intent of the Beginning of Spring burst out.

Ding Hao clenched his fist. A ball of bright Sword Intent and Sword Light condensed in the center of his fist. It was like a mass of Milky Way light lingering on his right arm. It no longer conjured sword shadows, but its attack power was stronger, and then it was slowly waved out.


The Sword Light poured down like a storm.

When it came to the comprehension of Saber Intent and Sword Intent, at Ding Hao’s level, he no longer needed a sword in his hand. He was no longer obsessed with the entity but with the Taoist Sense. With a thought, he could make everything burst out with the Sword Intent.

He punched out as the power of Sword Intent burst out.


The enormous Bronze Flying Palace released a sharp and clear cracking sound.

In the next moment, the flying palace, one of the supreme treasures of the Chuyun family, was so fragile that it couldn’t withstand a single blow. Like a piece of paper, it turned into pieces and flew out in all directions. The bronze pieces fluttered all over the sky. The golden inscriptions on it couldn’t be of any use. They were broken inch by inch like straw ropes.

Countless gazes froze at this moment.

The crowd below fell into dead silence. They were simply unable to understand what they were seeing.

The experts of the Chuyun family felt as though they were struck by lightning. All of them had their mouths wide open and were unable to speak. The expressions of their elderly masters, who were previously filled with confidence, changed even greater. It was already too late for them to take action.


This time, Chuyun Kuangzhan didn’t even have time to react. He, with one hand behind his back, was too pretentious. He screamed and was instantly drowned by the surging Sword Intent and Sword Light, turning into blood and bones flying out.

His entire body was a mass of blood and gore, and his limbs had transformed into a bloody paste.

“Bastard, how dare you?!”

With an angry roar, a stream of light burst out in the distance and cut into the battlefield in an instant.

The real expert of the Chuyun family took action. In an instant, he appeared and held Chuyun Kuangzhan, who was unconscious, in his arms. A bright mercury-like Chuyun Palm burst out, barely blocking the rest of the Sword Intent and Sword Light.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

With flashes, dozens of figures appeared in the void.

These people were not young, wearing the costumes of the Four Great Families’ elders. They were all superiors of the older generation from the Heaven Sect. They surrounded Ding Hao.

The elder who held Chuyun Kuangzhan in his arms asked with a furious and vicious look, “Who are you?” Then, without waiting for Ding Hao’s answer, he smiled viciously and said, “No, you don’t need to answer. No matter who you are, you’re dead. You’re dead for sure. My Chuyun family would never let you go.”

Ding Hao was speechless.

“I just beat their youngsters up, and now came the old, who are even more brutal and insolent than the young ones.

“Are the people of the Four Great Families all such idiots?”

The elder was short and fat, but his aura was as profound as an abyss. Obviously, he was an expert in the Demigod Realm. His short red hair was like fire, and his whole body was like a fire alligator. With a cruel light flashing in his eyes, he looked around and ordered the other elderly masters of the family, “To deal with such a villain, there is no need to hold back. Let’s kill him together and avenge Kuangzhan.”

More than a dozen elders of the Chuyun family responded at the same time. They took action one after another. Each of them took out a bronze piece and slowly floated up, forming a strange tactical deployment. Layers of halos spread out, intending to surround Ding Hao.


A smile appeared on Ding Hao’s face.

He found something very strange.

The bronze pieces from the hands of the elder of the Chuyun family were only about the size of a fist. They were covered with mottled green copper without any spirituality like garbage. But after being activated, they faintly contained a somewhat familiar aura.

It was the aura of reincarnation.

Among these elders, the strongest one was only at the peak of the Saint Realm. With their talent and age, they could not make further breakthroughs in their lives. They could not be regarded as real supreme masters. But with the support of the bronze pieces, they made Ding Hao feel a faint sense of threat.

“Is this the power of reincarnation?”

Ding Hao felt that with the coming of the bronze halo, there was a strange change in the surrounding void as if time was speeding up within a small range, which could make people age quickly.

However, this kind of power was too weak. Layers of Saber Intent and Sword Intent emerged on the surface of Ding Hao’s body, isolating this power with extremely strong willpower. At the same time, the divine weapon Heavenly Samsara Disc in his mind released a weird fluctuation and completely absorbed the power of reincarnation of the bronze pieces.

“Hey? The bronze pieces are very important. Take them and have a look.” The Sword Master’s voice sounded.

Ding Hao nodded. His palm was as sharp as a knife as it slowly slashed out.

In the void, a hurricane instantly appeared.

Before one of the Chuyun elders could react, he was cut in two at the waist. The wound was extremely smooth as if it had been cut by a divine weapon. He only spurted out a mouthful of blood when he was cut. Before he realized that his body was broken, his bronze piece was out of control, spinning around in the hurricane and brought to Ding Hao’s hand.

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