Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1058

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Chapter 1058 A Bet on When He Will Die

These words made Chuyun Pei’s face seem as if it had been ruthlessly smeared with some dog shit. He looked ridiculously terrible. With his status and position, when did someone dare to say such a thing to him on Heaven Island?

One of Chuyun Pei’s lackeys said angrily, “Bitch, what did you say-”

But before he could finish his words-


Ding Hao raised his hand and slapped that man.

A blast of energy shot out and sent him flying.

This expert whose Qi cultivation was at the peak of the Martial Emperor Realm was directly smashed. His head was like a watermelon that had been smashed by an iron hammer. Blood and bones splashed as he was directly killed in body and spirit. His body slammed into the distant stone forest and stone peak, turning into minced meat.

Everyone was shocked.

Batian, the sissy young master, was also a little stunned.

“How… how dare you kill someone from the Chuyun family? Are you tired of living? You…” The other young man pointed at Ding Hao. For a while, he was so shocked that he stammered.

But when Ding Hao glanced at him, he shivered in fear and retreated with a scream.

“Let’s go in and have a look.”

Ding Hao took Li Yiruo’s hand and rushed straight into the inner courtyard.

He originally intended to ask Muhuang Ying about this matter, but now the rage in his heart surged, so he decided to give the other party a taste of their own medicine and barge in overbearingly. He wanted to let these experts of the Four Great Families who thought highly of themselves realize who was the real overbearing and arrogant one.

Ding Hao had made up his mind to make a big scene in the Genius Gathering.

The faces of the guards changed drastically, and they still wanted to say something.

However, as Ding Hao approached, they suddenly felt an irresistible force pressing toward them. In an instant, they felt as if they were pressed by an ancient mountain. They knelt on the ground all over and were unable to move.

The group of people watched Ding Hao lead his companions into the inner courtyard.

It wasn’t until this moment that Chuyun Pei came to his senses.

Uncontrollable anger emerged on his face as he roared like a provoked beast. He was so angry that he was trembling all over. “God damn it. Who the hell is that bastard? How dare he kill my family’s man? How dare he disrespect me? Go. Go after him. I can’t have him escaped…”

The other young masters around him seemed to have woken up from a dream and chased after Ding Hao in a hurry.

Unexpectedly, just a moment after entering the inner courtyard, they couldn’t find any trace of Ding Hao and the others. Those who could enter the inner courtyard were all figures of extremely high status. These people didn’t dare to search in a presumptuous manner and could only search place by place.

Those guards’ faces all turned deathly pale.

Thinking of what they had said when they intercepted Ding Hao before, they didn’t take the young man in the cotton-padded cyan shirt seriously at that time. They didn’t know that they could almost get themselves killed. That man even dared to kill a young master of the Chuyun family, so to him, killing these guards would be as easy as crushing an ant.

“We should report this to the lords now.”

The guards didn’t dare to slack off and hurriedly went to the higher-ups of the family.

“Although the ones of the Heaven Sect are disgusting, I must admit that the average strength of their younger generation is indeed very strong. It seems that they are a bit better than the younger generation of super sects like the Northern Region’s Blue Cloud Sect and Extermination Swordsmanship Sect.”

Ding Hao walked casually in the inner couryard and paid attention to his surroundings.

In addition to the few top masters of the Heaven Sect who had shown up before, the young people who were qualified to enter the inner courtyard were at least above the Saint level. They were exchanging pointers with each other while having their guards and servants around. It seemed to be harmonious on the surface.

But Ding Hao could feel that there was hostility and competition between the young masters from different aristocratic families.

“Maybe it’s because the Heaven Sect is too powerful in the Southern Land. Not any force can compete with them except the Southern Land’s Heaven-Splitting Whale Palace, so they can monopolize countless resources and cultivate generation after generation of young experts.” Ding Hao was deep in thought. It was said that if it weren’t for the Heaven-Splitting Whale War God, the invincible master of the Heaven-Splitting Whale Palace, even this force would not be able to fight against the Heaven Sect.

The top sects of the Human Clan in the Northern Region, such as the Blue Cloud Sect, could only fight against one of the Four Great Families. When Ding Hao first met Song Que, Bai Quanshui, and the others, they were far from the Martial Sage Realm. However, many experts of the younger generation of the Four Great Families from the Heaven Sect were in this realm.

This indirectly illustrated the gap between them.

It seemed that the situation of the major regions was really different. The Northern Region seemed to be at a disadvantage among the five major regions.

“Hey. Who are you? Why do you look a bit unfamiliar? You’re not from the Four Great Families, are you? How did you enter the inner courtyard? Do you have an invitation card?” A sharp voice came. A young woman in the Yin family’s disciple costume blocked Ding Hao’s way with an arrogant and suspicious look on her face.

The lady looked less than 20 years old. She was very young but very proud. She blocked Ding Hao and his companions with her hands on her hips, looking down at them.

Ding Hao frowned and walked to the other side.

As her figure flashed, the young woman stood in front of him again in an instant. She sneered and said, “How dare you not answer my question? You must be the successor of that small sect outside the Heaven Sect, aren’t you? I’m sure you have some ability and fame to be qualified to enter here. It’s been decided – I’ll take you as my slave. Tell me your name now.”

“Are you crazy?” Ding Hao raised his hand.

A wave of energy surged out and directly blasted Yin Hui flying.

Were the young disciples of the Four Great Families all idiots? Each of them was extremely proud as if no one in the world could afford to offend them. If they were in the Northern Region or the Divine Central Continent, they would have gotten themselves killed countless times.

The commotion finally attracted some people’s attention.

“Eh? That young man is bold. He actually blasted Yin Hui flying with a single punch?”

“Haha, now there will be a show to watch. Although Yin Hui’s strength is ordinary and her character is tricky, she is the cousin of Yin Lisheng, one of the Four Great Childes. How dare that young man make trouble for her? Which family does he come from?”

“His clothes… don’t seem to belong to the Four Great Families!”

“He’s dead for sure then!”

The crowd was talking and pointing at Ding Hao.

The Genius Gathering was an annual event held by the Heaven Sect. Over the years, there were basically no young experts other than the ones from the Four Great Families who dared to provoke those families’ disciples on such an occasion. Many people were sure that Ding Hao would be taught a lesson that day.

Ding Hao acted as if nothing had happened, still leisurely strolling in the inner courtyard.

This caught the attention of many people.

These people were the servants and attendants who followed their master into the inner courtyard, and some of the strong rogue cultivators who weren’t from the Heaven Sect but got the invitation through their connections all looked at Ding Hao.

“Haha, it seems that some people don’t know their places these days. Let’s make a bet on how much longer this punk will live. I bet he won’t live past an hour before he’s slaughtered by the Yin family members,” sneered someone.

“He doesn’t seem to panic at all. Could it be that he has a strong backing?”

“Bullshit. Who does he think he is? The second Witch?”

“That’s right. For hundreds of years, only the peerlessly brilliant Witch has ever caused a sensation in the Genius Gathering. She defeated countless masters of the Four Great Families and survived. She even retreated unscathed. It’s also because of the Witch that the Four Great Families have set up a large number of tactical deployments and armies outside the Heaven Sect Garden. Once anyone causes trouble, they would be killed immediately. This young man will definitely die.”

“What if he’s the second Witch?”

“That’s stupid. It was an exception for the Witch, and the reason why she didn’t die back then was because there was a supreme master protecting her in the Four Great Families. If she didn’t have any backing, she would have died back then. How powerful is the Heaven Sect? How could they tolerate this type of provocation?”

“Rumor has it that the supreme master who protected the Witch is now also being punished with an extremely miserable end.”

Gradually more and more people followed behind Ding Hao.

Everyone wanted to see how this young man would die.

All conversations reached Ding Hao’s ears.

He was slightly surprised. He didn’t expect such a thing to happen before.

In the next moment, Ding Hao suddenly thought of something stunning. He suddenly recalled that in the Towering Buddha Pagoda, someone once said that Yu Miejue had betrayed the Heaven Sect and was called a witch. “Could it be that the witch everyone is talking about is Yu Miejue?

Right at this moment-

“Little trash, there you are.”

An angry and resentful sharp voice came when a burly figure appeared in front of Ding Hao. Chuyun Pei stared at Ding Hao with a malicious look in his eyes. His expression showed that he wanted to cut the other party into pieces.

Ding Hao glanced at him expressionlessly.

“Haha, let’s see where you can hide this time.” Chuyun Pei approached Ding Hao step by step. He raised his hand to point at Ding Hao and said with a sinister smile, “Little bastard, there’s no way that you can escape now. Haha, you’re dead. I’ll make you so miserable that you’ll beg for death.”


Dozens of experts from the Chuyun family surrounded Ding Hao and his companions fiercely, blocking any possibility of escape.

The crowd following Ding Hao was also stunned when they saw this scene.

“This is really crazy.”

“This young man in cyan has been bold enough to mess with Yin Hui. Unexpectedly, he has even angered Chuyun Pei. He is just courting death ceaselessly.”

A rogue cultivator who had participated in the bet earlier slapped his thigh and cried, “I regret my bet. If I had known that he has also messed with Chuyun Pei, I would have bet that he wouldn’t live past 30 minutes. Damn it. Now I’ll have to pay a terrible price.”

The others looked at Ding Hao as if they were looking at a dead man.

Because in the next moment, Yin Hui, with one side of her face swollen, also found Ding Hao. With a group of masters in silver armor and her admirers, she rushed over aggressively. The anger in her eyes could melt gold and stone.

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