Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1055

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Chapter 1055 A Visitor in the Night

This made the experts of the Muhuang family who wanted to seek shock from Ding Hao and others’ expressions to satisfy their sense of superiority extremely angry. They all criticized in their hearts that the group of bumpkins must have been shocked, but they only pretended to be calm because they were trying to preserve their fall at all costs. “Yeah. I’m sure that’s the case.”

While they were talking, suddenly…

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Six blasts of giant cannons were heard on the island. The huge sound waves shook heaven and earth. Layers of energy fluctuations exploded in the void like magnificent and fatal fireworks, which were extremely beautiful.

“Hahaha! The ones on the island already know that we’ve arrived. After you.” Muhuang Ying roared with laughter.

The warships quickly approached. When they were still a few kilometers away from Heaven Island, huge waves rose on the surface of the water all of a sudden. An invisible shield suddenly appeared, stirring up the waves and smashing them into the air, forming a beautiful rainbow under the sunshine. Some silver warships flew out from the distant bay. The flags fluttered as the warships came to welcome the ones who had arrived like mighty sea dragons.

At this time, Muhuang Ying breathed a sigh of relief. He finally brought Ding Hao and his companions to Heaven Island. To tell the truth, he was really afraid that Ding Hao and the others would escape on the way. The performance of Long Sailing made him a little shocked. Ding Hao’s strength was also unfathomable. If they really wanted to leave, the Muhuang family members might not be able to stop them.

Now that they were on the Heavenly Island, everything was under his control.

The experts of the Muhuang family also cheered excitedly.

To everyone from the Heaven Sect, coming to Heaven Island once in their lifetime was something they had been dreaming for.

In the blink of an eye, hundreds of welcoming silver warships arrived in front of them. They were divided into two rows, drawing an arc on the surface of the water. They flew past Ding Hao and the others from both sides. After taking a round, they protected the crowd in the middle and continued to head for the harbor.

The harbor along the coast was full of an artistic atmosphere. The docks that had turned black after countless years of erosion by the waves, the white sea tower signs that rose to the sky, and the giant divine statues that were hundreds of meters above the sea surface half submerged by the seawater were all full of the dreamy aura of time.

The fleet stopped by the docks in sequence.

After the Long Sailing reached the shore, under the request of Muhuang Ying and the others, Ding Hao and his companions, as well as the physical cultivators of the Vast Ocean, all left their ship and got on the shore. Their ship was temporarily supervised by the sailors of the Muhuang family. They walked hundreds of meters along the dock, and there were rows of guards with spears on both sides. These docks belonged to the Muhuang family. Ding Hao soon saw a higher-up of the Muhuang family coming to welcome them.

There was only one person.

It was not the old profiteer Muhuang Tianshu that Ding Hao had expected.

Instead, it was a thin middle-aged man.

This person was wearing a white short robe, with the unique features of the Southern Wilderness Human Clan. He was not tall, and his skin was dark, which made him look like a hard-working fisherman who often went out to sea to fish. He had no demeanor of a master at all, but his eyes emitted a kind of extremely dangerous aura, which was as unpredictable as the sea in a storm.

“A three-apertured God Realm Master.”

Ding Hao was slightly shocked.

Ding Honglei had once said that the number of God Realm Masters in the Land of Infinity was limited. For thousands of years, there were only a few of them. Experts like Muhuang Ying and Muhuang Xiong, to put it nicely, were in the Semi-God Realm, but to put it bluntly, they were in the Fake God Realm. Their strength had not yet reached the threshold of the Martial Demigod Realm. Without a thorough grasp of the power of the rules, they might not be able to really reach the God Realm in their lifetime. Therefore, of course, they could not be regarded as the real top experts that Ding Honglei had mentioned.

However, the middle-aged man, who was like a fisherman, was definitely a God Realm Master among those people.

He was a real Supreme Master in the God Realm.

“I didn’t expect you to personally come to welcome us, Patriarch Tianling. We’re greatly honored.” Seeing the middle-aged man, Muhuang Ying, Muhuang Xiong, and the rest were all greatly shocked. They all looked surprised and flattered as they knelt to salute. It was clear that this middle-aged man held an extremely high position in their hearts and was definitely one of the leading figures of the Muhuang family.

Even the previous armored soldiers also got down on one knee and saluted.

For a time, only Ding Hao and his companions stood straight in the same place.

“Patriarch Tianling?

“Another old man with the title of ‘Tian’ in his name. The person who took Ding Ke’er away was called Muhuang Tianji, and the profiteer’s name is Muhuang Tianshu. So this middle-aged man should be Muhuang Tianling. These three people should be experts of the same generation. Since Muhuang Tianling’s status is so high, Muhuang Tianji must be similar to Muhuang Tianshu, which means…”

Ding Hao suddenly realized something and cursed in his heart.

“Tianshu, this old profiteer, must also be a Supreme Master in the God Realm. He kept that in secret so well before. This guy is really good at disguising himself. He has reserved his strength all the time.”

Muhuang Tianling did not seem to see the people kneeling on the ground. His eyes were cold and emotionless as if he was not a living creature. His gaze fell on Ding Hao. It was like two divine chains of lightning that seemed to see through Ding Hao. They were extremely aggressive.

Ding Hao snorted and took a slight step forward.

A strange phenomenon occurred. Everything behind Ding Hao suddenly became illusory. His whole person seemed to blend into the distant sea, and a strange momentum was generated as if Ding Hao was a bottomless abyss. No matter how hard Muhuang Tianling observed and peeped, he could not see Ding Hao’s real realm and cultivation.

Muhuang Tianling was stunned. He felt as if he was looking at a boundless ocean.

“This kid is extraordinary indeed.”

He made an evaluation in his heart.

However, he realized that if all he had thought remained only a guess, then with this kid’s strength, it would absolutely not be a good thing for the Muhuang family. He made a plan in his heart before he raised his hand slightly and said, “Rise, all of you.”

Muhuang Ying and the others hurriedly stood up and acted in an extremely respectful manner.

“You should be Brother Ding Hao. You’re indeed a young talent, a peerless figure among men. It’s really amazing.” A smile appeared on the face of Muhuang Tianling.

Ding Hao captured the information in his words and said, “Senior, have you heard of me?”

“Haha, my third brother, Muhuang Tianshu, who doesn’t like to restrict himself, once traveled all the continents. When he came back a few years ago, he told me that he had met a matchless young genius in the Northern Region named Ding Hao, who had a peerless talent for martial arts and could be said to be the most stunning genius in thousands of years in the Human Clan. I didn’t believe it. Today, it stunned me when I saw you. If what my third brother said is right, you haven’t reached 30 years old this year, but you have already reached the God Realm…” Muhuang Tianling couldn’t help but sigh.

In fact, he hadn’t thought of that at first, but when he said those words, he grew more and more shocked. At the thought of it, he suddenly realized that Ding Hao was indeed less than 30 years old, but he had already reached the God Realm, which was indeed quite terrifying.

The others, including Muhuang Ying and Muhuang Xiong, found it hard to believe that Ding Hao had also entered the God Realm.

If not for Patriarch Tianling’s absurd declaration, they wouldn’t have believed this stunning news no matter what.

Ding Hao smiled and said, “Senior, you misunderstood me. I’m still far beyond the God Realm. It’s just that the cultivation method I practiced is a little special, so I made you misunderstand that I’ve entered that realm.”

The expressions of Muhuang Ying and the others returned to normal when they heard this explanation.

As for whether Muhuang Tianling believed those words or not, it was impossible to discern from his expression.

After a pause, Ding Hao asked again, “I came uninvited this time because I want to see Senior Tianshu. I wonder where he is now.”

Muhuang Tianling laughed and said, “My third brother is used to wandering around. He hasn’t been on the island these days, but after receiving the message from Peach Blossom Island, we contacted him immediately through our secret method. According to the distance, he will be back in one or two days. Little Brother Ding, you can stay on the island first, and you will see him soon.”

Ding Hao nodded.

The process of entering the island was extremely complicated, and it took over two hours to pass through multiple inspections.

Heaven Island was extremely prosperous. Large and small cities were scattered all over the place. Defensive cities were distributed in all regions, surrounding the four main cities in the center like stars surrounding the moon. These four main cities were the bases of the Four Great Families. After tens of thousands of years of construction and operation, their foundation was so profound that it was beyond the imagination of ordinary people. They were like war fortresses.

The Muhuang family was the strongest among the Four Great Families, which was why Muhuang City was also the largest among the four great main cities.

Muhuang Tianling did not enter the city with Muhuang Ying and other people from Peach Blossom Island. Instead, he led Ding Hao and his companions into the city through a covert side door. They passed through many streets and alleys before entering the inner city. Ding Hao and his companions were temporarily arranged in a gorgeous and magnificent building named Surging Waves Mansion.

“Little Brother, please wait here for a few days. I believe that Tianshu will come back soon.”

Muhuang Tianling left after he finished speaking these words.

Looking at the back of the God Realm Master, Ding Hao’s face gradually darkened. He was now 100% sure that the Muhuang family must have hidden something from him. Along the way, they had guarded against him carefully. After entering Heaven Island, they secretly led him here. Obviously, they were afraid that others would know that Ding Hao had arrived.

Moreover, there were at least hundreds of experts of the Muhuang family stationed around the Surging Waves Mansion, vaguely surrounding it. They were fully armed and vigilant as if they were facing a formidable enemy. Instead of welcoming guests, they were more like treating prisoners.

“I can’t wait like this any longer. I have to do something.”

Ding Hao thought for a while and gradually came up with an idea.

Time flew, and the sky darkened little by little.

A beautiful and charming maidservant sent over delicious food. Ding Hao carefully checked it and found nothing wrong. After receiving the food, he asked the maidservant to go back and report. However, he turned around and put all the food into the storage space. Then, he asked his subordinates, Li Yiruo, and the others to only eat the food they brought with them.

During that period, Ding Hao pretended to take Li Yiruo shopping in the city several times. As expected, they were persuaded by the elite guards stationed around Surging Waves Mansion to come back. The guards said that the city was relatively chaotic recently, and curfew would be enforced at night, so it was not suitable for them to go out.

Ding Hao did not force his way out.

He went back to his room to practice and improve his strength.

At midnight, when everything was quiet, Ding Hao, who was sitting cross-legged on the bed, suddenly opened his eyes. He restrained his aura and slowly came to the door of the room. When he was about to push the door open and go out, he saw a figure like a stream of smoke quietly avoiding the attention of the surrounding guards and approaching quickly.

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