Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1053

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Chapter 1053 Is He That Person?

An extremely shocking aura was slowly released from Ding Hao’s body.

He took a step forward, and the entire island trembled.

In an instant, the surrounding air froze. The feminine young man and the others only felt that they were like snails who had fallen into a swamp. It was extremely difficult for them to move even a finger. They felt as if they were about to suffocate to death. Those fierce guards were instantly scared out of their wits. They immediately understood what kind of a great expert they had messed with.

The tactical deployment around the manor was activated in an instant, and layers of glass light shield flashed with dense runes. The ear-piercing alarm sounded throughout the manor. In an instant, powerful forces burst out from inside and outside the manor and rushed toward the gate.

“Who dares to barge into our Heaven Sect Manor?”

“Where does this thug come from?”

“Who is it?”

Shouts were heard, and figures flashed. In an instant, dozens of figures appeared at the gate.

These were all experts of the Heaven Sect. They hurried over as soon as they heard the noises.

“Manor Master, come out and talk.” Ding Hao opened his mouth, and his voice rumbled out like a surging river. Before the experts of the Heaven Sect Manor who landed at the gate could react, they were sent flying backward in an instant. They looked at Ding Hao in horror and with pale faces. They had never expected that his strength would be so horrifying that they couldn’t even stand steadily in the face of his ocean-like power fluctuations and aura, let alone fight him.

The feminine young master and his lackeys were doing even worse. They coughed up large mouthfuls of blood and were forced to kneel on the ground by Ding Hao’s fierce momentum, unable to move at all.

If it weren’t for the fact that Ding Hao didn’t want to kill them at the moment, they would have turned into a pool of blood.

“Please calm down.”

An old voice was heard.

Streams of light flashed again as six figures descended.

The ones who just showed up were uniformly powerful. All of them were peak Saint Realm experts. Two were Semi-God Realm Masters over a hundred years old. The two leading the group had gray hair, gray beard, and a youthful complexion. They wore white robes and looked extremely majestic.

The Manor Master had finally arrived.

Ding Hao instantly withdrew his aura, stood with his hands clasped behind his back, and looked at those people coldly.

The leader was an old man in a white robe with silver hair. He looked at Ding Hao and the others in surprise and finally fixed his eyes on Ding Hao. He frowned and said, “Your strength is amazing, but I don’t know where you are from. Why are you making trouble at the gate of my Heaven Sect Manor?”

This old man had a sphinx’s nose and a wide mouth. His appearance was fierce, and his slanted eyes flickered with bright light. He was not a kind person.

Ding Hao smiled coldly, looked at the guards and Young Master Batian lying on the ground like a dog, and said, “You need to ask these wild dogs with nostrils on their foreheads about that.”

The sphinx-nosed old man glanced around and had a rough idea of what had happened. He said, “I see. Our servants are not sensible, and you are also a person of status. Why bother to haggle over it with them?”

Hearing that, Ding Hao got angry.

“I don’t want to haggle over it, but who would want to be bitten by some mad dogs for no reason? And judging from the old man’s words, it seems that he is still blaming me for being nosy. It seems that a dog would behave like its owner.”

“I want to see Senior Muhuang Tianshu of the Heaven Sect. Which one of you knows how to find him?” Ding Hao’s face turned cold, and he was no longer polite when he spoke.

The old man with a sphinx’s nose and a wide mouth was about to say something, but another white-robed, silver-haired old man beat him to it. He smiled and said, “Who are you? I don’t know why you are looking for Elder Tianshu?”

The old man had a lean face and spoke unhurriedly. There was a hint of a smile on his face, which made it very easy for people to have a good impression of him.

However, Ding Hao vaguely felt that this old man was very shrewd. He said calmly, “I once fought side by side with Elder Tianshu. We’re friends despite our age difference. This time, I just passed by the Southern Wilderness, so I came to see my old friend. I didn’t expect a few unimportant guards at the gate of Heaven Sect to put on airs like this. It’s really an eye-opener for me.”

As soon as these words were spoken, those guards were instantly terrified to the point their faces went pale, and their bodies shivered as they knew that they’d caused great trouble.

The lean old man smiled slightly and said, “I’m Muhuang Ying. This is my elder brother, Muhuang Xiong, who was appointed by the master of our Muhuang family to manage Peach Blossom Island. Elder Tianshu is our uncle. Since you’re our uncle’s friend, I’m sorry that we have neglected you. I didn’t discipline our servants well enough. Please forgive us, young hero.” As he spoke, he raised his hand. A weak flame flew out and fell on the six guards. In an instant, the six guards turned into ashes and disappeared without even having time to scream.

This move was resolute, pungent, and murderous, and it caused the expressions of everyone to turn grim.

The sissy young master, who was called Batian, trembled and shrank to the side, not daring to say a word.

Ding Hao frowned and said nothing more.

“Uncle Tianshu is the most distinguished person in our Muhuang family. His whereabouts are uncertain. He has been traveling around the continent all these years and is as elusive as a dragon. So I don’t know where he has gone for a moment. However, this matter will be reported to our headquarters, and we will be able to contact him as soon as possible.” The thin old man Muhuang Ying explained with a smile, “How should I address you, little brother? Why don’t you stay on Peach Blossom Island first? I will go to our headquarters in Heaven Island three days later. You can go with me. I believe you will be able to meet Uncle Tianshu at that time.”

Ding Hao frowned.

“Although everything he said sounds reasonable, why do I keep feeling that something is wrong?”

Ding Hao’s eyes swept across those people’s faces. After thinking for a while, he nodded and said, “Okay then. Thank you very much.”

The old man with a sphinx’s nose and wide mouth, Muhuang Xiong, and the thin old man, Mu Huangying, glanced at each other before they nodded. The latter roared with laughter and said, “That’s great. It’s indeed that no discord, no concord. Please come in now. Someone prepare a banquet. I’m going to welcome our distinguished guest today.”

The banquet in the evening was indeed grand.

Ding Hao attended the banquet alone.

He originally didn’t want to feign civility with these people because his intuition of his Mind Essential told him that he didn’t have a good impression of everyone including Muhuang Ying. However, when he considered that he might be able to obtain some useful information from the banquet, he restrained himself and sat at the banquet for a while before he disregarded everyone’s urgings to stay, and he stood up and left.

Watching Ding Hao turn around and leave, some people’s smiles disappeared.

“Humph. A guy with an unclear background actually dares to be so arrogant in our Heaven Sect Manor. He doesn’t know his place.” One Heaven Sect expert sneered. The feast tonight looked like a warm welcome from the Muhuang family while they were given a cold shoulder by Ding Hao, which made them indignant.

The other experts of the Muhuang family seemed to have been humiliated as well.

The Heaven Sect was the largest force in the Southern Wilderness. It had a long history and was composed of four families, namely, the Muhuang, Ximen, Yi, and Chuyun families. Each of these four families was comparable to a super sect. Although there were occasionally internal conflicts, they were always united against foreign enemies, so they never declined.

It was rumored that the ancestors of the four families were once close friends. They rose from nothing, and later on, they obtained a fortuitous encounter that allowed them to dominate the world and establish Heaven Sect.

Those who had the bloodline of the four great families flowing in their bodies could activate a set of Joint-attack Killing formations. It was so powerful that it was enough to cross realms and kill opponents. It was called the number one fatal formation in the Southern Wilderness, which was also the foundation of the Heaven Sect for them to make their name in this world.

The sudden change in the continent and the invasion of the Divine Grace forces had affected the Heaven Sect. The relationship between the four families had turned subtle. The Muhuang family had always occupied a great advantage in the Heaven Sect. They had been ranked first and had long since become arrogant. They didn’t reflect on their mistakes and yielded to other family members at will. They were used to being arrogant.

It seemed that Young Master Batian’s status wasn’t low, considering that he was attending the banquet as well.

However, he did not dare to approach Ding Hao. When Ding Hao was there, he cowered in the crowd at the edge of the hall. When Ding Hao left, he breathed a sigh of relief. Looking at Ding Hao’s back, his eyes were full of hatred and malice. When he thought of Li Yiruo, who was as beautiful as a celestial being at the gate that day, he felt a heat in his heart that could not be suppressed no matter how hard he tried.

The young effeminate man rolled his eyes and shuttled back and forth in the crowd, sowing dissension. He described Ding Hao as an arrogant and domineering person who did not take the Heaven Sect and the Muhuang family seriously at all, which made many people present tremble with anger.

“Humph! Let’s see exactly how capable this madman is to dare act so presumptuously in our Muhuang family.”

Someone shouted angrily and suggested.

The others rumbled in response.

Therefore, under the provocation of the sissy Young Master, dozens of masters of the Muhuang family went to settle accounts with Ding Hao aggressively, intending to teach him a lesson.

Muhuang Ying and Muhuang Xiong gazed at each other and smiled in the hall, but they didn’t stop this group of people.

Muhuang Ying seemed to be lost in thought as he said, “Haha! Batian is such a disappointing boy. I wonder what that old fellow from the Yin Clan is thinking? He actually thinks so highly of Batian… However, it’s good to test the little fellow’s ability. Do you think he’s that person?”

Muhuang Xiong nodded and said, “He does look like that man, but he seems to be stronger than that person. If it’s really him, then it’ll be easy to deal with. Even the divine dragon soaring in the Ninth Heaven will have to be obedient while in my Muhuang family’s territory. However, there are some things that we can’t let him know. Have you already sent a message back? The headquarters should be ready. Let’s set off the day after tomorrow. When we arrive at Heaven Island, everything will be under control.”

“It doesn’t matter if he’s that person or not. The dignity of the Heaven Sect can’t be challenged, and the might of the Muhuang family is greater than anything else,” said Muhuang Ying with a gloomy expression.

“It just so happens that we can seize this opportunity to eliminate that bastard.” Muhuang Xiong clenched his fists tightly.

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