Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1046

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Chapter 1046 Breaking into the Camp (2)

Everyone’s eyes immediately focused on the light curtain.

Ding Hao was like a peerlessly sharp divine sword, invincible and slaughtering his way through the crowd. Golden and silver light surrounded his body. Sword Intent and Saber Intent were surging. When the Sword and Saber Intents burst out, all the experts of the God’s Palace within a hundred meters of his body were instantly killed and fell from the sky.


A giant profound energy warship spewed out an energy light column, which shot toward Ding Hao.

Everyone was shocked.

The destructive power of the Puissant Power Cannon of the God’s Palace black warship was amazing. In the past few days of war with the Blue Cloud Sect, many people had experienced the power of this kind of energy light column. A master at the peak of the Saint Realm would be seriously injured or even die if he faced a blow from the energy light column head-on. It was extremely terrifying.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The dozen or so profound energy warships that had set up their formations fired at almost the same time.

Everyone got terrified and nervous.

However, in the next moment, dozens of sword and saber lights suddenly burst out as Ding Hao raised his hand and shouted. In an instant, they collided with the profound energy light columns. With a violent explosion, all the light columns collapsed instantly.

Ding Hao’s figure flashed like lightning.


The dozens of profound energy warships that had fired were almost cut in two in the middle in an instant, and the cuts were clean and sharp.

All kinds of broken parts flew out of the cuts, accompanied by blood and bones. The experts of the God’s Palace on the warships screamed and flew out like locusts, but they were soon swallowed up by the terrifying energy generated by the explosion of the giant warships.

In an instant, the sky was covered with chaotic energy, scorching flames, and terrifying bones and blood.

Streaks of Sword Intent and Saber Intent formed a pair of huge wings on Ding Hao’s back. With a slight shake, he had already appeared dozens of miles away.

At the door of the Green Cloud Hall, many experts of the Human Clan who saw all this through the light curtain were also shocked. Although they had heard that Ding Hao’s strength was terrible, hearing about it was different from seeing it with their own eyes. His invincible Saber Intent and Sword Intent shocked many people.

“The younger generation will surpass us in time.” Song Shang, Head of the Blue Cloud Sect, stroked his beard and nodded.

The Sect Master of the Extermination Swordsmanship Sect revealed a smile in his eyes as well.

These two sects had an extraordinary status. They were among the first sects to ally with the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect. In the previous Northern Region Martial Alliance meeting, the two sects also strongly recommended Ding Hao as the alliance chief. Therefore, the stronger Ding Hao showed, the more favorable it would be for them.

On the other hand, the experts of other sects and rogue cultivators couldn’t help but cheer without end as well. They were extremely excited by this scene, and they felt the adrenalin flowing.

Cheers echoed through the mountain gate of the Blue Cloud Sect.

Obviously, many disciples of the Blue Cloud Sect and reinforcements of other sects were also observing the battle in the enemy’s camp.

In the camp of the Southern Heavenly Army.

“Old man, it seems chaotic outside.” Hua Mojian’s eyes darted around as he looked outside the tent.

Huo Jun did not open his eyes and said, “Don’t worry about the affairs of God’s Palace. Those things have nothing to do with you. Practice the Southern Underworld Ignis Heaven Skill I have taught you. We don’t have much time.”

Hua Mojian slowly stood up and said, “Practicing all the time is annoying. I’ll go out and have a look.”

Huo Jun snorted.

Suddenly, a majestic power surged out and pulled Hua Mojian back. Hua Mojian was forced to sit cross-legged on the ground and couldn’t move at all.

Hua Mojian was furious. “You old bastard! Quickly let me go! I haven’t left the tent for an entire 20 days! It smothers me! You’re abusing me…”

However, Huo Jun didn’t care as he ignored him.

Hua Mojian’s mouth and tongue went dry from his cursing, but it didn’t work at all. He could only continue to practice obediently.

At that moment, even Hua Mojian himself realized that he might really have the bloodline of the Southern Underworld Ignis Body. These days, he had been practicing the cultivation methods taught by Huo Jun, and his progress could be described as rapid. In such a short time, he had broken through a big realm and directly entered the Martial King Realm.

Gu Xing’er did not say a word during the whole process.

Huo Jun attached great importance to Hua Mojian and ignored her. From time to time, he would use her to threaten disobedient Hua Mojian, which seemed to be her only use. However, Huo Jun would occasionally give her some advice during her cultivation. As for the cultivation consumables, she had never lacked them. Gu Xing’er could also get a share of the natural treasures and Spiritual Medicine that Hua Mojian could get.

The sound of fighting came from outside. Gu Xing’er knew that this might be a big battle with the Blue Cloud Sect, but unfortunately, she could do nothing to help.

“Before Mojian gets the complete Southern Underworld Ignis Heaven Skill, we can’t leave. With our strength, even if we go to the battlefield, we won’t be able to do anything…” Gu Xing’er thought to herself.


Ding Hao frowned slightly.

The deeper he went into the camp of God’s Palace, the more he felt the omnipresent suppression. There were all kinds of inscriptions in the void and on the ground, absorbing the Spiritual Qi of heaven and earth. This kind of power was everywhere within a thousand miles. Under the control of inscriptionists and tactical deployment masters, it was like a tight dragnet, which could imprison masters that broke in.

After several siege attempts were broken through, God’s Palace finally gave up the frontal confrontation and began to use the power of the tactical deployment to besiege and kill Ding Hao.

Ding Hao’s body was as hot as the oven, and his Qi was surging. Illusionary sword and saber shadows flashed like Celestial Gods. The majestic pressure coming from all directions compressed his strength again and again.

This inscription tactical deployment gathered the strength of hundreds of thousands of experts. Even Ding Hao felt great pressure as if he was carrying dozens of divine mountains at the same time, and his bones were cracking.

This was the power of tactical deployments.

Hundreds of thousands of experts formed the tactical deployments. Once they had enough energy to operate the tactical deployments, it was enough to kill gods. This was also the reason why the supreme experts did not dare to break into the camp easily. If they were careless, they might die.

“We have to end the battle as soon as possible. Seniors, let’s do it.” Ding Hao transmitted his divine awareness.


With a flash of silver light, Rusted Sword flew out on its own and stabbed into the void.

Devil Saber paused for a moment and sent out a piece of divine awareness. She said, “Little Chap Ding, keep in mind that you need to call me Saber Fairy, otherwise, I won’t help you next time.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Devil Saber shot out like lightning.

With the presence of the Saber Master and the Sword Master, the Devil Saber and the Rusted Sword could exert their fighting power without Ding Hao’s urging.

The two divine weapons whistled and flew across the void.

There was a faint chaotic immortal light flowing out of the Rusted Sword. Obviously, the Sword Master had activated the power of the Immortal Corpse in the worldlet of the sword, and the Devil Saber was also flowing with a golden light. The power of the worldlet inside leaked out a little…

Two streams of flowing light, one gold, and one silver were flying in the void like two divine dragons.

Ding Hao stood still and was not in a hurry to make a move.

He knew that Saber Master and Sword Master were looking for the gaps in the tactical deployments.

The larger the scale of the tactical deployments, the more manpower and material resources were needed to set them up. It often required countless tactical deployment masters and inscriptionists to complete it at the same time. The more components the tactical deployments composed, the easier it was to show flaws and gaps.

In the eyes of a true grandmaster of tactical deployments, these gaps were something that could be exploited.


The Devil Saber of the Rusted Sword suddenly vibrated as they turned into powerful beams of light, shooting toward the southwest like lightning.

Ding Hao’s face lit up with joy. He turned into a flowing light and followed them with Li Yiruo and Nalan Youxia.

The power of the saber and the sword seemed to open a time tunnel in the void. Around them, the scarlet black inscriptions flashed like chains of the evil gods, and the tunnel was the gap between the chains, just enough to pass through.


The sound of the sword and the saber rang out.

Ding Hao suddenly felt relieved as he passed through this tactical deployment area.

In front of him were the majestic warships of the God’s Palace Army. They didn’t expect that the enemy could penetrate the dense tactical deployments at such a fast speed that they were not on full alert at all. When they saw Ding Hao, it was a little too late for them to react.

“Hahaha, you want to conquer the Blue Cloud Sect with such strength? It’s far from enough.”

Ding Hao laughed, turned into a stream of flowing light, and rushed directly to the flagship.

He saw a woman in a black dress standing proudly in the crowd at the bow of the flagship. Obviously, she was a high-level member of the Southern Heavenly Army. With a stir of his mind, he rushed over.

To kill a person, one should shoot the horse first. To kill the bandits, one should take down their leader first.

As expected, the God’s Palace Army was in an uproar.

Dozens of black awns shot out of the flagship’s dashboard, intercepting Ding Hao.

At the same time, the flagship slowly retreated. The warships and the army on both sides surrounded it like huge waves, protecting it firmly.

Ding Hao’s heart was surging with killing intent.

Like a moth flying into a flame, he rushed to the enemy’s camp without hesitation.


“It’s too dangerous. He has already broken out of the tactical deployment. The enemy’s battle position is there. Why doesn’t he avoid it and break out from another direction?”

“Crap! This is bad!”

In front of the Green Cloud Hall, some of the experts couldn’t resist exclaiming out loud.

The previous series of battles made them excited, and they wanted to rush out and kill immediately, but at the moment, this scene made them worry because Ding Hao’s choice was too risky.

“I’ll go and help Senior Brother Ding.” Fang Tianyi was anxious.

Zhang Fan stepped forward and said, “I’ll go with you.”

“Let’s attack together. We can’t let our alliance chief fight on his own.” Many sect experts and rogue cultivators offered to attend the battle.

Song Shang, the head of the Blue Cloud Sect, and the head of the Extermination Swordsmanship Sect looked at each other. He then nodded and said, “My friends below the peak of the Saint Realm, please control the tactical deployment here to maintain order. The rest of you, follow me. Remember, the purpose of this battle is to cover Chief Ding. We can’t go fight them alone. The Heaven and Earth Tactical Deployment of God’s Palace can’t be underestimated. Once you fall into it, it will be basically impossible for you to get out.”

Everyone responded with a loud shout.

However, right at that moment, the battle on the light curtain changed again.

Two streams of flowing light, one gold, and one silver, suddenly shot out from Ding Hao’s back. When they passed by Ding Hao, he stretched out and held them in his hands, turning them into the original Devil Saber and Rusted Sword. In just a moment, there was a strange light, and an indescribable forbidden power suddenly emerged.


Ding Hao seemed to have turned into a man of light, and even his eyes, nose, and other facial features were overflowing with golden light.

He swung his saber and sword simultaneously.

An invincible force, like the scorching sun, instantly crushed more than a dozen experts of God’s Palace who rushed over to intercept and then crashed into the God’s Palace Army.

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