Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1045

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Chapter 1045 Breaking into the Camp

The Blue Cloud Sect, which had stood in the Northern Region for countless years, had an extremely long history. It was said that the sect had existed before the Holy Palace of Mysterious Frost appeared. However, at that time, the Blue Cloud Sect was not as powerful as it was now and could only be regarded as an unknown sect.

Later, several outstanding talents appeared in the Blue Cloud Sect in succession. They pushed the unique skill of the sect, the Blue Cloud Meditation Scroll, to the extreme. After the Blue Cloud Sect stunned the world, it also rose to the top. After the efforts of its countless disciples, the sect became one of the greatest human martial arts sects in the Northern Region.

Over the years, the Blue Cloud Sect had always been a symbol of justice.

However, these days, the Blue Cloud Sect had fallen into a tense atmosphere. Although they had successively defeated dozens of waves of Divine Grace Demon mercenaries’ harassment, their greatest danger had descended.

The Southern Heavenly Army, which came from God’s Place of the Land of Divine Grace, had been deployed and formed a circle from both sides. The great army of a million, like tides, set up their camps within a radius of thousands of miles of the Blue Cloud Sect. Their camps lasted for hundreds of miles, and one couldn’t see its end. They were looking at the Blue Cloud Sect covetously.

The two sides had already fought hundreds of times in big and small sizes, and either would win or lose in every battle. But overall, the Blue Cloud Sect was obviously at a disadvantage. Dozens of its Sage Realm Masters were killed, and thousands of its disciples were killed.

The Southern Heavenly Army was building up its strength and preparing for a fatal blow.

The Blue Cloud Sect was constantly forced to retreat its defense power. Now, only within a radius of a hundred miles of the Blue Cloud Mountain Range could it be considered safe. Most of the other areas had been controlled by the Southern Heavenly Army.

Fortunately, the Blue Cloud Sect had made many allies over the years. There were sects, forces, aristocratic families, and well-known rogue cultivators who came from thousands of miles away to support the Blue Cloud Sect in succession, and its strength was constantly increasing.

Especially when the Northern Region Martial Alliance was established a few days ago, its chief, Ding Hao, made it clear that he would fight to the death with the Southern Heavenly Army at all costs. He would never retreat, which greatly boosted the morale of the Human Clan in the Northern Region, and the pressure of the Blue Cloud Sect had been relieved a lot.

In the past few days, the surroundings of the Green Cloud Mountain Range had finally calmed down.

However, everyone knew that beneath the calmness, there was an even more terrifying storm. Both sides were building up their strength and preparing for the most tragic battle. That was the battle that would determine the true victory.

On this day.

The wind was gentle and the clouds were thin. The temperature was a little high.

A streak of flowing light streaked across the void like lightning and sped in the direction of the Green Cloud Mountain Range.

It was Ding Hao and the other two who came back from the Holy Palace of Mysterious Frost.

After leaving the Holy Palace of Mysterious Frost, Ding Hao basically did not stop all the way. Under Li Yiruo’s guidance, they were rushing their way back in every second. Finally, before the big battle broke out, they came to the territory of the Blue Cloud Sect.

“According to the official report, the west and south of the Green Cloud Mountain Range have been completely occupied by the Southern Heavenly Army. It’s better for us to enter from the east so that we can avoid the people of the God’s Palace.” Li Yiruo measured the direction and suggested.

Ding Hao thought for a moment and said, “No. We’ll enter straight from the west. I will break through the barracks of the God’s Palace and find out the real situation of the Southern Heavenly Army.”

Recently, his strength had increased greatly, and Ding Hao became more and more confident.

As long as Ding Tong, the Fake God Emperor, and the other higher-ups of God’s Palace were not in the barracks, very few people could stop Ding Hao. By breaking through the camp of God’s Palace, not only could he find out the enemy’s real strength, but he could also boost the morale of the Northern Region Martial Alliance before the war came, killing two birds with one stone.

He was the only one who was bold and powerful enough to do so.


The flowing light cut through the void.

Ding Hao was surrounded by silver light, protecting Li Yiruo and Nalan Youxia. He rushed straight to the area controlled by the Southern Heavenly Army.

A powerful and terrifying energy wave came from ahead.

“The God’s Palace has set up a large number of inscription tactical deployments in this world. Do they want to trap the Blue Cloud Sect?” Ding Hao was also shocked. Such a big battle was different from the fights of ordinary small sects. The tactical deployments could make a huge difference. Sometimes, a god-level tactical deployment set by tens of thousands of elite martial artists was enough to trap a God Realm Master. This was the difference between the army and rogue warriors.

The deeper one went, the more one could feel the invisible energy in the air. Like an invisible spider web, it gradually bound its target and made it lose the ability to struggle.

In the distant sky, there were cruisers of God’s Palace.

There were sentinel points of the God’s Palace Army on the ground.

“Who are you? Are you aborigines of the Land of Infinity? Hurry up and surrender!” A black-armored immortal general stood at the bow of the ship and shouted from afar.

“Aborigines? Screw you!”

With a stir of Ding Hao’s mind, a hundreds-of-meter-long silver sword formed by Sword Intent and sword Qi broke through the void and cut through the air. Immediately, cold air burst out in the surroundings, snowflakes flew in the clear sky, and the north wind whistled.

Before the cruiser could react, it was neatly cut into two pieces from the middle.

The cut was smooth and sharp.

The black-armored immortal general dodged like lightning, and his face was pale. He knew that he had met a real expert. He was about to say something, but with a swoosh, the figures of Ding Hao and others had already flown over at an incredibly high speed.

“An enemy invasion! Pass the message quickly…” The black-armored immortal general shouted. Before he could finish his words, his body suddenly split into two. With a bang, his blood splashed and he died in an instant.

It turned out that he failed to avoid the sword strike just now.

Ding Hao did not tangle too much. He activated the Saber Intent and Sword Intent, and his whole momentum burst out without reservation. Streaks of sword Qi and saber Qi cut through the void, stirring up the tactical deployments with streaks between heaven and earth.

Soon, the God’s Palace Army responded.

All kinds of warning and alarm sounds were heard between heaven and earth. Rays of flowing light flashed, and all kinds of warships of all sizes gathered together. Countless black-armored immortal generals turned into flowing light, broke through the void, and directly rushed toward Ding Hao and his companions.

Thousands of miles away.

In the commander-in-chief camp of the Southern Heavenly Army of the God’s Palace.

“Hmm? This aura…” Huo Jun, who was cultivating attentively in the commander’s camp, suddenly opened his eyes. He immediately got up, walked out of the camp in three or four steps, and looked eastward.

He sensed an extremely familiar yet even more powerful aura.

There came an alarm by his ears.

Several rays of black flowing light descended from the sky and landed in front of him. They turned into five black-armored immortal generals. They knelt on one knee and said, “My Lord, there are aborigines of the Land of Infinity in the southeast who have broken into the camp. They have already advanced to twelve outer camps in a row.”

A cold smile appeared on Huo Jun’s face.

“Go and get Miaoyi to supervise the army. Leave this matter to her.” With a flick of his sleeve, Huo Jun returned to the commander-in-chief’s camp and did not appear again.

The five black-armored immortal generals were all stunned.

The high-ranking generals of the entire Southern Heavenly Army had long noticed that the commander-in-chief and the inspector were not on good terms with each other. Huo Jun, the commander-in-chief, had never given Qing Miaoyi the power to lead the army. Why did he ask Qing Miaoyi to command the army to deal with the intruders this time?

In the Blue Cloud Sect.

In the Green Cloud Hall, the heroes from all over the world gathered together.

This was a gathering of the real top masters of martial arts in the Northern Region. In addition to the two major sects, the River Palace and the Hidden Fragrance Peak, almost all the other big and small sects had sent over their experts to support.

Song Shang, the head of the Blue Cloud Sect, was dressed in a red robe. He sat side by side with the masters of the Extermination Sword Sect, the Fire Cloud Valley, the Evil Heart Tao, and the Six Desires Hall, along with other top masters of the Northern Region, discussing the battle.

These experienced warriors usually competed with each other in secret. Today, they were finally all together. It could be regarded as an unusual thing.

In addition to the leaders of these top sects, the top leaders of other sects were also in the Green Cloud Hall, including Zhang Fan, Fang Tianyi, and others from the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect. It could be said that there were many top masters.

The crowd was discussing the battle, and the discussion was extremely heated.

“First, I want to show my gratitude to all sect masters, heroes, and family masters here for your help. You’ve come a long way to support us, and the Blue Cloud Sect is very grateful to you for your help.” The master of the Blue Cloud Sect, Song Shang, stood up and cupped his hands in thanks. He was the father of the devil, Song Que. 20 years ago, he became a Taoist according to the tradition of the sect and took over the power of the Blue Cloud Sect.

It was said that it was just an excessive choice for Song Shang to take over the power of the sect. The future hope of the Blue Cloud Sect was actually Song Que of the younger generation. When Song Que truly grew up, he would officially take over.

“That’s too kind of you to say so.”

“Taoist Song, you’re too kind.”

“Martial arts sects in the Northern Region are connected to one another. If we don’t offer you help today, in the future, no one will have a good ending.”

Everyone quickly responded modestly. Facing this giant martial arts force in the Northern Region, they didn’t dare to be arrogant at all.

Song Shang smiled and was about to say something, but at this moment, a string of rapid bell sounds suddenly came from outside.

Everyone’s face changed slightly.

This was a warning bell. Only when something big happened would it ring.

“What’s happening?

“Did the enemy begin to attack the mountain?”

A second-generation disciple of the Blue Cloud Sect came in with lightning footsteps and said loudly, “Your Honors, the scout disciples found that something strange has happened in the camps of the Southern Heavenly Army. It seems that there is a war.”

“There’s a change in the enemy’s camp?”

Everyone grew shocked, and they also became curious.

“Let’s go out and take a look.” Song Shang and the sect leaders of the top sects were the first to stand up. The rest of the people followed and walked out of the hall. They stood at the door of the hall and looked down.

Green Cloud Mountain was ten thousand meters high. Standing at the door of the Green Cloud Hall, one could see what was happening in the distance.

A surveillance tactical deployment was activated, and a water curtain mirror, which was hundreds of meters long and wide, appeared in front of everyone. It showed the scene in the enemy’s camp, and the footage was very clear. Obviously, because the inscription tactical deployments in the camp of the Southern Heavenly Army had been destroyed, the Blue Cloud Sect could use its tactical deployment to clearly see what had happened a thousand miles away.

In the water curtain mirror, the Black Armored Army of the God’s Palace, which was like a black tide, was besieging someone. The warships were inhaling and exhaling energy cannons, and the streaks of the array lines in the void were flashing wildly, trying to seal everything.

But a silver sword light burst out and pierced through countless tactical deployments, warships, and black-armored masters in an instant.

The power of fire and ice made people tremble at this moment.

A figure dressed in cyan, wrapped in the light of infinite Sword Intent and Saber Intent, was like an unstoppable War God. With a movement of his hand, countless black-armored soldiers fell. He was like a peerless sword burning with the fire of hell, breaking through the barracks of the Black Armored Army.

“It’s Senior Brother Ding.” Fang Tianyi was overjoyed and recognized Ding Hao at a glance.

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