Supreme Conquering System - Chapter 4762 Styx leader shot

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The appearance of the Sect Master Styx made Jingtai Immortal Master and others extremely shocked, but it did not mean that the Jingtai Immortal Master and several people were afraid of Styx River Sect Master.

The same as the strong immortal king, Jingtai Immortal Lord and others naturally do not think that they are weaker than Styx River leader.

Not to mention, the quasi-immortal king realm powerhouses on their side, but there are five people.

On the side of Styx Sect Leader, there is only one person.

Five people against one person, as long as the strong brains are normal, they all know which side is more dominant.

However, the leader of Styx tried to challenge the five of them by himself.

"The arrogant, be punished!"

The murderous intent in the eyes of the disaster emperor was burning, and he immediately shot.


As soon as he raised his hand, endless disasters rushed out, as if to drown the entire Chaos Sea.

The thunder and fire catastrophe, the world-destroying thunder catastrophe, the sky-shattering wind catastrophe... all kinds of catastrophe and catastrophe are among them, blending with each other and enhancing their own power.

At this moment, the Catastrophe Hades is like the supreme immortal king who dominates all the calamities in the world.

Every move can lead to endless disasters!

"Come on, come on, your opponent is me."

In the face of the disaster of Emperor Ming's blow, Sect Master Ming He looked calm, and a figure walked out of his body.

This is a statue that is exactly the same as its face, and its aura is not weaker than that of the Stygian Sect Master, but there is a hint of malice in the eyes.

The corpse of the Styx leader.

The evil corpse of the Sect Master Ming He took the black divine sword from the hands of the Sect Master Ming He, cut the sky with one sword, and turned it into a barrier, blocking all the calamities that came down.

Then, the evil corpse of the leader of the Stygian River fought with the disaster Emperor Ming, and no one could do anything about it.

"This is?"

Immortal Master Jingtai and the others focused their attention, and were shocked by the hand of the Sect Master Ming He.

However, Immortal Master Jingtai and others didn't care too much, they just thought that this was a magical power mastered by the Sect Master Ming He, and could differentiate into a clone that could understand the cultivation base of his own body.

But on their side, there are still four quasi-immortal king realm powerhouses.

However, what happened next once again exceeded the expectations of Jingtai Xianzhu and others.

The world's stars and Buddha made a brazen move, but was stopped by the Styx Sect Master in the same way.

The face of the Styx Sect Master is exactly the same, but there is a trace of kindness in the eyebrows, and it stops the stars and Buddha in the world. This is the good corpse of Styx River Sect Master.

Then, another clone of the same avatar shot and stopped the Taibai Taoist. This was the obsessive corpse of the Sect Master Styx.

"What kind of magic is this!"

Immortal Master Jingtai and the others were shocked, with an unbelievable look on their faces.

The magical power that the Sect Master Styx displayed is really too amazing. He suddenly differentiated into three clones with the same combat power as his own body, which is not too powerful.

In other words, the leader of the Styx River alone is equivalent to four quasi-immortal kings.

"You must get this magical power!"

For a time, this thought suddenly appeared in the minds of Jingtai Immortal Lord and Jiuyou Demon Emperor, and the greed in their hearts could not be suppressed.

If they can obtain this magical power, their combat power will have a qualitative leap. With their own strength, they can compete with many other quasi-immortal kings, and their combat power will increase greatly.

This is a magical power that is enough to change the situation of the heavens and the world today!


The next moment, Immortal Master Jingtai and the two could no longer hold back the greed in their hearts, and directly attacked the Sect Master Ming He.

The violent power instantly enveloped the Styx Sect leader, and seemed to wipe out the Styx Sect leader directly!

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